Feelings (Episode 6)


Episode 6
The episode start with aradhika reach home it was big and well furnished house then both get fresh n up as it was night both slept in each other’s arms peacefully

Next Morning
radhika woke up and saw arjun sleeping peacefully he was looking like a kid radhika smile and kiss on his forehead and gone to get ready after sometime she came out ready radhika thought to wake up arjun but then thought to make bf first so she gone out and make bf after 30 min radhika came in room again and put the bf on table she came toward arjun and sat beside him radhika keep staring him for sometime and think about all the happy moments they had his love confess then dance and everything then radhika softly wake up arjun while caressing his hairs arjun open his eyes and smile looking at radhika he sat on bed and said
arjun:good morning love
radhika:good morning go get ready then we’ll have bf
arjun pull radhika closer and said
arjun:what if I say I want to have u saying this arjun pull her even more closer and both stare each other arjun softly kiss on radhika’s forehead and said
arjun:i love u radhi
radhika hug arjun and said
radhika:love u too
then arjun get ready and both had bf after that arjun left for office and radhika get busy in house work

In Night
arjun came home tired because of work he didn’t had lunch nor dinner as he came in he saw radhika she was sleeping on dinning table arjun came and sat beside and smile seeing her as her hairs was covering her face then arjun softly remove her hairs and said
arjun:radhi wake up jaan
radhika woke up with jerk and look around she saw time on clock which was on left side wall and said
radhika:arjun u r again late u always do this when we r home
arjun:I’m sorry babe I was stuck in meeting sorry saying this he hold his ear and again said
radhika:no not this time I’m not talking to u saying this radhika get up and walk toward their room arjun also came behind radhika both were going upstair radhika was ahead and arjun was behind her and said
arjun:radhi sorry na please
radhika:no arjun u always do like this when we r at home u always came on time when we r out of city or country but at home u never took care of time
arjun:sorry babe I was stuck in work please understand saying this arjun came in front and block her way but radhika somehow escape from there and came in room she sat on bed and arjun also came inside and sat beside radhika she looked toward arjun and he hold his ear make a cute puppy face and said
radhika start laughing and said
radhika:god arjun u r looking so cute saying this radhika pull his cheeks and Arjun smiled seeing her happy then radhika get up and was going but arjun hold her hand and pull her toward him and she fall on him both stare each other lovingly and unblinkingly then slowly slowly arjun put radhika on other side and came above her he removed her hairs from her face and kiss on her forehead and said
arjun:I love u radhi
radhika:I love u too arjun saying this radhika hug arjun and both stayed like this for sometime then arjun said
arjun:shall we have dinner I’m hungry
radhika looked at arjun and said
radhika:off course saying this both get up and came down they had dinner and then came back in room to sleep first arjun changed and lie down after sometime radhika also came and lie down she looked at arjun as his eyes were closer she thought arjun is sleeping and kiss on his cheek and was about to turn but arjun hold her and pull her closer both stare each other and radhika said
radhika:u cheater
arjun:what cheater
radhika:why u acted like u r sleeping
arjun:u know good I did because if I haven’t done it then u wouldn’t have kissed me
radhika blush and lower her face but arjun lift her face by holding her chin and came close he softly kiss on her lips and radhika too reciprocate and with time the kiss become passionate and then both release to catch breath arjun keeping staring her and radhika due to shyness get up from bed and stand in balcony arjun came and hug her from behind and kiss on her back radhika closed her eyes and hold arjun’s hand tightly and arjun then kiss on her shoulder and then on neck radhika turn and hug arjun tightly arjun hugged her back even more tightly and then said
arjun:radhi let’s get married
radhika looked at arjun and said
arjun nod and radhika hug him again and said
radhika:I’m so happy
arjun:me too saying this arjun kiss on her forehead and then lift her in his arms arjun put radhika down on bed and lie beside her arjun switch off the lights and both hug each other and slept in each other embrace peacefully

Next Episode: Wedding Shopping
hey frds h r u all?
here is episode 6 how’s it I hope u like it guys tel me till then bye tc and love u all ?????????

Credit to: Angel

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