Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 11

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Hindi translation: Akshata

Part 11

Ragini was sitting in the balcony. She really wanted to talk to Laksh once, but poor girl.. she don’t even know his phone number correctly. Then, Ragini remembers the card which Laksh has given her once. She tries to remember that number. At last she runs near the phone and calls.
In Laksh’s house the phone rings. But, no one are there to lift the call. Laksh has forgot his cell there.

Ragini sighs and bends her head sadly.

Then Sujatha gestures Rp something. Rp nods his head and goes near Ragini.

Rp: Ragu beta, Hum sab India jaa rahe hai
(Ragu beta, we are going to India)

Ragini: kyo chote papa..?
(why chote papa..?)

Rp: Hume dadiji ke shraddh ki vidhi sampann karani hai..
(we have to some rituals for Daadi’s….)

Ragini gets tears remembering her passed away daadi maa.

“Thik hai, chote papa. hum chalenge. Par, hum sab yaha jaldi wapas aa jayenge na..!”
(Ok, chote papa. We will go. But, we will come here soon naa..!!)

Rp just nods his head.

Rp comes aside and sujatha talks with him.

Suj: we shouldn’t say to Ragini that we are taking her to India back for performing her marriage. We shall give away her to any local boy, she will stay forever in that village, and our burden is lost..!!

Rp nods his head and sighs.

Swara comes near them.
“and who is that boy mom..? for her village face, a village boy is suitable..!!” she laughs and gives hifi to Sujatha. Rp just remains calm as he can’t turn against to his wife and daughter.

On other hand Laksh is on the way. In his beside seat Rockey is there. Laksh is enjoying the music and driving the car. It’s a long drive from Massachusetts to Pittsburgh. Laksh stays in New York state and Ragini in Pennsylvania. It’s a long drive.
“Owww, four hours to go more..!! it’s a looong drive..!! don’t worry, in the return Ragini will be there, so we will not be bored at allllll…….!!”
Laksh says happily. He was driving too far to meet Ragini.

But will his journey will be successful..?

As it was just next day they are going to India, Ragini becomes busy in packing luggage for everyone.

“Laksh, India wapas jaane se pahle,.. hume ek baar apse baar karni hai”
(Laksh, I just want to talk to you once,.. once before I go to India.)
She is thinking.

Just then, Laksh’s car stops before RP’s house.

{come on, he is a cop.. he can find out everyone’s address}

Rp who was sitting in lawn gets amazed looking at Laksh. Laksh comes out of car, and opens door at other side, Rockey too gets down. Sujatha and Rp look at each other in confusion.

Laksh removes his cooling glasses, and comes near RP.

Laksh: hai sir, you remembered me..?

Rp nods head,
“Yes officer, you here..?”

Then Laksh shifts his gaze as he hears Ragini’s voice.

“Swara didi, ise kaise banaya jaata hai..?”
(Swara didi, how should we make this..?)

Ragini has not observed that Laksh has come.

Then Swara shouts on her,
“I’m getting fed up with your stupid doubts Ragini. Leave me alone.”

Laksh listens to it. Ragini doesn’t understand what Swara said but feels offended with her intensity in tone. Laksh even observes that Ragini’s face is becoming sad with her words.

Then Ragini moves her eyes and looks at Laksh. She amazes.
“Laksh..!!” she exclaims happily.

Laksh smiles, Ragini keeps coming near him looking at him. Laksh too moves ahead ignoring Sujatha and Rp.

Swara keeps looking.
“How handsome he is..!!” she thinks.

Laksh and Ragini comes in front of each other. They both look at each other silently.

Both at a time open their mouths,
“How…” Laksh asks..
“Kaise…(how)” Ragini asks.

They both laughs and looks at each other again.

Then Sujatha pushes Rp near them to distract them. Swara comes near Suj.

Rp: so… what’s the matter officer..?

Laksh: nothing sir, I have just come to meet Ragini once and I want to talk to you a bit..

Rp: ok, will sit there and talk, Ragu beta, coffee lekar aajao.
(bring coffee)

Ragini nods head and goes inside.

Then Laksh starts saying,
“Actually sir, I don’t know Indian traditions.. but I’m here to ask Ragini’s hand.”

Sujatha, Swara and Rp shocks.

Laksh: may I marry her..?

Rp looks at Sujatha.

Suj: no way. We are going back to India tomorrow. We are going to perform Ragini’s marriage.

Now, Laksh shocks.

Laksh: but.. but, Ragini loves me..

Rp: did she ever say that to you..??

Laksh bends his head and nods his head negatively.

Rp then starts saying,
“Ragini is traditional girl who is completely opposite to you. Only a guy who knows Indian values can look after her properly. And about you Mr. Laksh, may be your parents are Indians, but.. you are a US boy by your thoughts. Your feelings never coincide.”

Laksh laughs a little,
“I don’t know all those things. But, I’m sure I will take care of Ragini forever.”

Rp stands from his chair,
“What you will see..? do you know the value of marriage..? today you may love Ragini because she is beautiful. But later on, if you give divorce to her..?? she is not a practical girl like some girls here. She values the marriage. And, you..”

Now, Laksh stands,
“Sir, why would I give divorce to Ragini if I marry her..? I love her for true..!!”

Rp: because, divorce is a common thing here..! Mr. Laksh, unless you understand the value of relations, you don’t understand value of marriage. And, Ragini knows it very well. She is going to marry a good valued person there..!!

Laksh sighs,
“Not all this. let’s ask Ragini what is she thinking.”

Laksh moves his eyes aside and Ragini was just coming with coffee near them.

Laksh without taking coffee asks her,
“Ragini, do you like to go back to India..?”

Ragini looks at Rp,

Rp: boloRagini, yeh puchh rahe hai ke tumhe India wapas jana hai ya nahi..?
(say Ragini, he is asking whether you like to go to India..?)

As it was her daadi maa’s ritual, Ragini nods her head.

Laksh shocks and then asks her,
“Then, do you like this marriage..??”

Ragini couldn’t understand him. Rp is about to translate as it is, but Sujatha holds his hand tightly,

Suj: bolo chori, yeh puchh rahe hai ki tumhe apni dadi ma ke shraddh me jaana hai ki nahi
(say chori, he is asking are you going to attend your daadi maa’s sraddha)

Rp shocks with Sujatha’s fake words. he is about to correct her, but she stops him.

Ragini simply nods her head. Laksh shatters,
“Ragini, say the truth..!!” he asks with moist eyes.

Ragini: Laksh, aap itne dukhi kyu ho rahe hai. us vidhi ke baad hum wapas aa jayenge..!!
(Laksh, why are you so emotional. After that ritual, I will come back..!!)

Sujatha smiles,
“She is saying that she liked the groom very much dear boy..!!”

Rp just remains as spectator, he knows very well that his wife is going to do big war if he opens his mouth.

Laksh looks at Ragini for answer. Ragini nods her head thinking that Sujatha has said something ok..

Laksh controls his tears and takes deep breath. Then he takes out the ring box from his pocket.
He actually thinks to propose Ragini after Rp agreeing for their marriage.

“All the best Ragini. This is my marriage gift to you..!!” he says. Ragini takes it from him in a smile.

“TH…thank you Laksh…” she says. Bechare Ragini doesn’t understand anything. And even Laksh.

Laksh smiles and turns back to go. Rockey was at Ragini’s feet, Ragini is rubbing it.

“Rockey come..!!” Laksh says. Rockey makes kui kui sounds hiding behind Ragini.

“I said come..!!” Laksh says demanding. Rockey drops it’s tail down and follows Laksh. Ragini looks on…

Laksh starts the car and leaves. Before going away, he doesn’t even look at Ragini once. But, Ragini keeps looking.

Sujatha smiles and takes Rp aside.

Rp: why did you say them lies..?

Suj: then, she will marry that boy and stays as burden for us here forever. Let’s leave that problem in that village itself..!!

Laksh who drives the car a little far, he stops it aside. Then shed of tears comes out from his eyes. He cries holding the steering. Then he closes his face in his palms and cries.
“Ragini, why Ragini.. why..??” he cries bitterly first time in his life.

The trees, clouds, the winds around him remains as the silent spectators of the pain of love of that lone love warrior.

The language is used for communication… but when only it becomes a barrier between relations..??
What helps them in overcoming it..??

Laksh didn’t understand her feelings..?? Ragini couldn’t catch his feelings..??

This couple will become together..??

Precap: Ragini to India. Her marriage..??

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