Feelings is our Language {A RagLak love story} part 1

Hey friends,
Here Ragini is a village girl and she doesn’t know English. So, her dialogues will be in Hindi. Translation is written braces just underneath it.
(**Hindi translation credits: Akshata.**)

Epi 1

**In the one of the Village in Mandi of Himachal Pradesh….. **

Rp:: Ragu beta… jaldi karo, hume der ho rahi hai
(Ragu beta… do it fast. We are getting late.)

Ragu from inside room:: ho gaya chote papa. mein aa rahi hoon.
(finished chote papa. I’m coming…)

Ragini comes out with a gunny bag filled with clothes.

Rp:: beta, woh hume aise bags le jaane nahi denge
(beta, in airport they won’t allow these bags…)

Rag:: to fir kaise papa? mere pas aur koi bags nahi hai..
(then how papa? I don’t have other bags.)

Then Sujatha comes and gives her a suitcase.

Suj:: apna sara samaan iss suitcase me rakho
(pack your all luggage in this big suitcase.)

Ragini nods her head and takes suitcase inside again.

Ragini will be keeping all luggage in suitcase.

One man talking to Rp,

“That girl is very innocent. Her dadi maa was only with her when her parents left this world in her childhood. She was only her world and guardian. Now, she also left this world leaving that innocent girl alone..”

Rp:: yes. That’s why, as responsibility being her chote papa.. I’m taking her US with me. We will see a nice groom and perform her marriage too.

That man::: that is great ji. But, do marriage in this village only. Otherwise, we will miss our Ragini’s marriage…

Rp:: ha..ha.. pakka..!!

Inside the room after setting her luggage in suitcase Ragini is talking with photo of her dadi.

Rag:: aap ko aur gaav ko hum akela chodke jaa rahe hai.. Mujhe bahut rona aa raha hai
(dadi maa, I’m leaving this village and you alone. I’m getting tears to go away..!!)

Ragini cries holding the photo. Sujatha comes.

Suj:: Ragini… ayyo meri bholi ladki..!! ro mat.
(Ragini… ayyo innocent girl..!! Don’t cry..)

She wipes her tears.

Suj:: saara samaan bhar liya?
(did you finish packing?)

Ragini nods her head.

Sujatha checks the weight of her suitcase with help of Ram on weighing machine. It was over weight.

Suj:: Ragini, tumhe is bag me se 5kg samaan nikalna hoga, chalo jaldi karo, apani suitcase kholo
(Ragini, you have to remove 5kgs. Come on, open the suitcase.)

She opens the suitcase and sujatha finds a wooden box.

Suj:: yeh dabba yaha kyu hai?
(why this box?)

Rag:: chachi, mere shringaar ka samaan hai isme
(chachi, my makeup kit is in this..)

Suj:: isse is chhote cover mein rakh do . lekin yeh dabba bahut bhari hai
(put them separately in a small cover. This box is very heavy first..!!)

Rag:: lekin chachi, yeh dabba mujhe meri dadi maa ne maa ko diya tha. aur maa ne mujhe diya.
(but chachi, this box is given by dadi to maa. And maa gave me. This is,.)

Suj with bit anger:: Ragini, yeh sab bakwaas band karo aur jo me bol rahi hoon waise karo,
(Ragini, stop this bakwaas and do as I say.)

Ragini sadly keeps that box aside. After packing everything they sit in car. Ragini keeps looking at village in teary eyes. Village people come to give send off to Ragini till outskirts. They all love her that much..!! Bcz, she is a good nice and warm hearted girl. And innocent too…

They leave the village…


At airport after check in… sujatha and Rp were standing aside. Ragini is standing with luggage.

Suj:: see, we are taking her. But, don’t keep her on head. We are taking her so that she will be used for me for doing works. Just as servant. Don’t show over sentiments on her.

Rp:: when I crossed your words..? As you wish my darling..!

But Rp looks sadly at Ragini. Ragini was smiling innocently looking at surroundings.


New York city,

Some xxxx place..

A big wooden house.

Under the shower in bath room….

Two muscular hands are wetting under that shower and his palms have brushed his black hair. He opens his deep brown eyes. He wipes his face and face revealed as Laksh.

He buttons his shirt.. it’s police uniform. He walks into hall with determined look on face and small smile on face which is symbolic for his patience.

A small Maltese puppy comes near him. Laksh lifts it in his hands, ‘I will come by evening bro. Will you take care of yourself..?’ he asks it. It answers, ‘bow’
He makes a smile and gives it a kiss.
He wears cap to his head and moves out of house.

A ball comes in force and falls at his feet. Some boys are playing foot ball over there.

‘Ball please..!’ they shout.

Laksh gives a smirk and hits the ball, and it correctly falls in the net. All boys clap their hands. Laksh leaves in his police car with a smile.

‘You are 25 now.! No one believes that you didn’t date with a single girl till now, being a hot most wanted handsome hunk..!’
Says a friend of Laksh who is colleague.

Laksh who was studying a file,
‘Up to me, my duty is important to me. Nothing more than that..!’

Friend: don’t you marry anyone.

Laksh closes the file and keeps his hands on table.

Laksh: I will. But, let that girl come and meet me…

Ragini with Sujatha and RP comes out of the airport just then.

Laksh says, ‘whoever it is, she will surly meet me one day..!’

Ragini looks all around innocently with her big eyes.

Laksh: then, i will marry her..!!

Ragini looks at the direction of where Laksh says these words, feeling someone has called her.

Rp: swara, come..!

Ram shouts.

Swara: yes dad..!

Ragini hears a voice of girl. Swara comes in a run and hugs Rp and Sujatha.
‘Missed you mom and dad’ she says. Ragini looks at Swara smiling.

Swara hugs Ragini. ‘hey Ragini babe..’
She looks at Ragini from top to bottom.

‘Ragini, you look as dumb village girl..!’ she says and laughs. Rp glares at Swara, but Sujatha gives hifi to Swara. Ragini doesn’t understand anything, so she smiles.

Ragini looks at the sign board showing ‘Pennsylvania State’

Ragini: chote papa, iske upar kya likha hai?
(chote papa, what is written on that..?)

Rp: Pennsylvania state Ragu.. in our country how is Himachal Pradesh is state, in US, Pennsylvania is a state. So, we stay in a city called, ‘Pittsburgh’

Ragini struggles to pronounce that word,
‘pensllaa.. pits..’

Swara and Sujatha laughs.

Swara: leave it Ragini, you don’t know that.

Ragini looks at Swara question marked as she didn’t understand what she said.

Swara: oh, she don’t know English right. See, what we say that in hindi, ‘tume, aaja nahi..!!’

Now, Rp and Ragini laughs.

Ragini: aaja nahi hei Swara, aata hei.

Swara eyes frowns.

Rp: see beta, each one in this world knows their own language, for that you need humiliate others just because they don’t know our language..
He says to Swara.

But, Swara twists her lips in annoyance and goes near car.

Swara is driving the car. Ragini and Rp are sitting in the back seat. Swara talks in English with sujatha thinking however Ragini doesn’t understand.

Swara: mom, why did you bring this girl? Now, she is a burden to us..!
Rp controlling anger as Ragini shouldn’t understand,
‘Swara, she is your little sister. My elder brother’s daughter…!’

Sujatha: don’t worry Swara. We just brought her so that she will be helpful in all works. We can save a maid.
Swara: my foot..!

Ragini smiling: kya chote papa, swara kya puchh rahi hai?
(kya chote papa, what Swara is asking..?)

Rp: nothing Ragu beta. She is feeling happy that you came here..!

Ragini smiles again with open lips and looks out of window at the huge buildings, smooth roads, and white and black people.

Laksh returns home after a long work to house. As soon as he came he falls on couch, and Rockey( his Maltese puppy) runs to him and jumps on him.

Laksh is rubbing that puppy. He looks at the pictures of his parents(Ap and Dp)

Laksh: mom, dad.. you both left me alone. See, i’m only alone here..!!

‘BOW’ shouts Rockey.

Laksh: yes dude..! you are there. Only, you are there for me..!!
Says Laksh hugging the puppy.

Next parts:::: RagLak meeting is yet to come….!!

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