Feelings (Episode 1)

A girl was sitting near a pool side around 11:30pm she was in a deep thoughts when suddenly her phone start ringing hearing the tone she get worried and immediately saw the time and run toward the big hotel of 25th floor she came in lift and press the 25th floor button and in 10 to 15 second she reach she hurriedly knock on the only room door which was there and suddenly a very much angry voice came of a guy he said
Guy:come in
The girl immediately open the door and came in the room was big and well furnished the girl was very much frightened and in very low and afraid voice she said
Girl:I…I’m so…sorry
The guy turn and his eyes was red in anger his single glance made her jump backward in fear and seeing her going backward the guy looked at her even more angrily his glances was like as if throwing daggers on her he came toward the girl fast and the girl seeing his anger move backward which make him even more angry and the girl thought in her mind
girl:wrong move
The guy hurriedly came toward her and pins her against the wall near by and said
Guy:how dare u going away from me
Girl:I…I’m so…so…sorry I didn’t mean to do it
Guy:where the f**k u were for 1 an a half hour don’t u know I was waiting
Girl:I was at the pool side I’m sorry I didn’t realize the time
Guy:pool side what the hell u were doing there saying this he tighten his grip on her hands and the girl shut her eyes tightly in pain and the guy said
Guy:let me guess ooohh yeah u were definitely thinking about ur blo*dy boyfriend don’t u
Girl:he is not but before she could complete the guy push her and said
Guy:go to hell u blo*dy witch and don’t show me ur face till I don’t call u and next time u didn’t pick my call at once you’ll see the blo*dy consequence of it now get out the girl get so scared and keep looking at him and then in very scared voice said
Girl:where I’ll go
Guy:I don’t f**king care right now out of my room the girl stare him with tearful eyes and the guy now shouts
Guy:now saying this he indicate her toward door and the girl run out immediately crying

Next Episode: Revelation Of Characters


Hey frds h r u all?
Should I continue and tell me who u want to make the hero and heroin of this ff I’ll choose from ur suggestions

And u have to guess who I’m ?

Credit to: Guess Who I'm ?


  1. mishti

    come on yar….of course ur angel ……and I think its about ardhika….don’t no but I feel that…..its just an wild guess….sorry if wrong….

  2. Roma

    Angelllll, who else can it be….my sweeeeeetu friend. …it’s really superbbbb update. …plzzzz plzzz plzzzz continue dear. ..I’d love to read it. …I’m soooooooo glad for your new story. …you granted my wish…..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

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