Feelings from a touch….OS (2)


Abhi was keep on searching for her. It was difficult for him to find her without knowing how she even look but from the people he had asked around, he managed to find that she is a very simple looking girl.

As for Pragya it was just a normal day for her at work. She is a artist by profession who draws and paints portraits. She is famous for that in town. A lot of celebrities approach her to get their self portraits done. As usual she received a photo of a celebrity and was asked to complete the painting by 3 days. She opened the cover to see whose photo was it. She was stumbled to see his photo.It’s him again.. Abhi the rockstar! What I need to draw his portrait now? Ok it’s part of my job and I am obliged to do that.

She drew it within a day as she had remembered his facial features from the accident. She asked her assistant to wrap the painting in a parcel and told him to send it to a particular address.

Abhi received the painting and was very eager to see his portrait! He quickly opened up the cover of the painting and saw it. He was mesmerized by the painting skills of the artist. It was so real just like a photo taken from a camera. Abhi noticed something too in the portrait….His forehead….There was scar in it. He checked the photo that he had sent and he realized that there is no scar in it. The scar is a recent one and was wondering how does she knew that I have a scar on my forehead? May be its her who helped me! Let me just go there immediately to check that out!

He drove his car in a super speed to just meet her and to confirm that she was the same person who helped him. Pragya was again having the strange feelings when Abhi was about to enter the place. Pragya, Again this strange feelings and it is so irritating! I thought its only at that place but now it happens here too!

Trying to ignore her feelings she continued her work….Abhi entered the drawing room and he saw her totally engrossed in her work. He walked slowly not wanting to disturb her. She didn’t realize all this as he was behind her and when she is engrossed in her work, she don’t realise anything that is happening around her.

Abhi saw her mumbling something to herself… Strange she mumbles a lot while painting! When will she stop this! Pragya turned around with her painting pallet to take some more paint…and was stunned to see him right in front of her!

Abhi just smiled and winked. Pragya couldn’t believe what she was seeing and was keep on blinking her eyes. Abhi ” Hmm I guess you are in shock to see me!” Pragya ” Yes!” Abhi ” Sorry to disturb u! But just a give me a minute so that I can ask u something?” Pragya still in shock said ” Ok sure give me a moment. Let me complete this first”. Pragya was about to move in front and accidentally dropped the painting pallet on his shirt… Pragya ” Very sorry! Oh No! What have I done? Wait let me wipe it off!” Abhi ” It’s not a problem at all! Just tell me where is the washroom. Let me clean it off myself” Pragya ” Turn to left from there and u will see the washroom. So sorry again! I should have been more careful!” Abhi ” I told right it’s ok. You just carry on with your work and I will be back after cleaning my shirt”. He headed towards the washroom as for Pragya, she was keep on looking at him leaving.

Pragya, how can u be so carelsss? U see now u had ruined his shirt! U are so messy Pragya!

After a few minutes, Abhi returned and by then Pragya lost her mood to complete her painting. She decided to continue it after talking to him. Abhi saw her sitting down and went to sit in the chair opposite of her.

Abhi saw her looking worried and keep on staring at the part of his shirt where there was a bit of paint.

To divert her mind, Abhi ” Ok lets get to the matter that i want to talk about!” Pragya ” Ok sure!” Abhi took out his mobile and showed her the picture of her painting in it. Pragya was confused as in y is he showing that to her. Abhi ” U drew this right?” Pragya ” Yes. Why its not nice… is it?” Abhi ” Nothing like that! Its so wonderful and very realistic but look here…” He zoomed in the picture and pointed the scar at his forehead. Abhi ” How u know tat I have a scar? Its a very recent one and in the photo that i have sent there is no scar at all!” Pragya didnt know how to reply…she is trapped now….

To be continued…….

Ok guys the last part is cooking on its way…till then pls just wait. Not sure whtr this is boring if so…sorry again…haha don think i am repeating sorry again as i really dont have the mood to think whtr what i have written is boring or not!!! I jus wrote it in a flow…dont even have the time to think…

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  1. VarshaVenkat

    Captain coolll…….prags Is in trap…let’s see how she escapes…..loved it

    1. Maya

      Ya let’s see how she escape!?? glad that u loved it Varsha!

  2. why she is trying to hide heself??? this is really really amazing…what a plot.

    1. Maya

      For that u have to wait for the nxt update? haha its just a simple plot…nothing so special in it?

      1. Maya

        Btw glad that u find it amazing!?

  3. It was super waiting for next part

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it super Monesha! ?

  4. It’s soooooooooooo amazing..?? Superb superb superb… I really really loved it.. It was different too.. Ungaluku theriyuma Ennaku paint pannanum romba nalla aasa but I am very very worst in that..?? once I tried it but it leads to a disaster..?? so I dropped that idea… Naa romba loosu mathiri pesurenla.. Wat to do it all manufacturing defects?????.. So can’t change that.. Anyways I stop my stupid talks..asusual u r rocking.. ???? keep rocking and I am eagerly waiting for next part..??

    1. Maya

      Hehe naanum unna mathiri thaan oru sila nerathula nalla painting varum ilathi its just a disaster! ???..haha appadi partha ennoda manufacturing defect is very big??..As usual glad for ur lovely comment!?

  5. Super maya no words to say keep rocking and I will always support you

    1. Maya

      So sweet of u Sonika! Keep supporting like this so that I can rock as u had said!???

  6. Its toooo gooddd ???

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it good Sandy!???

  7. I ll kill u akka if u ask its boring??anyway awesome akka superb???

    1. Maya

      Hehe i didnt ask Saranya i said i am not sure whtr is it boring…okok wont even tell the word boring for the time being…??? glad that u find it awesome! ???

  8. I will start crying now !! Please do not repeat your last lines again….U r just Incredible Maya Di !!!???????????????????????????????????? U deserve more than this !!! Love u loads !!!??????????????????. U r telling u r just writing it in a flow but this way of writing is just Amazing !!! Please it’s a very kind request from your sister ….While siting in a flow don’t even think u ask whether it is boring or not …..Pretty Please !!!

    1. Maya

      Haha could have been better Riya if i have time…but what to do I am stuck with back to back tests! ??…anyways i wont ask or tell that again. Request from sister is accpeted! ??….btw glad for ur lovely and sweet comment sissy!???

      1. Thanq!Take care Di. Don’t take too much stress! Live happy… Keep smiling!!!

      2. Maya

        I am trying not to take too much stress by replying u all!?

  9. Sorry it’s not siting ..it’s writing in a flow

    1. Maya

      I understood that while reading itself..no need for u to correct?

      1. Awe!!!! That’s really sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet of u to reply all the comments Maya Di!! I am your Forever Lovely Fan!!!

      2. Riyashri

        Suga Di I would now be commenting with this name or the previous one so Please don’t get confused !!

  10. Its not all boring akka, Awesome! part akka.i am eagerly waiting for nxt part, pls update soon di

    1. Maya

      Will try to update but not today…Ok Sandhya, I wont think its boring… and glad that u find it awesome!??

  11. Hey it’s not at all Boring yaar its really interesting n eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it interesting Durga! ??Will update it tmrw…now i am not free?

  12. nice………………….

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it nice nannu!??

  13. Hey really awesome. Dont tell sorry yaar…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Lakshmi! ??…hope that ur stress level had lessen from work pressure. Ok wont tell sorry dr!?

      1. No dear i want a break so i my self took off for 2days… Thats y i am little relax.. Wat abt ur studies & test… everything is over or not……

      2. And ya coming to ur ff or os… wen i read i feel that definitely it would b u…
        And i dont know how to describe how much i love ur ff and the way u convey to us. Awesome. I dont know how to tell how much i like u and ur ff…. When i read every line of ur ff i feel that i connected to the that each and everyline of urs.

      3. And finally i am telling u this that i like U so much. I do t know how to express. Wen i commented in ur ff superb means it doesnt mean thats it. I dont know how to tell wat heart want to tell.

        Sorry if said anything wrong pls forgive me…

        And i really love u suga…

        I dont know y i am teling this and all…

        But wat i said is everything is from my heart.

      4. That’s great u took off to rest! U know what its not exams but just tests…and the worse thing is nothing is getting in my mind as its too last minute… I was packed with so many assignments last wk so I really had no time to study properly…Now I am dying and I think I cant survive for now. And yes sometimes u no need to express how much u love my ff or OS in long sentences…just a word is enough so I understand ur love towards me and my ff…. I always appreciate that u like my thoughts…

      5. Thank u so much for ur genuine thoughts from ur heart! ?

  14. Wow… She is trapped… Waiting to see how she is going to escape….

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting for that Nirmal! U will know that in the nxt update?

  15. Ammu

    Superb Maya
    I am really waiting..
    Will you be without me??
    Update that ff too pa

    1. Maya

      It will be out from Tue…after Tue I will be free a bit…so u will be able to expect that!? btw glad that u find it Superb Ammu! ?

  16. Cutiepie Achu

    Very nice…

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it nice Cutiepie Achu! ??

  17. Reshma Pradeep

    Just AWESOME yaar…….Loved it……

    1. Maya

      Glad that u loved it Reshma??

  18. Honey

    Wow……its superb

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it superb Honey!??

  19. omg omg pragya is an painter just being amazed with ur evry writings yaar superb plot my god pragya is trapped nd abhi is highly intelligent uffff y nt he is my sweetheart naaa yipeeeeeee my fingers crossed fr prags reaction dr u always drag us to the edges u knw wat wat is ur speciality u just start with a simple plot nd u end up with a bang fully rocking nd thts yyy hamesha teri jaadhu pei mera dil aajatha hei its really nt possible fr all to start simply tht tooo as if no one could guess further nd to end it pleasantly soooo thts my crazy IB u always rockzzzzz my world continue ur magic on us I vil b waiting fr uuuuuu lv uuuuuu ITS A SPCL OS fr me nd yaar whoevr thinks tht sensing our loved ones presence is fake really trust me its true It HAPPENS ND IB ROCKZZZZZ

    1. Maya

      Haha u are seriously crazy for ur sweetheart!! ????…and u are just building high hopes on me thr ur comments!! But its ok its very encouraging to see ur comment!??? and this IB thing is fine but now crazy IB!! This is not fair dr…u have to explain abt tis to me later…

  20. Hi maya, i am priya. And iam new here and about your os i dont words to say it was really supebbbbb and mindblowing iam tottaly impressed and dont an sorry it was not at all boring .

    1. Maya

      Hi Priya! Welcome to the world of unimaginable imagination by the writers here! There are a lot more here who write interesting stuff! Do read them and support them too! Glad that u are impressed by my OS??…ok wont say sorry…

      1. thankuuuu so much dear………:) πŸ™‚

  21. Honey

    Actually I’m fed up with current story ,but its awesome ur story

    1. Maya

      Yeah I am fed up of the track long time ago…and there is no point in watching it. Its just a waste of time if i continue to watch??

      1. Honey

        Hahaha, thanks to telly for new features & less time for loading of comments

      2. True its one of the good stuff that they did.And it is definitely worth appreciating!??

      3. Maya

        True its one of the good stuff that they did. And its definitely worth appreciating it!??

  22. super…..

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it super Sugan!?

  23. this is so awesome! unexpectedly expected this! you are always coming up with so different ideas! so got a new short form ? DD! differently different! AA,BB,SS,MM ?

    1. Maya

      Lol at first I saw DD i thought die die! Since I am dying with my studies??? As usual glad for ur short forms and lovely comments??

  24. I love it…Maya…hahh this is so awesome…hope pragya couldn’t escapes and reveals her identity…waiting for next episode

    1. Maya

      Keep waiting! Glad that u loved it Adhya?

  25. Sharaya

    Awesome awesome awesome

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome Sharaya! πŸ™‚

  26. Awesome epi da sweetu lovd it to the core sry 4late com dr

    1. Maya

      Glad that u find it awesome da aana ethana vathi naan unkita solurathu nee eppa vennalum comment pannu and I will always come here and see for comments when I am free! πŸ™‚ so no sorry plsssss

  27. Awesome… Nd so sorry for late comment actually I was not feeling well…

    1. Maya

      No worries! Glad that u find it awesome Abhigya! ? Take care of your health and Get well soon!

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