Feelings (Episode 3)


Episode 3
The episode start with radhika woke up in morning and saw arjun was not there she get up and gone in washroom she took shower and get ready in Pink Lace Blouse Gauze Dress with matching accessories then radhika came toward the door to came out but as she open the door Arjun was standing there arjun saw radhika and was fully mesmerized he stood there lost in her beauty he came forward and radhika gone backward seeing him coming closer and closer before she could go more away arjun hold her and pull her closer leaving no gap between them radhika said in stammering voice
Radhika:wh…what r u do…doing ple…please let go
Arjun:right now nothing but saying this arjun looked at radhika’s lips and whisper in her ear
Arjun:honestly saying I want to kiss u hard saying this arjun looked at her and lift radhika’s face by holding her chin both stare each other and arjun said
Arjun:do u have any idea how beautiful u really r radhika
Radhika:please let me go
Arjun:why r u so scared babe I won’t eat u alive
Radhika:I…I want to go please
Arjun:sure I just came to took u jaan for bf let’s go saying this arjun hold her hand and both came out of room and came in restaurant both sat and arjun order bf after sometime bf came and they had it and left they came in room and Arjun said
Arjun:tonight there is a party in hotel and tomorrow we’ll be leaving for home so pack our bags and arrange clothes for tonight
Radhika:ok saying this radhika gone near cupboard and start packing arjun was staring her unblinkingly but radhika was so busy that she didn’t realize it until Arjun didn’t came and hug her from behind tightly radhika stop altogether froze in her place arjun didn’t said anything just stood there hugging radhika and even she didn’t said anything because she need his love and care sometimes she is here with him as his gf for world and sometimes he treat her like he loves her a lot but then get angry and poor radhika tolerate his torture without even knowing her fault she don’t know what make him like this he was never like this with her she know him since college and the arjun she loves was fun loving guy who used to irritate her who used to make her smile with his funny jokes they never confess their feelings to each other but they know that they love each other but then after college he left to London to meet his brother as his parents r dead and the arjun who used to talk to her for hours didn’t even call to ask her if she is ok and then when he came after 3 years he was totally changed he was not radhika’s arjun he was the Arjun Mehra world’s successful businessmen who had more than 20 hotels in worldwide he was rude, arrogant and proud of himself but still she loves him she don’t know why but she do even though he think she is characterless and selfish girl who had boyfriend behind his back but the truth is that the person arjun think is her boyfriend is just a friend who helped her to reach arjun but arjun just don’t believe her just because he saw her with him in restaurant one day having dinner and she was dressed in short dress so he think she is characterless neither he want to keep her nor he want to leave her and she is with him now her parents r also dead
(how her parents died you’ll know later)
And in all this radhika is suffering radhika closed her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks and fall on arjun’s hand arjun felt tears and turn radhika he saw her eyes filled with tears he cupped her face and said
Arjun:what’s wrong babe
Radhika just stood there silently and didn’t utter a word arjun wipe her tears and said
Arjun:babe tell me what’s wrong come on tell me
Radhika gather some courage and said
Radhika:arjun I was not thinking about anyone last night and vivaan (radhika’s frd who arjun think is her boyfriend) is just a frd I swear trust me
Arjun’s expression changed he become angry and push radhika away and said
Arjun:don’t f**king lie to me got it
Radhika said cryingly
Radhika:I’m not lying arjun trust me once please
Arjun:trust u why should I trust u huh
Radhika:Arjun please u r getting me wrong
Arjun:getting u wrong no no I got u right now Miss radhika
Now radhika had enough she can’t handle it anymore she got angry and said
Radhika:u know what arjun I’m just done with u its my fault that I wanted to make u understand that I’m just yours but no I’m the one who is stupid because u just can’t understand anything u know what I was thinking why r u showing caring since last night but now I know why because U Always Fix Me To Broke Me Again but i can’t handle it anymore please stop it arjun please I can’t do this more I want to hate u but this heart saying this she put her hand on her heart and said
Radhika:this heart don’t want to hate u because this heart know only to love u but saying this she wipe her tears and said
Radhika:not anymore saying this radhika run out of room crying and arjun just stood there in shock he didn’t except this sudden confession from radhika he just run after her he came out in garden she was sitting on ground crying badly hiding her face in her lap he came and sat on ground in front of her and said
Radhika look up and saw arjun teary eyes arjun hug radhika tightly and said
Arjun: I’m sorry babe I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to hurt u I’m sorry saying this arjun tighten his grip radhika didn’t understand first but then reciprocated both were totally lost in each other but then radhika realize that they r in garden and broke the hug arjun stare her lovingly and radhika lower her eyes feeling shy because of his intense stare then radhika get up and said
Radhika:I…I should go saying this radhika was going but Arjun held her hand and said
Arjun:where babe
Radhika:umm for packing
Arjun pull her closer and hold her from waist and said
Arjun:can u forgive me and give me a chance to rectify my mistakes please I want to be that Arjun who was ur best friend I want to make everything fine like it was
Radhika get tears of happiness and said
Radhika hug arjun and said
Radhika:I missed u arjun
Arjun:I missed u too radhi
Radhika closed her eyes and

Flashback Start
Arjun and radhika was eating ice cream and arjun said
Radhika looked at arjun and said
Radhika:what did u call me
Radhika:what radhi my name is radhika
Arjun:I know but I’ll call u radhi
Arjun:because everyone call u radhika but I’m special na so from now on I’ll call u radhi
Radhika:no u r not special
Arjun:really I’m not
Radhika nod no and arjun said
Arjun:liar I know I’m special for u as u r for me
Arjun:yes my radhi
Radhika smile and Arjun smile seeing her smile

Flashback End

Radhika broke the hug and arjun hold her hand and said
Arjun:let’s go
Radhika:hmm saying this both came inside and radhika start packing and arjun stare her just like he was staring her before but this time there was a beautiful smile on radhika face which never left her lips and arjun was smiling seeing her then arjun came toward radhika and help her in packing after packing was done arjun put the bags on side and sit down on bed and then extend his hand toward radhika she give her hand in his and sat beside Arjun both stare each other lovingly then arjun took radhika’s both hands in his and said
Arjun:babe am I forgiven for my mistakes
Arjun looked at radhika and said
Arjun:so easily
Radhika:u realize ur mistakes that’s enough for me
Arjun:aren’t u angry
Arjun:but u should be in fact u should slap me thousands times no more than that I’m such a jerk I’m a horrible person saying this arjun lower his face and tears drop from his eyes radhika make him look up and said
Radhika:don’t say anything about my frd ok he is really good and he is an angel saying this she smile and arjun looked at her shock and radhika said
Radhika:ok fine I know sometimes devil come and sit inside him but now he’s an Angel again ok
Arjun hug radhika and said
Arjun:I’m sorry radhi I really am
Radhika:it’s ok arjun
Arjun:please radhi never leave me please
Radhika:I won’t but u promise me you’ll be like this always like my arjun was in college
Arjun:I promise I’ll be from now I’ll keep u always happy I promise
Radhika:and I believe in ur promise saying this radhika tighten her grip and both get lost in each other forgetting the world around them

Next Episode:I Hope This Song Will Told U What I Have In My Heart For U… ❤

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Credit to: Angel

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