Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 2

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Intro: Prologue

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Part 1
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Recap: intro of raglak, ragini comes to US.

Part 2

Ragini gets slowly used to the US culture. Sujatha makes her learn how to use different things. (more importantly she has to do all works know)

She makes Ragini to do all the works. She cooks everyday for four of them. She is the one who puts their all cloths in washing machine. There is no need of drying, the machine itself dries. Next, she is the one who has to keep vessels in dish washer, she has to clean any things in house.

Ragini never felt it as ‘work’ because, she felt she is doing for her family. But, Sujatha and Swara always treated her as a maid. Rp used to be a calm spectator. But, Ragini in few days only realizes the real intention of them. She senses, sometimes Sujatha used to get angry on her. swara used to make fun on her with friends. Even though, she can’t understand that language, she understands that she is making some fun.

It will be 15 days, Ragini entered into USA.

Ragini starts her day with her works for them, later, Sujatha and Ram leaves to office. Swara leaves to school. (in us even colleges are referred as schools)

From then, Ragini is alone in house and all returns in evening. But, then also Sujatha becomes busy in phone calls. Rp with laptop, swara in her own room doing her own work.

Ragini starts feeling alone. In her village, if she steps out of house, there are many girls who are friends to her, there are many boys who annoy her(just for fun), many elders who talk with love to her, and the whole nature itself talks to her.

But here..?

There are many people around her, but still she is alone. If a party happens in their house, that family becomes busy, but Ragini was alone.

She starts feeling lonely. Then one day, she happens to over hear Rp and Sujatha conversation.

Sujatha: it’s over to just bear her, and why are you taking her marriage responsibility now?

Rp: what’s wrong in that? Mr. varmas who came to party yesterday, liked Ragini.. they asked for their son. She should get married one day right..!

Sujatha: did we bring her for work or to send her to sasural?

(Ragini shocks with Sujatha’s words)

Rp: that means, Ragini shouldn’t get married..?

Sujatha: if you have such intentions, leave her in that village only. Some village boy will marry her. I’m not interested in taking her responsibility.

Says Sujatha sternly.

Ragini gets tears with her words. Rp remains calm as usually.

{assume, they have talked in Hindi here}


Laksh was in the party arranged by his friend on his marriage. Drink is the common thing. Some person gets drink to Laksh.

Laksh: no..! I don’t drink.

Friend: at least take beer.

Laksh: nope. I would prefer any soft drinks.

His friends as usually laughs at him.

Laksh always answers them in a smile.
‘I’m in the way as my mom said.’

This answer would please many people around him.

Laksh’s daily schedule starts with going to office in morning. He is not sure he will return to home or not after going. It’s because of many police operations they do. He need not worry about that, as there are no one to think about him. There is only Rockey. But, need not worry for him, he is just a puppy.

His parents has done love marriage against the wish of their families. Their parents settled in US from 20 years, and Laksh who is born in US, has US citizen, and hence he could become a cop. He was grown up same as the general US boy, he knows nothing about India.

Ap and Dp happens to die in an accident at his childhood. He just reads always what his mother wrote for him in a dairy. And, he follows it. Ap tries to teach him hindi and some Indian cultures. And, before she could teach that, tragedy happens.

That’s how Laksh’s life is running.


So, their lives differently passing in different ways… once, Rp’s family happens to go to other state to attend a function.

Ragini: Hum kaha jaa rahe hai chhote papa?
(where are we going now chote papa..?)

Swara: Massachusetts state..

Ragini again struggles: masa…

Swara: ofo.. Ragini. You don’t know that. at least say, ‘New York’

Ragini: new yark…

Swara claps her hands, ‘wow, u said it right first time’

Ragini feels bad but smiles outside.

Sujatha: oh no. we forgot to buy a gift. Rp ji, go and buy a gift.

Sujatha stops the car. Rp gets down.

Swara feels disgusted to go with Ragini. She wanted at least some time peace without her. if she is there, she keeps asking, ‘what is this and what is that’ and eats her brain. (her thoughts)

Swara: Ragini, tum bhi kyu nahi chali jaati?
(Ragini, why don’t you also go..?)

Ragini nods her head, ‘ok, didi’
She gets down car.

Rp and Ragini will be walking. Ragini is in heavy lehenga and all jewelry on her. all are looking at her weirdly.

Rp: Dekha, maine kaha tha modern dress pahan ne ke liye, nayee jagah par hume unhi ki tarah rahna chahiye.
(see, I said you to wear any modern dress, you should be like all around when you are in new place Ragini.)

Ragini then remembers what happens just before they started for party,
When Ragini is about to wear lehenaga, Sujatha orders her to wear any modern dress asking Swara. Ragini agrees. But, Swara laughs at her.
‘Modern dress..! do you at least know, how to wear them..?’

Ragini feels offended and wears her own dress.”

Ragini keeps remembering that and lost in her thoughts, and suddenly her leg hits to a pole.

‘Ahh’ Ragini throws out a shout and holds her leg.

Rp: kya huva ragu..? (what happened Ragu..?)
Asks Rp and makes her sit on a bench. Her ankle part turned red.

Rp: ragini, beta dekh kar chalo naa..
(oh Ragini, see and walk dear..)

Rag: papa, mujhe dard ho raha hai
(papa… it’s paining..!)

Rp: Kuchh nahi hoga, dheere chalo. Party ke liye hum koi gift kharid lenge aur fir jaldi vapas aa jayenge.
(ummm… nothing will happen. Walk slowly. We shall buy a gift, go to party and return back soon.. chalo, mere beta na..!)

Ragini tries to stand, but sits again.

Ragini: Nahi papa, mein aur nahi chal sakti
(no papa, I can’t walk…)

Rp: thik hai, hum ek kaam karte hai, tum yahi ruk jaao, mein gift lekar aata hoon.
(ok, let’s do one thing. You stay here. I will bring the gift.)

Rag: nahi.. nahi, mein yaha akele kaise rah sakti hoon? mein bhi aaoungi.
( no..no..! how can I stay alone..? I will come too..!! )

Rp: ragu beta, jyada door nahi hai, mein 10 min me vapas aajaunga, thik hai?
(ragu beta… it’s not too far..!! I will come in 10 min..! ok..?)

Rag: par…

Rp: yahi rahna. kisise bhi baat mat karna aur kisike bhi aankhon mein aankhe dalkar mat dekhna.
(stay here. Don’t talk with anyone and don’t see at any one stared..!!)

Ragini nods her head, Rp goes away.

Ragini will be waiting near that fountain sitting on a bench. She looks all around. Then she looks at a man, he was looking straight into her eyes. She scares and bends her eyes remembering her chote papa’s words. she understands she was shivering due to fear as her hands were shaking.

‘No..! I have to be brave..!’ she thinks and tights her fists.

{imagine Ragini pov in hindi}

Then she understands that shivering was not due to fear, but gradually the coldness is increasing. She looks all around that city. She tries to remind the name again…
‘new yaa…’ she closes her eyes tight.
‘hmm, chod do. What is name of city where we live..? pi pi…’
She can’t get.

All people are busily walking here and there. Ladies are wearing half dresses. Some are modern… Ragini giggles imagining herself in a sleeveless knee length frock.

‘I will wear such dress only before my husband.” Getting the word, ‘huband’ from her mouth, she starts feeling shy.
She never thought about husband before, these new feelings started only after entering US. Why..? she don’t have answer.

She rubs her palms due to cold and looks at the clock.

‘6.30..!! it was half n hour till chote papa went. He said mall is near, why didn’t he return still..? hmm, let’s wait for more time.’ She thinks.

Then she happens to look at a couple. They both were sitting very close. That boy keeps hand on her cheek and she keeps her hand on his neck. Both move closer and start kissing each other.
Ragini’s cheeks turn red looking at it. she closes her eyes.
‘Hey bhagwan..! what are they doing..? everyone will see..!!’

She opens her eyes. But still they were engaged in kissing. Ragini takes gulp and turns her face.
‘Hmm, these are common here. Nobody are bothered at least..!!’ she thinks.

‘what happens if I see..??’
She raises her eyes and sees that scene again. She gets shy and smiles.
‘If I marry a boy here, if he too does same with me in such open place…??’
With that thought she gets goose bumps. She beats her back head in smile.

And then 15 minutes more passes. It starts getting dark around. Now, Ragini’s fears increases.
‘Shall I go and see..? but, I don’t know where papa went..??’

The wound on her foot starts paining more. She gets tears.
‘chote papa, plz come fast. I’m scared..!!’

She folds her knees among her hands and sits on bench as it was colder. She was shivering a little.

She then remembers Sujatha’s words.
‘Let’s leave this burden somewhere..!!’

Ragini gets tears. ‘chachi doesn’t like me. Did chote papa intentionally left me here..??’
She leans her head to the wall of bench.

‘that means, I have to stay here forever. If I die on this bench itself..? If, I was burden to them.. why did they bring me here..? they would have left me in my village itself. Daadi maa…’

She remembers her daadi and her all village friends. She cries. Her voice was also trembling due to the cold wind.

She didn’t notice but, the time was already 8’O clock.

All people left the place and it was lonely. Now… she was extremely feared.
‘why no one are there..??’

Then suddenly a car comes and stops near her. A group of Negros gets down from the car. Ragini scares looking at them.

They reach near Ragini and points gun towards her scaring her more.
‘Give the money..!’ they shouts. Ragini doesn’t even understand what they are saying. A person brings gun straight to her head temple.

Ragini closes her eyes losing all hopes on her life.

Precap: aasha, dosa, appadam, vada..! I won’t tell..!! ;-p

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