Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 5

Story till now,
Laksh parents have settled in America, but they die in his childhood, Laksh becomes a cop(police) and he is lonely most handsome bachelor. Ragini is a village girl in India, her chote papa Rp brings her to US as Ragini’s dadi is dead and she is alone. Ragini was treated as only a maid by Sujatha(Rp’s wife) which depresses Ragu further. Once, RP happens to have accident and he misses Ragini somewhere who is waiting for Rp in some area. Then, some goons try to kill Ragini, who is protected by that US cop Laksh. Laksh takes Ragini to home and due to language problem both have communication problem, but however both can understand their feelings. Their new friendship is growing passionate day by day..

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So, here Ragini doesn’t know English, so her dialogues and POv’s will be in Hindi and translation is given below within brackets.

Hindi translation credits: Akshata

Epi 5

As it was weekend. Saturday, Laksh was sleeping still in his room. It was already 11’ o clock.
Ragini who wakes up early as every day, she does all the works.

She was looking at the photos of Laksh childhood. He was looking cute in krishna’s attire. She smiles looking at it.

“aap bahut pyaare ho..”
(‘How cute you are..!’)
she says and touches his cheek in pic.

‘what are you doing..?’ she hears Laksh’s voice. Ragini trembles and turns back. She then realizes, she was wearing a sleeveless white one piece and it was above her knees. She thought Laksh won’t wake that early, she has kept her lehenga in washing machine. It will dry in the drier within one hour. She thought to wear it before he wakes. But, she is booked now.
Now, he is seeing her bare shoulders and legs. She bends her head and she turns red. She wanted to run away, but her knees became weak to run due to shy. She stood there only as someone tied her there. Ragini was twisting the dust cloth in her hands due to nervousness.

Ragini is thinking,

“Yeh itne jaldi kyu uth gaye? Swara chachi chhote papa to 12 , 1 baje uthate the. Yeh 11 bajehi utg gaye?”

(“why he has to wake just now..? swara, chachi, chote papa used to wake up at 12 or 1. Why he woke at just 11..?”)

Laksh understands that she is feeling shy. And, even he is aware that something is happening inside him, when he is looking at the most hottest girl in the world in front of him. And that too he is alone. But, he brushes away his thoughts and controls himself rubbing his nape and taking a sigh.

Then, his gaze shifts to puja mandir. It was closed since many years. Laksh opens that room only for cleaning. But, today garlands and flowers were kept to idols and photos.

He goes and stands before puja mandir.

Rockey comes near Ragini and Ragini to avoid any eye contact with Laksh she carries Rockey(the Maltese puppy) and goes somewhere.

Laksh was still looking at pooja mandir and he remembers a small flash of his childhood.

‘His mom, Ap was making garland with flowers and little Laksh was giving her one flower after the other. She lights the deepas in front of idol. She sings some bhajan song…’

Laksh remembers it. a tear drops from his eye.

“thank you Ragini. You have reminded me my mother. She used to decorate this room in same way…”
Says Laksh and turns back, but Ragini is not there.

“Ouch rochy bhaiya shant ho jaayiye.”
(ouch..! Rockey bro, plz be calm..)

Laksh hears Ragini’s voice from the common bath room. He goes near it, and the door is open. Ragini was giving bath to Rockey in small dog’s bath tub. Laksh smiles.

Maybe, Rockey being crazy has split water on Ragini, she was wet on top. And, being wet that too wearing a white dress, she was transparent a little.

“Hawww Gaaad..!! this girl is making me too nervous day by day..!!” thinks Laksh and about to leave,

“aaahh..” he hears Ragini’s slight scream and he turns back. Ragini’s feet wound was not cured yet, and maybe it has pained as she hit bath tub without seeing. Laksh goes near her,
“Ragini, take care..” says Laksh and he holds Rockey.

Now, Ragini stands suddenly and moves back. She was bending till now while making Rockey bath. Ragini starts pulling her dress down.

“Kahi unhone hume pichhese dekha to nahi”
(“did he see my back thighs..??”)
Ragini bites her lower lips. From the time she became a complete girl, she never showed her legs to any boys. But now..!! “oh no..!! those thoughts are making her nervous more and more.”

Ragini silently about to go away, Laksh who has washed Rockey completely takes him out of bath tub,
“hey Ragini, give that towel..!” he asks. Ragini stops there itself. She understood that he asked for the towel. Now, she simply can’t go away without helping him. Ragini nods her head and brings towel near Laksh. She holds towel and Laksh wraps Rockey in that towel.

“Hold him.” Laksh says and gives Rockey to Ragini. Ragini holds it and comes into hall.

“Hey bhagwan hum to laksh ke samne se nikalna chahte hai. Par hum saamne jhyada dekh rahe the”.
(Hey bhagwan, she wanted to escape from sights of Laksh.. but she was booking more further.)
Ragini thinks and looks at Rockey who is looking at Ragini in cute big innocent eyes.

“Pagal rocky sab apke wajah se hua.”
(“Stupid Rockey..! this is all bcz of you..!)
Says Ragini looking in big eyes at laskh and rockey looks innocently in ‘bow’ expression towards Ragini.

{hehe, bow expression in sense.. the only doggy expression. Which we can’t understand}

Laksh brings a hair blower and he sits on couch.

“bring him here Ragini.” Calls Laksh. Ragini goes near him.

“Nahi..!! ab woh kahi hume pass se na dekh le.”
(oh no…! he is going to see her too close now.)

Ragini stands before Laksh and Laksh takes Rockey into his hands, and while doing both hands happen to touch. Ragini feels more awkward. As soon as handing over Rockey to Laksh, she runs to her room.

Laksh looks at her.
“Why this girl is feeling this shy..? the truth is even I’m feeling something when she is around..!” thinks Laksh and he too smiles. Ragini runs into her room and closes the door. She looks herself into the mirror. She blushes and blushes… and she keeps blushing. Why..??? why is she feeling shy..??? is she liking him…??? Ragini slaps her head slowly to drive away her thoughts.

Then knock at door.

“Kya woh hume thodi der ke liye akela nahi chhod sakte?”
(Don’t he leave her alone..???)
She thinks and opens door. Ragu hides behind the door and shows her head only out. But, however her eyes are bent.

Laksh: Ragini, I said I will take you to shopping. Get ready soon..!!

Ragini: haaa..???

Ragini looks at him in question mark as she can’t understand.

Then Laksh gestures,
He shows finger to her… and he points towards himself… then he gestures driving steering. ‘shopping..shopping’ he repeats those words..

Ragini then gets answer.

Rag: Oh to aap hume bade bazzar me le jaane wale hai. Aur hume bhi chalna hai aap ke saath.
(oh.. you want to take me to mall..? I’m ready..! even, I wanna come..!!)

Laksh nods his head and leaves to his room. Ragini jumps and runs near drier to take her lehenga and then she runs to her room.

“tho.. ye puliswale hume bade bazzar mein leke jaane waali baat kar rahe the.”
(‘So.. this cop was tellling that he will take me to mall yesterday..??’)
she gets excited and gets ready in her lehenga.

Laksh gets ready and he waits down stairs. Rockey was playing here and there. Just then Ragini was descending the stairs. She was happy to go to mall, as she went several times with swara and sujatha, but she never got anything. They never buy her anything. But, Ragini likes those big malls and everything. So, she is excited to see.

Laksh smiles looking at highly exciting Ragini. While she was decending the steps in run, her lehenga choli keeps going aside from her stomach and keeps falling back again… but Laksh looks at her mesmerized. He keeps his eyes wide open on her. then he suddenly turns his head again…
‘what am I doing..??’ he thinks.

Ragini comes before him.. ‘chale..?’ she asks panting.

Laksh nods his head as he understood. Ragini smiles and keeps going. Laksh remains at back and keeps looking at her thin waist lovingly.

They both sit in the car, Rockey sits in back seat, Laksh has already kept seat belt to it.

Ragini is struggling to keep that seat belt.

‘I will..’ Laksh says and takes the belt. While taking belt from her hand Laksh slightly touches her waist accidentally. Ragini closes her eyes and bends her head.

‘I’m sorry’ Laksh says. She turns her head at window feeling awkward. Laksh rubs his back of head and then drives.

Precap: Shopping time..!!! and Ragini drunk.. her dance

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