Feelings (Episode 10) Last Episode


Episode 10 (Last Episode)
The episode start with aradhika and everyone woke up and had bf after that they get busy in arrangements of mehndi and haldi

Haldi Function
everything was ready the house was decorated beautifully all the girls were making radhika ready where boys were teasing arjun as they were ready and was waiting for girls just then after almost taking 3 hours girls came out with radhika and make her sit with arjun radhika saw arjun she smile mesmerizing Arjun and he said
arjun:babe u r testing my patience
radhika blush and said
radhika:arjun please
arjun:what please ur fault BTW shall we get married today itself because its so hard to wait
radhika smile and said
radhika:no I want to enjoy this last day of freedom please
arjun:ooohh really u want to enjoy so let’s do one thing we’ll get married next year u want freedom na
radhika:no no I didn’t mean that
arjun: hahaha look like someone is so desperate to be mine saying this he wink and radhika softly hit his shoulder and arjun laugh just then sona and sam came and said
sam:enough of ur fun guys
sona:yeah let’s go time for haldi
radhika get up and gone with them and then boys came and took arjun after sometime aradhika came both were wearing white clothes they made them sit beside each other but there was a yellow veil between them because of which both can’t see each other then haldi start and everyone applied haldi to them and then send them to get fresh so that they can start mehndi functions

Mehndi function
arjun came out and said
arjun:here I’m now what
Neil:now wait for ur bride
Arjun:what’ll we do in mehndi
Alan:don’t know
just then sam came and said
sam:u guys will entertain us
sam:off course u guys will dance
Alan:ok that’s fine then
sona came with radhika she was wearing green and pink lehenga and sat in center sofa some girls came and start applying mehndi to radhika where girls and boys were busy in thinking on which song they should dance arjun was staring radhika only then he came to girls and boys and said something and then lights gone off completely and then suddenly one spotlight came on radhika and one on arjun radhika smile and arjun came toward her and ask for her hand as mehndi was on back of her hand she give her hand in his and both came in center and song start (this song is not from any movie this is an album of “The Bilz & Kashif”)

Raat javaan mast samaan –
Aise mein honthon se honth mila
Jism tera aur ye adaa
Saansein sulagtii hain hosh kahaan
Meri baahon mein aao zaraa
Meri dhaRkan mein samaao zaraa
Meri ulfat mein bikhar jaao
Jalne do, bahakne do

Arjun pull radhika closer and his hands tighten on her waist

Sun ye machalti raagini
Jaise teri adaa
Jazbaat ki ye mastiyaan
Teraa hi hai nashaa
Let me love u down, down, down
All night long, long, long
I wanna turn u on, on, on
ChaRhne do ye nasha

as radhika looked in arjun’s eyes her heart start beating fast the intensity in his eyes make radhika blush hard

From your lips 2 your hips 2 your fingertips
I wanna kiss your body all over
From the goosebumps on your skin
Baby U don’t have 2 say a word
Use your imagination
Kashif’s on a mission
2 give u everything that your body’s been missing
I can’t wait no more, I’m gonna explode
I’m waiting, Anticipating, Tonight it’s goin’ down

Arjun spin radhika and pull her backward crushing her back in his chest

Tujhe baahon mein bhar kar pyaar doun
The more I get the more I want
Tere pahloo men raat guzaar loun
because I’m drowning in your love
Meri jaan merii wafa

arjun softly kiss on her neck and radhika closed her eyes

Sun ye machalti raagini, Let me love u Down
Jaise teri adaa, Let me love u Down
Jazbaat ki ye mastiyaan

then song end and everyone clap radhika get away blushing and then they start applying mehndi again after that Arjun make radhika eat with his own hands and then everyone slept

Next Morning
everyone woke up and had bf girls came with a beautician to make radhika ready

arjun was ready boys came and neil said
Neil:hey dude u r looking handsome
arjun:thanks yaar
Alan:ok now come its time for wedding
arjun:hmm ok
boys came out with arjun and at the same time radhika came with girls both sat in mandap and rituals start they took pheras then both sat and arjun fill her headline with sindoor and then put mangalsutra around her neck both smile at each other and the pandit declare them husband and wife everyone congratulate them and they had dinner both were happy that beautiful smile on radhika’s lips never left and that happiness sparkling arjun’s eyes were showing their happiness soon everyone left and aradhika came in their room which was decorated beautiful as soon as they enter arjun pull radhika in tight embrace it was a long and passionate hug after sometime both separate and stare each other lovingly then arjun lean closer and captured her lips with his in a passionate kiss he kiss her deeply and madly showing all his desires that he had for her then both released to catch breath and radhika hug arjun tightly and said
Radhika:I Love U Arjun

Arjun:I Love U Radhika
arjun open the knots of her blouse and unpin her saree and within 2 min her clothes were on floor and she was left in her undergarments radhika felt shy and she closed her eyes tightly arjun lift her in his arms and move toward bed while kissing her then he broke the kiss and put radhika on bed she cover herself with blanket and arjun took off his clothes and came under blanket and remove radhika’s rest clothes she shiver feeling his bare skin on her arjun turn her to his side and kiss on her forehead, eyes, cheeks and at last a deep kiss on lips then he moved and kiss on her neck and shoulder then he cupped her br*ast and squeeze them which make radhika moan he moved down and kiss on her belly radhika was moaning she wasn’t able to handle this much pleasure it was getting out of her control radhika pull arjun and kiss on his lips and then they consummate their marriage it was the most beautiful moment for them they have waited for this a lot to be with each other whole their life and now no one can ever sperate them they’re not connected only physically but mentally, emotionally and above all their souls r connected with each other

The End

hey frds h r u all?
here is the last episode as I said I’ll post soon so here it is I hope u like it and enjoyed it well some frds said not to and but I’m sorry as it was already decided but I promise I’ll be in touch with all by my other story which is “Infinite” so please don’t be mad at me and I’ll definitely come with a new story as soon as I got any new idea so till then be with me in “infinite” and I’ll try my level best to make it better and to entertain u frds so till then bye tc and love u all ??????????

Credit to: Angel

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  1. loved it………..happy that finally ardhika united…………but very sad that it is going to end ……plzzzzzzzzzzzz come up with another story soooooooooon………

    1. thanks a lot dear ? awww don’t be please and there is one story of mine on going “Infinite” I hope you like it ?

  2. Hi… I am a silent reader…bt u were fab ….hope u will replace this ff with a new one soon….
    thankyou so much for entertaining us…

    1. hello sanyu
      Thanks a lot dear and there is one story of mine on going “infinite” I hope you like it ? it’s my pleasure ?

  3. Cute story…. Happy ending…
    Waiting for infinite…..

    1. thanks a lot love will post soon ??

  4. Awesome episode. 🙂

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    1. thanks a lot ? and soon ?

  6. I loved it. So sad that it ended.

  7. Angel it was a rocking episode today. Pls come back with a new story.

    1. Thanks a lot dear and I’ll come but till I don’t u can read my on going story “infinite” I hope you’ll like it ?

  8. It was ended….oh no…but happy ending…come with another ardhika ff..??

    1. thanks and I’ll try ?

  9. amazing episode …………i’ll miss it

  10. Nice story angel, thanks
    And pls don’t end your other story soon, it s a very lovely story
    Infinite, good job, pls keep it up

    1. thanks and I won’t ?

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