Feelings (Episode 8)

Episode 8
The episode start with radhika woke up and saw arjun sleeping she smiled and kiss on his forehead and said
radhika:u look so cute while sleeping saying this she was about to get up but arjun hold her hand and pull her toward him and she fall on him and said
radhika:u cheater u were awake
arjun:no I’m not a cheater I woke up when this sweetest girl kissed me saying this arjun point his finger on her and radhika blush and arjun said
arjun:my blushy babe I just love u saying this arjun hug her tightly and radhika said
radhika:love u too my cutie
arjun:tomorrow is our engagement babe
radhika:I’m so happy
arjun:I’m the most happiest person on earth ever
radhika looked at arjun and both stare each other lovingly then radhika get up and said
radhika:now let’s have bf I’m hungry
arjun:ok babe u get ready and I’ll go in other room
radhika:ok saying this radhika left in washroom and arjun too after sometime radhika came down ready and saw arjun he was making tea she came in and made bf with him and then both sat to have after bf they were sitting when arjun said
arjun:radhi do u have numbers of our college frds
arjun:let’s call them and invite for engagement
radhika:nice idea I’ll go get my phone from room
arjun:mine too please
radhika:yeah saying this radhika run to her room and came down with phone she sit down again and both start making call and invite most of their frds and all of them agreed to come the day ended while doing arrangements for engagement in hotel

Next Day (Engagement)
aradhika woke up and had bf and their frds also came there were 4 boys and 4 girls (their named below)

1st boy:Neil
2nd boy:Alan
3rd boy:Aryan
4th boy:Aayan

1st girl:Sam
2nd girl:Sona
3rd girl:Mausam
4th girl:Mahi

girls and boys came toward aradhika and congratulate them then girls were taking radhika with them but arjun stop them and said
arjun:where r u guys going
sam:look arjun can’t stay away from rads even for a second (frds call radhika as rads)
Neil:we boys r really protective
sona:ooohh please protective my foot
Alan:ooohh hello what do u mean
mausam:ok ok stop fighting guys
aryan:yeah she’s right
aradhika stop them and arjun said
arjun:look at Mayan (Aayan & Mahi)
everyone looked at them and saw them staring each other aradhika came toward them and cough they came in sense and mahi lower her face shyly and aayan moved his hand in his hairs feeling awkward and everyone laugh seeing them then girls took radhika to get her ready and boys took arjun

In Evening (At Engagement Venue)
Arjun and boys came at venue and waited for girls to come after waiting for almost 2 hours girls came and boys were mesmerized seeing them but wait where is radhika she isn’t with them and arjun immediately said
arjun:where is radhi
mahi:arjun control she is in room
mausam:yeah she is room of hotel we left her there u can’t see her before engagement
arjun:but why
sam:just like that now let’s go in
everyone came in there were some more frds too and then girls gone upstairs to bring radhika when they came arjun was completely spellbound with her beauty girls make radhika sit beside arjun and as radhika sat down arjun whisper
arjun:u r looking really beautiful babe
radhika blush and looked at arjun both stare each other but just then came in sense when Neil & Sam came on stage and said
Neil:we’re very happy for arjun and radhika
Sam:as both r going to get married
Neil:and today is their engagement
Sam:so we would like to ask the lovely couple
Neil:to do a lovely dance for us please
everyone clap and arjun get up he extend his hand and radhika give her hand in his hand and both came on stage and song start (this song is from movie “Baaghi”

Tujhpe meri hai daavedariyan
Tujhse hai dil ki saajhedariyan, saajhedariyan
Tujhpe meri hai daavedariyan
Tujhse hai dil ki saajhedariyan

arjun pull radhika closer filling the gap between them by holding her waist

Teri bin saansein loon to jee na sakoon
Ab tu hi bata kya main karoon
Kya karoon, kya karoon…

and radhika put her hands on his shoulder

Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Never leave you (x2)

both were totally lost in each other

Subah se shaam tak lamhe
Baahon mein teri guzaarun
Chehra tera saamne rakh ke
Iss dil mein aaj utaarun

both remember their romantic moments and the time they spend together since college

Aankhon ka nasha gulabi
Ab raha na jaaye zara bhi
Tu de permission pee loon
Tere naam ka banu sharabi
Utre na teri khumari
Bhulun main duniya saari

Oh girl every time I see you
Badhti jaaye betabi

Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Never leave you (x2)

then both remember their love confession and dance

Pehli dafa..
Aankhon se hai ye neendein khafa
Ke teri ore chal pada
Ye dil ka raasta (x2)

Ab teri dhadkan se meri dhadkan
Ab judne lagi kya main karoon
Kya karoon, kya karoon

Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Never leave you (x2)

arjun spin radhika and pull her closer then lift her and spin round

Lamhe maine tere liye hain rakh diye
Dil ye tujhko de diya hai bin kuch liye (x2)

Teri nazron ki taraf nazrein
Ab mudne lagi kya main karoon
Kya karoon, kya karoon

then arjun slowly slowly put her down and both stare each other

Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Girl I need you
Never leave you (x2)

then song end and everyone clap and both came in sense then girls and boys make them sit and give rings aradhika exchange rings and everyone clap then one by one their frds perform for them and then they had dinner after dinner they were sitting radhika with girls and arjun with boys just then sam came to arjun and neil came to radhika and both said
nesam:arjun rads/rads arjun is calling u
aradhika:why is everything
nesam:yeah she/he is on terrace go
aradhika:ok saying this both left for terrace and nesam show thumbs up to everyone and left from there

On Terrace
Arjun came first and look around the terrace was decorated with white curtains, candles and roses and the sky was covered with white shades and there was a bed cum sofa also then radhika also came and said
radhika:arjun u called me
arjun turn and said
arjun:u called me
radhika:no I didn’t
aradhika said together
just then Neil call arjun and he pick up and said
arjun:Neil what’s this
Girls:just a small surprise for both of u from us
Boys:spend sometime together
Girls:as we didn’t let u guys meet
Boys:since morning
aradhika smiled and thank them then cut the call both stare each other but radhika turn to go as she was feeling shy but arjun hold her hand and pull her close arjun kiss on her forehead and radhika hug him tightly and arjun said
arjun:I Love U Radhi
radhika:I Love U Too
both looked at each other and arjun came close and their lips touch at first it was soft but then arjun pull radhika more close and with this he kiss her deeply and passionately she too reciprocate and both kiss each other passionately soon both become out of breath and released each other to catch breath arjun removed her hairs from her shoulder and kiss on her neck radhika hold arjun tightly and closer her eyes arjun bite on her neck and radhika let out a soft moan then arjun lick her neck to soothe her pain and radhika moan in pleasure then arjun lift her in his arms and put her on bed he came above her and plant soft wet kisses on her shoulder and neck then radhika kiss on his neck and face then arjun again kiss on her lips and she reciprocate then both released and hug each other tightly and slept in each other arms peacefully

Next Episode: 2nd Last Episode
hey frds h r u all?
here is episode 8 how’s it and yeah thanks for all the lovely comments and thanks for loving this short story also love u guys ?????????

Credit to: Angel


  1. Gianna

    Wow so romantic Angel but why are u ending this so soon. I don’t want it to end it’s so good.

  2. Superb…amazing one darling…nesam surprise for ardhika too good…very romantic one…keep it up …waiting for next…love u ….tc…muaaaahhhh…

  3. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

    Even though I never really watched this show…. But the way you wrote it is amazing, keep rocking Hun.. Also i posted 19 for dvsl,
    Keep rocking~Nusz

  4. Love

    Angel I am dying to comment this chapter… For vacation I came to hill station… So no tower….really awesome episode…. Super…

    Cute hugs for uuuuuuu 🙂 🙂

  5. Roma

    Awesome very beautiful episode. ….ardhika engagement n dance song was really awesome. ….nesam n friends surprise was lovely. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. .

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