Feelings (Episode 2)

Episode 2
The episode start with the girl came out of room but she don’t know where to go as they r on business trip they came for a meeting here for the hotel betterment as this hotel belong to him to the one she belong but he don’t trust her he can trust everyone but not her no matter how much she tried but still he won’t trust her and now she don’t know anyone here and don’t know what to do so she sit down just beside the door because if she would go out he will surely kill her and as no one come without his permission on this floor so no one will be able to see her then she took her phone and open a photo and said
Girl:why Arjun why don’t u trust me why don’t u trust ur Radhika why
(So the girl is our radhika and the guy is our arjun)
Radhika hug the phone and cried then crying she fall asleep

In The Middle Of The Night

Radhika was still sleeping but not on floor but in room on bed she woke up because of someone’s touch radhika slowly sit on bed and open her eyes while rubbing them and it was arjun who else it can be her mind whisper and then he said
Arjun:hey babe
Radhika:look around and said
Radhika:what I’m doing here I was out then
Arjun:yes u were out but I took u here how can u sleep on floor what if u catch cold and fall sick
Radhika:I’m fine
Arjun:because I didn’t let u sleep on floor thank god I saw u when I came out to see where r u otherwise don’t know what would’ve happened saying this he caresses her cheek with the back of his hand and both stare each other but then radhika get up to go but arjun held her hand and pull her backward because of which she fall on him on bed she was over him and arjun held her tightly from waist and her hands rested on his chest and arjun said
Arjun:not so fast babe
Radhika:please what r u doing
Arjun:well right now nothing but surely want to do a lot of things saying this he smirk and radhika said
Radhika:please let go
Arjun turn and came on top of her and said
Arjun:u can’t go anywhere in middle of the night and even before sleeping again u have to give me my kiss saying this he lean closer to her lips but radhika turn her face and arjun said
Arjun:look at me babe let me kiss u don’t make me wait u know how much I hate waiting when it’s u now come on don’t increase my thirst for u saying this arjun kiss on the corner of her lips and radhika just melted in a fraction of seconds she just hate this the devil know very well how to melt her and the worst part is no matter how much she tried but at the end she’ll do what arjun want or u can say arjun make her do what he wants then radhika slowly slowly turn and look at arjun he keep staring her and then he slowly came close and captured her lips with his in a passionate kiss radhika held his shirt tightly and response back to his kiss with the same passion the kiss last for couple of minutes and then they release to catch breath and arjun said
Arjun:f**k babe I just can’t enough of u why the hell u r so dam beautiful and the way u response to my touch aah its just make me want u even more saying this arjun slide his fingers up from her hand to her shoulder and then he moved her hairs from shoulder and kiss there passionately and then moved from her shoulder to neck and kiss there also and mumble on the skin of her neck
Arjun:it’s been a week since i touched u god u don’t have any idea how much I missed u how much I missed the feel of ur body in my arms the scent of ur body the softness of ur skin and the taste of ur lips that have the power to reduce my unbearable thirst that I have for u only no other girl have ever make me feel like u do no other girl have the power to rule on my mind except u ad the mat important u know why I kept u with me because i know my thirst for u won’t finish at once you’ll won’t get out of my mind with just one night stand i want u with me all the time each and every second of the life saying this arjun looked at radhika and kiss her again but this time it was soft and gentle then he released and said
Arjun:its late let sleep now saying this he hug her tightly and she to reciprocate and both fall sleep in each other embrace

Next Episode:He Fix Me To Broke Me Again
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 2nd episode thanks for all the support and love and as u can read I made it aradhika story hope you’ll like tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot ?

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  1. Good one angel

  2. Fixed to broke??? 1st epi seemed arjun being rude now he seemed caring offo again he will be rude??? And thanks for making it ardhika dear.. Longer update plzz

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  12. Awesome, wowwww, superb episode, u made for ardhika. ..I just loved it to the core…..lots of questions. ..why arjun doesn’t trust her….it shows here that she is very important to him n he loves her so much n she too loves this devil…but what made him so rude to her so he don’t let her go out….very interesting n unique lovely story. …I’m addicted to it already….plzzzz upload soooooooon the next episode. …love you loads.

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