Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 3

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{**Hindi dialogues credits: Akshata*}

Epi 3

Ragini was scared. She decides to be brave at least before dying. She closes her eyes.
Then a police patrolling sound is heard.
‘Hey… You..!!’ a cop shouts and comes there running, shooting his gun.

Ragini kept her eyes closed and she closes her ears to fearing for that gun sounds.

Those goons run away.

‘Are you ok mam..?’ that police asks approaching near Ragini. Ragini raises her eyes a bit feeling secured in the vibration of that voice. She looks at his face.

His face is reveled as Laksh. There is seriousness in his face, but still a kindness in his eyes towards her.
‘Nothing to worry..’ he was about to put hand on her shoulder. Then, Ragini feels dizzy, her vision becomes blur. She faints and Laksh holds her in his arms.

He looks at her sweet innocent face which was may be tired due to fear or cold. Unknowingly a smile crept on his lips.
‘Probably, she is from India..!’ he thinks.

He makes her sit in his vehicle. He sprinkles water to make her get conscious. But, she was shivering. He touches her hand and realizes she got burning fever and her foot was also injured.

Then he drives to his house taking her with him. He decides to get details from her later when she gets conscious.

He makes her sleep on a couch in the hall.
‘I’m sorry mam, I was touching you. But, you were feeling sick..’

He says. He was about to go, suddenly she held his wrist. He turns back.

“dadi maa, hume bahut bhuk lag rahi hai.. hum bhukhe hai”
(Dadi maa, I’m feeling hungry.. i’m hungry..!) she murmurs in sleep.

Laksh doesn’t even understand what she is saying. He slowly removes her hand and keeps that hand on couch. Her bangles sounds reflect that entire silent house and Laksh feels that sound new as he never experienced it..!

He looks at her completely. She was in sky blue lehenga completely traditional. He has never ever seen girls like that. as she was shivering he covers her in a comforter.

He slowly makes her drink a medicine. Ragini sleeps like that only.

Laksh puts his cap and etc in respective places. He pours pasta in a bowl and comes into hall to eat. He sits in other single chair beside her. he eats a little and looks at her.

‘Probably she might be hungry too..!!’ he thinks and brings a pasta with fork near her mouth.

Ragini who was in sleep, unknowingly eats it. she chews that pasta. Don’t know how but Laksh feels pity on her. how much hunger she would have been, she was eating in sleep too.
Laksh feeds her some pasta. Then, he wipes her mouth with tissue as some food was stick. Then she holds his hand.

“dadi maa, aap hume akela chhodke kyun chali gayi? aapne hume bhi apne saath kyun nahi lekar gayi?”
(Dadi maa, why did you leave me..? why didn’t you take me with you..??)
she murmurs in sleep again and she kisses his hand.

Laksh amazes. In fact, he gets goose bumps with her kiss. But he understands, that she is in some pain. However, he doesn’t understand what she said. She keeps his hand close to her near her face. Laksh slowly removes his hand from her.

He sits in the chair looking at her and he dozes of in that chair only.

Next morning, first Ragini opens her eyes. She remembers the last incident. Some goons were attacking her. she shocks and sits at once. She finds herself in new place. And she turns her eyes around and finds Laksh in the chair sleeping. She stares at his face for some time.

‘He is not American or not any other country. He was like Indian.’

Ragini assumes him as one of the goon. She slowly walks from there. She goes to door. She tries opening the bolt.

‘Stop..!’ she hears his voice. She trembles and sticks as rock there only. Her heart beats won’t happen. She takes a gulp holding the door tightly.

‘Look..’ Laksh says slowly and about to come near her.

Ragini falls on her knees and joins her hands in front of him.
“kripa karke hume chhod dijiye… hume kuchh mat kijiye, hume jaane dijiye.”
(Please leave me. Don’t harm me please..! let me go..!!)
She was shedding into tears and she was shaking in fear.

Laksh leaves a sigh and bends on knees towards her.

‘See, plz don’t be scared. I’m here to help you. I’m a cop.. I’m a cop….’

Ragini looks at him as his voice was normal. He was not scaring her but making her to be brave. He is not dangerous. She didn’t understand what he was telling, but sure.. he is nice guy.

He gives his hand to her to get up after standing. Ragini looks at his hand. He keeps looking ‘what she might be thinking..?’

Then she gives her hand to him hesitatingly. He pulls her and make her stand.
His hand was very rough and tough. It was very strong and she felt his roughness of his hand over her soft hand.

He was telling her something in English. But, she didn’t understand anything.

Ragini looks at Laksh silently as she can’t answer him.

He clears his throat and asks again, ‘miss, I have ask you something. Where do you stay..? so, that I may drop you there..!’

Ragini says in hindi,
“hume samjh nahi aa raha hai ke aap kya puchh rahe hai? par hume nahi pata ke hume jaana kaha hai… kaise jaana hai?”
(I’m not understanding what are you asking. But, I don’t know where to go.. how to go..?)

Now, Laksh looks at her confused. He can understand one point that she can’t speak English.

Ok, now.. he has to do something…

Then Laksh comes near her and points finger towards her,
‘You….’ He says…

Ragini looks into his eyes to catch what he is saying….

Then he keeps his hands as pyramid giving her a hint as house.

Then he shows his thumb asking, ‘where..?’

At last Ragini understands what he is asking.

Now, her turn to make him understand. She never understands the name of their place. Swara and Sujatha used to make fun of her if she asks the pronunciation again and again. She can’t remind that name…
Ragini tries recalling closing her eyes tight and she feels she is getting the word in mouth but, it can’t step out tongue..

Laksh observes her struggle and says,

‘Ok, ok.. relax… I gotta go to work now. please don’t hesitate to eat something over there. You may use the wash room too.. no problem..! be free..!!’

Ragini didn’t understand a piece what he said, but she was sure he was telling her to stay here till he return back.

Then suddenly a dog comes near Ragini. Ragini scares and holds Laksh in fear. He laughs. Because, it was not a ferocious dog. It is a small cute Maltese dog. It’s a small puppy still.

‘Hey, it’s fine. It’s rockey..!’

Laksh says and about to go near it, but a bangle struck to Laksh’s shirt button. He looks at her, she removes the bangle from his shirt and he observes her hands were trembling in fear. After she removed, Laksh holds her hand. She shocks and looks into his eyes, which are really showing sort of affection on her.

‘stay calm, I’m here naa..!’

Ragini can’t catch what he said, but she is sure he said her to be brave.

Laksh bends to his dog and starts petting it. that dog was licking his finger. Ragini feels it as very cute.

‘come here..!’ laksh says. But Ragini looks on. Then Laksh smiles and gestures her to come. Ragini too bends near that dog and starts petting it. it licks Ragini’s fingers too.

Ragini smiles as she feels tickled when it was licking her fingers. Laksh looks at her and gets lost in her smiles.

‘Ok Rockey, be nice with her. she is our new friend..!’ says Laksh too it.

It shouts ‘bow’ cutely. Ragini smiles again.

Laksh: btw, what is your name..?

Ragini: haaa…?

Laksh: name… name….

Ragini smiles: Ragini..!

Laksh: ok, I’m Laksh. You may call this number when there is emergency.

He gives her some card.

Laksh goes into bathroom to get fresh up. Ragini roams around the house and she was seeing all the photos hanging. She sees some trophies, medals. Laksh in cop dress. His childhood pics. She also sees a small boy in Krishna costume. She could easily estimate it as Laksh. Then she comes across a room which is closed and all god’s images are kept inside only.

She also sees the pictures of his parents. They both are seemed to be modern, but traditional sometimes in some functions.

“ab woh kaha par hai?”
‘where are they now..?’ she thinks.

Then Laksh actually forgets that there is someone in his house that too a girl. He comes out in bathrobe itself as every day.

‘Rockey.. come and eat..!’ he calls.

Ragini turns back and looks at him. Laksh then remembers her. she turns back again twisting her choli pallu nervously. Laksh slowly goes back into his room. She takes a sigh.

‘In village itself, I never even just looked at any boy. But, now I have to stay with a strange boy. And, I don’t know about him. And, I don’t know where is chote papa..? what can I do if he intentionally left me..!’
Thinks Ragini and a tear escape from her eye.

Laksh who comes there just after getting ready,

‘Ragini, take care of yourself. I will come at 7 or 8 at night. Eat whatever you want. I will try to trace your place…’

He says wearing his shoes. Ragini turns to him wiping her tears.

Laksh: plz, take care of Rockey too..!

Rockey runs near Laksh sounding… ‘kui..kui…’

Laksh: I will be back bro… play with Ragini till then.
He kisses Rockey on head.

‘Bye Ragini..!’ says Laksh. Ragini smiles, ‘bye..’

Precap: The US cop and the Village girl, under the single roof…

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