Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 10


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Part 10:

That US cop has become a great friend to that Indian village girl. Their life styles are different, their languages are different. But still, unknown friendship has formed as unbreakable bond in between them.

Laksh liked Ragini.. her innocent behaviour used to fill his heart with honey. In his lonely forest type of life..she came as a spring and filled beautiful garden in his life. Her naughtiness shows that she is very innocent. Her eyes speak what’s in her heart. And her heart always reflects only love.. no hatred even in her thoughts. How can a girl be this slow in this modern world..? Laksh don’t have pity on her flash back, but he has a feeling of her. May be a feeling of love..? Affection..! She is only the one after his mother where he has seen such emotion. He doesn’t want to miss her. He want her always with him…

Ragini loved Laksh’s ruff and tuff behaviour. He is afraid of nothing. Most brave man. He is just like a hero in movies. How much tough he may out, but there is a pure soul within him. His actions may be furious, but his heart is very soft. So soft that sometimes even she can’t handle it. His patience is greater than a mountain. And, she is always surprised why a stranger like him took care of her like this when on other hand her own chote papa betrayed her. Is this is not enough to say what kind of boy Laksh is.. She wanted that kind of love should be always with her. And she sometimes really felt fortunate that her chote papa left her like that. That made Laksh meet her.

Whatever, each of them have same feeling called ‘love’ on them. But, will they can express it to each other..? If they want to live together forever.. they have to express.

“Laksh, it was just 15 days till we met. But, why i’m feeling so close to you..? i want to see you always. I love to see your smile. I even love to see your anger. I want to bear your anger and i want to rejoice your patience. Your friendship has brought a new life into me. I thought, i would be the useless object in this world. But, you made me feel that I’m special to you. You can’t tolerate when something happens to me..! i just had a little cold yesterday, and you made the world upside down..!! i can see the concern clearly in your eyes. Laksh, i want this relation forever in my life. I want to be with you. I want to put my head on your shoulder and rest peacefully as there are no worries. I want to see your sweet smile every morning. I want to sleep in your embrace every night..! I’m not feeling shameful to say this, because.. i need you Laksh. I need your love. Your friendship forever. I want to marry you. But, how should i say this..? you will never understand my language… but can you understand my feelings..??”

Ragini writes the whole thing in a book in Hindi. She sighs.

“How Laksh, you will never understand this..!!”

In Laksh’s room,

“Ragini, i have said my feelings many times to you. It was not created newly. But, started from the point when i saw you. When my eyes met your eyes. I understood that even i can feel, even my heart has feelings… that i have a heart.. only after meeting you. I can’t lose you at any cost. I know, you have ‘love’ on me. Bcz, your eyes always speak truth Ragini. I understood you..! But, even you have to understand that i love you. How should i say..? i don’t know your language and you don’t know my language.. This language has become a barrier between us. Ragini, in the same way i understood you, you have to understand me now. You should know my feelings now. Ragini, i want to play with you everyday. Hug you like i forget this world. I love your naughtiness. Your laughs makes me happy. I want to marry you Ragini. Be with me forever..!!”
Laksh writes in English in a greeting card.

The next day……..

Huge sound of waterfalls.

Ragini was looking at it in big amusement eyes. She was holding Rockey.
“Arey Rockey bhayya, dekhiye.. woh kitne bade hai..!! agar hum gir gaye to..??
(“Arey Rockey bhai, see.. how huge they are..!! if we fall in it..??”)
Ragini says in amazement.

“Bhoo..!” suddenly she hears a shout. Ragini scares, but it’s Laksh. He was holding two cups of big ice cream and something for Rockey too..

Rockey gets down from Ragini and it eats what Laksh brought.

“How is Nayagara Ragini..?” asks Laksh giving her ice cream cup. Ragini taking it,
“khubsoorat hai…! aur itni badi ice cream..!!”
(It’s beautiful…! and this much big ice cream..!!)

Ragini is eating ice cream happily. She loves only three things in USA.
1. Laksh
2. Rockey
3. Icecream

While she was eating, Laksh is looking at her lovingly. He looks into his pocket and sees the ring box. He wanted to propose Ragini then itself.

Laksh: Ragini, did you ever love anyone..?

Ragini looks at Laksh. He was looking at the waterfalls. She understands him a bit. Ragini just blushes. She won’t answer but she too looks at the waterfalls.
Laksh looks at her for the answer. Ragini nods her head keeping Laksh in her mind. Laksh smiles thinking that she is saying about him…

He takes out the ring box. He is about to kneel down before her to propose in filmy way…


“Ragu beta..!!” they hears a voice.

Ragini’s eyes become moist as soon as she listens that voice. She turns back.

Rp is standing in teary eyes. His head and hand has a bandage.

“Chote papa..!!” Ragini exclaims and runs to him.

Laksh looks on…

Ragini runs and hugs Rp and cries bitterly.

“Chote papa, aap hume akela chhodkar kyu chale gaye..??”
(“Chote papa, why did you leave me alone..??”)

Rp: “ro mat beta.. rona nahi..!! yeh bahut badi kahani hai.. mein tumhe bataunga..!!”
(“don’t cry beta.. don’t cry..!! it was a long story.. i will say you..!!”)

Rag: “aap ko pata hai, hum kitna dar gaye the..!!”
(“do you know, how was i scared..!!”)

Rp: “maaf kardo beta, yeh sab mere accident ke wajah se hua..!!”
(“sorry beta, it was all due to accident..!!”)

Ragini: accident..??(shocked)

Laksh comes near them who was looking all this. Rockey with small small steps follows Laksh.

Rp looks at Laksh.

Rag: “Chote papa, yeh pulis officer hai. inhone hume uss din bachaya. hum inhi ke ghar the itne dino se..!!
(“Chote papa, he is police. He has saved me that day. I was in his house all these days..!!)

Rp gives hand shake to Laksh.

Rp: thank you very much officer. She is very innocent..!! it was a fatal accident. I was in coma.. and few days back i was normal.. there is no place where we searched for Ragini…

Laksh smiles and looks at Ragini who was already looking at her.

Her eyes always speak truth,
“yes, she was happy that she has seen her uncle back. But, there is also some insecurity in her eyes that she is going to miss him”
Laksh thinks.

Laksh: yes sir, Ragini is really innocent. But she is very nice girl. She has cried a lot for missing you…

Ragini comes near Rp,

“woh kya kah rahe hai chote papa..?”
(“What is he saying chote papa..?”)

Rp just smiles.

Rp: “Ragini, chalo ab hume vapas chalna chahiye.”
(“Ragini, now let’s go back.”)

Smile vanishes from her face. It is so soon that she is parting away from Laksh. She can meet him again or not..?? if he has any feelings for her, he would have said something, but… he is just standing like that… is he ok, if she goes away..??

Ragini’s mind runs with many thoughts.

Rp: ok officer, it’s glad meeting you. May we leave now..??

Laksh: sure sir, bye..!!

Then he looks at Ragini.

Laksh: bye Ragini…

Actually he wanted to hug her tight and shout aloud, “I love you Ragini..!!” but… he simply said a bye..!

Ragini looks at him and a tear falls from her eye. Laksh keeps looking at her. Rp holds Ragini’s hand and keeps taking her away.
Rockey is barking that she is going away. Laksh just keeps looking as rock. His feelings are freezed.

Ragini was just looking back when she is going away. At last, Laksh misses her sight when she goes away far and people came in between them.

Laksh turns his head aside in sudden moment and a tear escapes from his eye. He looks at Rockey who has laid it’s tail down in sadness. Laksh smiles sadly and takes him into his hands.

Rp takes Ragini home. On the way Rp says many things to her, but her thoughts are lost near Laksh.

They reach home. Ragini gets bad feeling as soon as she gets down from car. She was in heaven all these days. She was with such kind of person whom he needed. But, now she is going to come in between the people for whom she is not needed.

Swara looks at Ragini from top to bottom. She is not the same village girl, she is wearing a Capri with a pretty shirt and her hairs are free. To say truth she was looking beautiful than her. She turns her eyes away without talking to her. Ragini feels sad again, she expects that she would come and hug her and show some concern. But… no..!

Now, Sujatha enters the scene,

Suj: tum vapas aagayi chori, hume tum mili nahi, kam se kam, tumhare pass dimag to hoga ghar vapas aane ke liye..? tumhe kya is jaga ka naam bhi nahi pata..???

(you came back chori, we didn’t find you, atleast don’t you have brain to come back..? don’t you know the place name..???)

Rag: chachi, hume maaf kar dijiye. hume naam yaad nahi aa raha tha.. to..
(chachi, i’m sorry. I didn’t remember the name.. so..)

Suj looks at Rp: maine pahle hi kaha tha ke is musibat ki gaaon main hi chhodne ke liye, par dekho.. uski wajah se, hume kitni pareshani uthani padi..!!

(i already said to leave this problem in that village itself, but see.. due to her, we face many mental tensions..!!)

Now Ragini bursts into tears,

“to phir kisne kaha tha hume yaha lane ke liye..? aap hume wahi chhod aate.”
(“then who asked you people to take me here..? you would have left me there only..!!)

Ragini cries and runs into her room.

Sujatha twists her mouth in annoyance whereas Rp glares at Sujatha.

On other hand,

Laksh reaches house in burden heart. He falls in sofa and looks at the ring which he was about to give her and propose her. He was rubbing Rockey’s back.

{This is how exactly Rockey looks. (Tu give like if possible..)

Laksh makes a phone call to Adarsh, his Indian friend.

Laksh: dude, she has gone away. I wanted to propose her.. but…

Adarsh: buddy, don’t worry. Propose her in Indian style..

Laksh: Indian style..?

Adarsh: yes, ask her elders to give her to you in marriage. They may ask you caste and etc..

Laksh: caste..??? what is caste..??

Adarsh: yes, then you have to demand dowry..!

Laksh confused: what is this dowry again..??

Adarsh laughs on other hand, “just kidding bro. Those are common things in Indian marriages. Just ask her uncle to give her to you. Let’s see, what happens next..!!”

Laksh: if that man not going to agree, i will elope her.. don’t worry..!!
He says in grin.

Next Laksh looks at Rockey,
“Rockey dude, let’s bring Ragini again..!!”

“Bow..!” Rockey shouts and keeps swinging it’s tail happily.

There Ragini who was thinking about Laksh,
“Laksh, kya hum fir milenge..? sirf humare liye ek baar aajayiye.. hume aapko humare dil ki baat batani hai …”

(“Laksh, will we meet again..? just come for me once.. i want to say my feelings…”)

Laksh looks at window at moon side feeling that someone close to his heart has called.
“Don’t worry Ragini, i will come for sure..!” he thinks.

Precap: Laksh to meet Rp and ask for Ragini, what will be Rp and Sujatha’s reaction.. Laksh will take away Ragini for true..???

Hindi translation credits: Akshata.

—By Astra
From Astra’s creation box.

And buddies,
About my other ffs,
Next episode will be last episode for Samragni..
I may continue mom’s kid after completing this present ff.
This is my land is related to some political issues too, so i’m thinking it to write it or stop..
And about Ragini and her husband.. I will continue that also.. but need some time..
That’s about the ffs guys..

How is today’s part..?

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    Raglak seperation!!!!!! 🙁 🙁 I thought that some disturbance will be there during their proposal and yaa I am right! Perfect timing!!! And haan I loved Ragini’s 3 things: Laksh, Rockey and Ice cream! 😀
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