Feelings (Episode 7)


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Episode 7
The episode start with arjun woke up and saw radhika sleeping peacefully he smiled and kiss on her forehead then gone in washroom to get ready after sometime he came out and saw radhika was not there he came out of room then in kitchen and there she was making bf she was ready and was looking like Angel in Fairy Layers Ruffle Off Shoulder Elastic Waist Chiffon White Maxi Dress then radhika saw arjun and said
radhika:hey u came bf is almost ready
arjun came and hug her from behind and said
arjun:why r u looking so beautiful babe
radhika:thank u and I’m looking beautiful because ur love made me
arjun:but if u look so much beautiful I won’t be able to control my self till marriage
radhika:ok now let’s have bf
arjun:ok saying this both came out and had bf and after sometime arjun left for office

In Evening
arjun came home and gone in room when he came inside he saw radhika sleeping he smile and changed then he made coffee for both and came back in room he put the coffee on table and sat beside her hr softly kiss on her forehead and said
radhika woke up and said
radhika:hey u came sorry I was getting bored that’s why fall asleep
arjun:it’s ok babe don’t say sorry
radhika:u wait I’ll make coffee saying this radhika was going but Arjun hold get hand and said
arjun:babe coffee is ready saying this arjun show coffee and she said
radhika:why did u made u could’ve woke me up na
arjun:its ok radhi u must be tired u work so much
radhika:even u do
arjun:I have timing and its up to me if I want to do or not but u work 24\7 so its ok
radhika:so sweet of u but still
arjun:no radhi look now we r going to get married so we should share work together na please now let’s have coffee
radhika hug arjun and said
radhika:I’m really happy that I got u as my life partner
arjun:and I’m luckiest to have u radhi I love u so so so much
radhika:I love u too
both get up from bed and sat in balcony and had coffee after that arjun said

arjun:radhi get ready
radhika:where r we going
arjun:for shopping
arjun:yeah our wedding shopping
radhika:really wow
arjun:yes jaan I thought when we decided that we want to be together for lifetime then why not get married
radhika:I’m so happy arjun thank u
arjun:I’m happy too
radhika:well marriage date
arjun:day after tomorrow engagement and then wedding functions
radhika:thank u arjun u made my life so beautiful
arjun:no radhi its u who made my life so beautiful
radhika:ok I’ll just come saying this she gone in washroom and after sometime came out ready then both left within 1 hour both reach mall and came in some shop arjun took 5 dresses and ask radhika to try them she tried all but arjun didn’t like any then arjun took a Cream and Peach Net and Satin Lehenga Saree and ask her to try this radhika gone in and came out changed when arjun saw her he was mesmerized seeing her he came toward her and said
arjun:u r looking really beautiful babe
radhika blush and arjun softly kiss on her forehead both stare each other lovingly then radhika gone inside to change after sometime she came and both gone to buy arjun’s dress radhika look for sometime and took a Fancy Red Stone White Brocade Embroidered Sherwani and said
radhika:this is beautiful na
arjun:yes a lot
radhika turn and saw arjun he was staring her radhika hit arjun on shoulder and said
radhika:I’m talking about sherwani
arjun:yeah this is also nice
radhika:then go and try
arjun gone inside and and after sometime came out radhika saw arjun and said

radhika:hmm nice
arjun:just nice saying this he shows puppy dog eyes and radhika start laughing then she came close to him and whisper
radhika:u r looking really handsome would be hubby saying this she looked at arjun and he smiled then both came to bought rings arjun said
arjun:u choose for me
radhika:and u for me
radhika:u first
arjun look for sometime and then said
arjun:show this one please
the shopkeeper took one box and open it there was Tiny Heart Couple Rings (search it and the 2nd photo)
arjun liked it a lot and said
arjun:radhi this is amazing na
radhika:yes its beautiful we’ll take this please please please
arjun smile and said
arjun:of course babe
radhika smile and arjun said
arjun:please pack this
shopkeeper:ok sir saying this he packed it and give it arjun pay the bill and then both left from there after sometime both came in some restaurant and had dinner and then ice cream after sometime both reach home and came in their room first arjun changed and then radhika she came out and lie down arjun was doing something in laptop and radhika was staring arjun and was thinking something when arjun saw her staring he close the laptop and put it aside and lie down and said
arjun:what r u thinking
arjun:say na
radhika:if today mom and dad would’ve been alive then they would be really happy
arjun hug radhika and said
arjun:its ok babe they’ll be happy for us I know

Flashback Start
2 years back
radhika was in temple with her parents when they came out radhika said
radhika:maa baba I forgot my phone in temple I’ll just come
baba:come fast
radhika:ok saying this she run in temple and some lady give radhika her phone just then when radhika turn she saw a truck came and hit her parents and left radhika shout
radhika:maa baba saying this she run to them and with help of some people took them to hospital but they were dead

Flashback End (Present Day)

arjun looked at radhika and said
arjun:I love u radhi
radhika:I love u too saying this radhika hug arjun again and arjun kiss on her forehead and both slept in each other embrace peacefully

Next Episode: Aradhika Engagement & Friends Surprise For Them
by frds h r u all?
here is the 7th episode how’s it well sorry for late but little busy and maybe I won’t post for some days but if got time I’ll try to post and only 3 more episodes r left of this story

and one more thing please tell me if u guys r bored as I’m not getting much comments like before on “Infinite” I thought u guys r bored with my stories please tell me if there is something like that and thanks for ur love and support ☺

Credit to: Angel

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    Please write more…. I strongly believe u have many silent readers tooooo…..initially I was also one of them but today I am commenting just because I am addicted to Ur story please write dear… Please

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