Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 4

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Hindi translation credits: Akshata

Epi 4

Ragini was feeling sad that RP has left her intentionally, but the truth is when Rp was crossing the road, he happens to met with accident. As, it was at other side, Ragini couldn’t know this. he will be joined in hospital.

Sujatha and Swara are with him. They don’t know about whereabouts of Ragini. Rp will be in coma. And suj and swa are not interested to know about Ragini.

Now, Ragini is alone in that US cop house. She is not sure what kind of guy he is. But, she happened to stay already one night alone in his house who was also in that house. But still, she was safe. She can conclude he is nice soul here. But, it is not correct to get into conclusion that easily. She has doubt on him still. After all, she is a girl. That too innocent, and she is in unknown place. Where, she can’t even ask for help due to language problem. She has her own fears. But she again drives her thoughts away thinking he is good person.

But, what she has to do now..? should she go back to her chote papa and chachi once after knowing their address..? why she should go..? if, they aren’t interested in her presence. Then, she has to stay back with this strange cop..? on what purpose she can stay with him..? she is unmarried. How could she stay with him..? moreover, why he will agree…? So, she has to go back to her village..? there are people who will at least say, ‘hai Ragini…’. So, she has decided, to go back to India. But, her passport in that house. She doesn’t even know the name of that place… how she can go back…??

Tears start forming in her eyes. She want to cry. Since a month she has been crying. She thought her chote papa, chachi and sister can make her happy. But, they just used her as maid. For whom she has to smile..? her tears are about to burst out… but just then…
That cute Maltese puppy licks Ragini’s feet fingers. Ragini looks at it. Rockey looks at her innocently with it’s big black eyes. Ragini smiles and takes that one into her hands. she pets it.
Ragini then remembers how Laksh kissed on it’s head. She smiles,
“Akhir tumhare paas koi to hai. Par mujhe dekho, mein to akeli hoon is puri duniya mein. Itne saare log hai humare aas pass, fir bhi hum akele hai.”

(‘At least, you got love of someone. But, look at me. I’m all alone in this big world. these many people are around me, still I’m alone. There in Pittsburg also I felt alone..’

Ragini suddenly realizes what she said.

‘Yes..!! she got the name of the city where chote papa stays..! it’s pittsburg..!’

She keeps pronouncing that name many times so that she won’t forget. She tries to write that name in hindi, but she couldn’t find any pen or paper.

Then Ragini takes tomato sauce and writes it on a white plate in hindi. She recalls lord balaji they visited recently. She keeps praying to him.

Just then, bell rings Ragini rushes and opens the door. Laksh has just come. He was about to say ‘hai’. Ragini holds his hand and says in hindi,

‘Hume humare jagah ka naam yaad tha..!!’
(‘I remembered my place name..!!’ )

Laksh can’t understand her.
Laksh: what..?

Ragini: Ha hume yaad aa gaya hai Laksh ji. uski shuruvat, ‘p’ se hoti hai
(I remembered it Laksh ji. It’s starts with, ‘p’)

She tries to recall… Laksh was looking at her confused.

Then she rushes to find the plate on which she wrote. But, bad luck…(may be good luck) that sauce was licked by Rockey. The name got erased. Rockey looks at them innocently dropping it’s tongue out.

Ragini drops her head down sadly. Laksh comes near her and places his hand on her shoulder. He don’t find placing his hand her shoulder weird bcz, it’s common there.

Laksh: what happened Ragini..?

Ragini: hume India vapas jana hai
( I want to go back to India.)

Laksh understands her.

Laksh: you want to go back to India..? that’s fine. But where is your passport….

Ragini: passport to chhote papa ke ghar par hai. ab uske bina mein yeh desh chhodke kaise jau?

(passport is in chote papa’s house. How can I leave this country without it?)

Laksh didn’t understand a word what she said. But, she is upset and sad.

Laksh forwards his hands to her, ‘this is for you..!’

Ragini takes those covers into her hands. she opens the dresses among them. All were sleeveless, and some one piece which are up to her knee.

Laksh: how are they..??

Ragini presented a smile and got back into the room which Laksh allotted for her.

‘How could I wear them..?’ she thinks. She has taken shower day before yesterday. And Ragini has to wear those dresses which expose her shoulders and legs..? there was no Lak’s mistake. He was helping her. How he can understand her pov..? she is completely traditional Indian girl. And he is grown up in US environment. He could never understand her. and moreover, it will be bad if she orders him to bring that and this… he was already giving her shelter. Now, what she should do..? should she keep herself like that without taking bath forever..??

At first, Ragini takes bath. She looks for the dress which maximum covers her legs. She wears a red frock which is crossing her knees a little. But, her shoulders are bare. She blushes looking at herself in mirror like that.
she finds herself as the most hottest girl in universe…!!

Nah..nah, what is she thinking..??

then she takes out a jean over coat to cover her shoulders. However, she can’t cover her legs more.

Ragini stands at door and keeps her hand on handle. Shall she go out or not..? what Laksh will think..? hmm, why he will look at her weird.. these things common for them. He won’t feel anything. But, what’s up to her..? can she step out like that in front of a strange boy..?

Ragini removes her hand from the handle. ‘No..! I won’t go out. I will stay here only. And, I will go out when he goes to work in morning..!!’

But just then, Laksh knock the door.

‘Ragini, how long..? come fast. Let’s have dinner..!!’

“‘Hey Rama, ab kya..? wah use bula raha hai..? ab use yeh mana kaise karegi..? uska yaha rehna achhi baat nahi hai..!’

(‘Hey Rama, what now..? he is calling her..? how can she deny..? it wouldn’t be nice if she stays there..!’ ) thinks Ragini.

Laksh goes down to kitchen to prepare something. Ragini slowly opens the door. She was hesitating to step out. She takes a deep breath.

‘Chalo Ragini. In village, you used to play in rivers and lakes. Then, you used to lift your lehenga up to knees sometimes. And, he won’t mind anything. Be brave and step ahead..!’ thinks Ragini. But, it is not the question of being brave..! she is shy..!

And of course shy is the ornament for girls.

Ragini starts descending the steps slowly bending her head. Laksh looks back at her with footsteps sounds. He stops her vision on her. what can he say..? he never ever looked such a beautiful girl in his life..!! she was like Barbie doll. She is like snow white which he heard in fairy tales at his childhood. But..!! what’s happening to him..? he never felt this nervous looking a girl like this before..!! he wipes his sweat on forehead.

Ragini just stands at table bending her head. She was pulling her dress a little down. Laksh understands that she was feeling uncomfortable.

He brings two bowls of corn flakes near table and puts one at Ragini side.

Laksh: sit down Ragini..!

Ragini sits. Now she feels ok, as her legs are covered under the table.

Laksh: I’m sorry. I don’t know what your preferences are. So, I brought whatever I got into hands. let’s go to mall tomorrow and you can buy whatever you want…

Ragini was looking at Laksh.

She thinks,
‘abhi abhi unhone kya kaha..? kahi woh yeh to nahi kah rahe ki yeh kapade achhe hai..? thik hai,use ab achha kahna hi padega. nahi to, unhe bura lag jayega..!

(‘what did he say just now..? is he asking the dresses are good..? ok, she has to say good. otherwise, he will feel bad..!’)

Then Ragini smiles.

Ragini: hame kapede acha laga..! thank you…
(I liked the cloths. Thank you)

Now, Laksh looks at her.
He thinks,
‘she said ‘thank you’. That means, she is happy with the clothes or she is accepting my offer to go to mall..??’

Laksh thinks taking a spoon into his mouth. Ragini drops her eyes towards bowl and she too eats.

Laksh: so, let’s go to mall tomorrow. Get ready by afternoon 1.

Ragini understands only the words, ‘mall’, ‘1’

She thinks,
“kahi woh yeh to nahi kah rahe ki woh bade bazaar mein 1 baje jayenge. agar woh jana chahte hai to.. woh yeh sab humse kyun puchh rahe hai..?’

(‘is he telling that he will go to mall at 1’ o clock. If he wants to go.. why is he asking me..?’)

Ragini: ha, aap ja sakte ho.mein ghar par hi baithi rahungi.
(yes, you can go. I will sit at home.)

Laksh smiles: ok.. then..!

Ragini thinks,
“woh bade bazaar jaa rahe hai. woh hume bhi to saath mein lekar jaa sakte hai.hume kuchh jaruri cheese chahiye.”
hum to unse puchh bhi nahi sakte. yaha tak ke, hume to pata hi nahi ke kaise puchhna hai. uper se, mein karid-dari kaise kar sakti hoon..?”

(‘he is going to mall. He can take me also know. I need some necessary things. I can’t ask him. Even, I don’t know how to ask. Moreover, how can I do shopping..?’)

She was lost in her thoughts.

Then Laksh was about to get up with the empty bowl to wash it. Ragini holds the bowl.

Ragini: hum saaf kar denge…
( I will clean…)

Laksh: I will do it…

Ragini: nahi, mein..

Laksh: you are my guest Ragini. Not a servant..!

Laksh moves with his bowl to wash basin. Ragini looks on. She can feel what he said.

He said she is not his maid. He will do his work… for a stranger she is a mehmaan..

But, for her own chote papa and his family… she was a maid..!!

Later, Laksh sits in the couch in the hall and he was watching a movie. Ragini was about to go.

‘Hey Ragini, sit naa..! let’s watch a movie..!’

Now, what she has to do..? she understood that he was asking her to see a movie. It’s not a big problem..! but, is she going to sit with the same dress..? Surely her knees will be exposed, if she sits in that chair. And, she can’t bluntly say that she don’t want to see.

Leaving a sigh, Ragini moves to the chair to sit. Laksh was involved in movie, and he was not observing her. Ragini sits and as soon as she sat, she covers her knees. Laksh was totally emerged in TV.

Ragini was looking here and there. The cold breeze keeps touching her legs and she was shivering, not due to cold, but due to nervousness.

Laksh doesn’t observe her situation. Why he will..? An action movie is coming in TV.

Ragini at last looks at TV. She can’t understand a bit. And, suddenly a kissing scene happens in TV. She says ‘chi’ in herself and turns her face away and keeps a hand on her head. She looks at Laksh. He was not reacting much. He didn’t mind what’s going on there.

“woh itne sidha sadharan vyavhar kaise kar sakte hai..? lagta hai, hum hi pagal ho gaye hai..?”

(‘How can he be so normal..? I think, I’m not normal..?’)

thinks Ragini and looks at TV again. That scene was still coming.

kya bakwaas hai..?’
(‘what the hell..?’)
she thinks and closes her eyes and starts rubbing her palms. Laksh who was watching that scene, he too feels a bit weird and turns his eyes other side and he finds Ragini feeling nervous.

‘Are you okay..?’ he asks suddenly. She trembles and looks at him once.

She starts saying with shaking voice,
hum thik hai ..hum thik hai..!
(‘I’m fine..I’m fine..!’)

Laksh understands that it was effect of scene and he changes the channel. Ragini takes a breath in relief.

Now in other channel, another type of same sort of scene comes. Now, her cheeks turn red.
“yeh sare karyakram kyun acche nahi aa rahe hai ..??”
(‘why these programs are not good..??’) she thinks.

Then he changes other. It was better. But, she has to go away before she faces other scene.
hum jakar so jaate hai..!
(‘I will go and sleep now..!’)

Laksh replies as he understood, ‘ok, good night.’

Ragini hurries to her room. Then after a while she turns back to see what’s Laksh is watching in TV.

He was seeing same those types of channels.

“Hai Rama..!! ladke humesha ladke hi rahenge…!”
(‘Hey Rama..!! Men are men…!’) thinks Ragini and closes her door.

Precap: Raglak to shopping.

/*hey friends, did I surprise you today with many raglak ffs. I was extremely feeling free today. I became writing monster. Tell me how is it.*/

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