Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 6

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Today no Hindi translation is available. Imagine all Ragini’s povs and dialogues in hindi.

Part 6

Laksh was driving the car enjoying some music. And Ragini was looking out of window.
Then, Ragini’s mind start running into thoughts,
‘He is a stranger, why is he helping me..? do he have any intentions. If no ok..! then, if yes..?’

Ragini looks at Laksh scared.
‘Is he really taking me to shopping..? how I’m believing this stranger this easily..?’

She looks at Laksh again. His lips have a small smile and eyes have lots of patience.

She thinks again,
‘No, if he have any bad intentions, then his feelings would be different. But, he is very calm and soothing. His smile is really…’
When she is thinking looking at him, Laksh looks at her.

Ragini suddenly turns her head away. Laksh smiles.

Then Ragini continues thinking,
‘His smile is very heavenly. It’s making me feel as I’m in a paradise. What’s magic is there in his smile..?’
She closes her eyes remembering his face. She too smiles.

Laksh: Ragini, why are you silent..? talk something know..

Ragini however she can’t understand his point, so she decides to speak what ever gets in her mouth to prevent further feeling of attraction on him.

Ragini: my village, my daadi, my friends are my world. we used to play with deers, rabbits, and sometimes in the water falls. The winter is too cold, I cover myself in many bed sheets…

Ragini says and keeps laughing remembering her moments in village.

Laksh won’t understand anything but he records what she spoke. To ask one of his Indian friend to ask what she said.


Ragini gets off from car and looks around with big eyes. Then she remembers her chote papa’s words ‘not to stare anything in wonder’

She narrows her eyes. Then she happens to see some kissing scene again. Her eyes get struck at that scene.

Laksh: shall we go..?

Ragini is lost somewhere. Laksh looks in that way and finds that scene. He clears his throat.
Ragini shudders her head and removes her eyes. Laksh smiles.

They go to the ladies clothing side. Ragini was looking all the dresses.
“Ragini, select any dresses you want.” He says. She looks at him not understanding.
“Shopping for you..!” Laksh makes her understand the point. Ragini hesitates to accept his offer, as he is still a stranger.. but he insists her to take. They just understood what they are talking with their eye contact.
At last Ragini decides to select any. She selects the dress which crosses her knees or pant shirts which cover her completely. She selects only two.

Ragini: ye bus. mera shopping hogaya..

Then Laksh look at her. he moves closer looking at her. Ragini’s heart beat stuck in her neck and she moves back. She stuck to hanger of cloths.
He moves his hand to her. she closes her eyes couldn’t estimate what is he going to do.

Laksh smiles with her antiques and he takes out another frock which is long.
‘Take this too..!!’ he says.

Ragini: nahi..nahi.. bus ek enough..

Laksh: shh…
And he takes out other two more frocks just like them which suits her best.

Ragini keeps shocking why is he buying that many.

Then, he takes long skirts and t shirts which reach her expectations.

Ragini hesitates a lot but, he forces her to take them. Totally he takes 15 pairs for her.
She feels a little bad that some stranger has spending for her.

She bends her head and keeps walking behind him slowly. Laksh turns back to her. she looks at him.

He points his eyes at a side. She looks at that side. It’s lingerie store. Ragini is about to faint being more embarrassed now. she has to come with a strange boy for this shop to at last…!
Laksh: excuse me..!
He calls a lady from store. A lady comes.

Laksh: plz see what she wants. And, she can’t speak much…

That lady nods and takes Ragini in.

Ragini thinks, ‘of course, she needs them. she selects what she wants. That lady helps her.’
Ragini takes the bag of those stuff and comes out bent her head. Laksh pays bill for whole thing.
Ragini looks at the bill. She can’t understand English, but she can surely understand numbers. The bill is 500$. Ragini feels little bad, as someone is spending money for her.
Laksh sees she is bending her head. He places his hand on her shoulder. Ragini looks at him.

Laksh: Ragini, you need not feel hesitated. You need not feel bad about anything. Think me as your friend. You are my guest. You shouldn’t feel less about anything. That’s what my intention. Don’t take me wrong. Till, you go back to your house you have to be happy.

Ragini looks into his eyes to point out what he is saying. ‘yes, he is saying something soothing. He is saying something which will make her happy. He said something which respects her respect. Wow, without understanding language, she understood him a lot…’

Ragini feels satisfied and she presents a big smile. Laksh too gives a closeup add smile. Huf, it beats Ragini’s heart with flower showers.

*sub way*

Ragini is sitting at a table, Laksh brings hot dog with sauce and etc..etc stuff…
Ragini keeps looking at Laksh. Laksh looks at her and gestures her, ‘what?’

Ragini closes her eyes and tries to remember something, later she difficultly says, ‘thhaa.thank you..!!’

Laksh in grin: your welcome lady.. now have it..

He offers her one plate. Ragini looks at it.

‘Is it veg or non veg..?’

But thinks not to make Laksh troubled again, as he was taking a lot of trouble for her still.

Then she joins her hands and closes her eyes. Laksh looks at her.

She slaps her both cheeks a little with her both hands.

Laksh laughs, ‘what are you doing..?’

Ragini: asking pardon to god. I may eating non veg..?? I eat non veg actually, but today is Saturday..
(assume she said them in hindi)

Laksh laughs as he didn’t understand anything and he starts eating. Ragini too eats the way he is eating.

Laksh smiles the way Ragini is eating just as a baby. Her mouth is glued with ketchup… laksh laughs, but Ragini keeps looking at him innocent..

Later, she drinks the drink which Laksh has brought.
Then a person comes near Laksh,
“sir, I’m sorry. You have took beer instead of apple juice..!”

“what..?” Laksh shocks and looks at Ragini. Ragini has drank already a mug full of beer. Then she holds Laksh’s mug too.
“Ragini.. no..!” Laksh is about to stop her.

“hey..” Ragini shouts in drunken voice and drinks that other mug too. Laksh just looks at her shocked. As even he didn’t drink anything like that till now in his life.

Now Ragini runs out laughing. Laksh runs behind her. she lost her mind completely and she is in beer effect.

She starts dancing for a music and she sings… (assume she is singing in hindi)

“I’m not lonely more,
Bcz I got new friend..!

The world has changed a lot..
In his sweet friendship..!”

Laksh tries to stop her but she pinches his cheeks. And she holds his hand and dances,

“My happiness is back..
With his majestic smiles..!!”

“I can control this world,
When his hand is on my shoulder..!”

She keeps his hand on her shoulder, and then she pushes Laksh away. Then she joins some flocks to dance.. Laksh laughs..

“I’m afraid of nothing,
When he guards me as knight..!

In his lovely friendship,
I’m a Queen or a slave..???”

When she was standing on a chair singing, she is about to fall, Laksh comes and she turns him and she lays on his back. Laksh carries her on his back and take to car holding all shopping baggage.

She was still singing in drunken voice,
“I’m no more lonely…”

Laksh won’t understand what she has sung, but he just smiles at her cute antiques.
He drives back to home. Me carries Ragini to her room. He makes her sleep on bed and covers her in comforter. Suddenly she holds Laksh’s hand again.

“Laksh.. aap bahut ache hei. Please, stay with me forever..!” she says in sleep in her language, which Laksh can’t understand.

“She said his name. and she said something else..? what did she say..?” he was thinking and suddenly his hand is kissed by her again. This is second time..!

Laksh shivers in her kiss. He is nervous and weak. He didn’t ever face this before..! he was never this much nervous before. Laksh rubs her head. He doesn’t know why but, he feels too affectionate for her.
He leaves her room looking at her in a smile.

Next morning…

‘Rockey… eat first and then play..” Laksh is telling to the puppy.

“Aaa… my head is breaking..!!” shouts Ragini from her room. Laksh laughs, “see rockey, side effects started.”

“Daadi maa… do something..!!” Ragini forgets where she is.. and how she is. Laksh goes into her room with a tray which has one glass and some food in plate.
Ragini was holding her head, her hair was all messed up. Her face is red as she was holding her head, her choli went aside exposing her stomach. Whatever, she is looking more cute.

Laksh shifts his study gaze from her tummy and comes near her.

“good morning Ragini.” He says. And, then Ragini comes into her senses. She soon sets her choli and then hair. She was bending her head still.

Laksh keeps that tray aside on the table.

“Do you love you Daadi maa..?” he asks. Ragini looks at him.
“who is daadi maa..? Is daadi maa means your friend..?” Laksh asks again.

Ragini remains calm as she didn’t understand what he asked.

“I’m going to office. Take care..” he says and leaves. Rockey jumps on Ragini and Ragini plays with it.

“what is this..? we both are living under same roof without any relation. What is this called..!!” she thinks. The truth is she is blushing inside.

Precap: Laksh’s showdown with goons, Ragini scared and enjoying again. Raglak to visit Nayagara.. will Rp finds Ragini..??

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