Feelings are complicated os part 5


Hey guys!!! I’m back. And sorry for being really late. And I hope u guys missed me????
Anyways. I think guys I’ve already replied to ur comments in the previous episode. And I’m really sorry I can’t do the thanking session today. As I’m in a hurry. My mom and dad are coming back from Singapore after 3 long years, so I’ve to do preparations for their welcome beck ceremony. So I’m just directly gonna go to the episode. Once again sorry??

Recap- Twinkle’s new bold and s*xy wala avatar. Intro of coach Kunj’s voice. Twinkle dared to eat chewing gum in coach shah’s class. Which made the coach angry

Now let’s proceed

Kunj’s POV
I heard couch shah shout on someone ” What are u chewing?? Don’t u know that u r not allowed to eat any kind of food in my class?” I looked at the particular direction and became awestruck by my sight. Yes Twinkle, Twinkle was the one chewing gum. I was so blo*dy shocked.

Twinkle didn’t even bother to answer the coach. She added fuel to fire by turning her face to the opposite direction and by making a WHO CARES wala face. The coach couldn’t stand it anymore. And this time he shouted his lungs out again repeating “I asked what are u chewing?? U shameless girl. Don’t u know that u are allowed to eat any kind of food during my class?? How shameless u r??” That’s it?!!??? I can’t stand this person anymore. How could he just say such kind of things to twinkle?? I will show him today that what shameless is actually. I thought boiling in anger??. I was about to get up from my seat when I saw twinkle signaling me to sit down. I did as she said, but still boiling in anger. Twinkle got up from her seat and faced coach shah, without a single fear visible on her face. Her whole face was full of attitude. Finally she spoke up “I’m sorry Mr. shah but u r wrong. Who said I was eating food?? Or do u like make own stories up??” She said. Omg iss ladki ko hua kya?? She became so damn bold. My thoughts were disturbed by coach as he spoke “O really Miss Taneja?? So u r not eating food. Than what are u eating?? And can plz tell me??” He said sarcastically. And with this a heated argument started between them.

T- Yes Mr. shah I’m not eating food. I’m just eating chewing gum!!
C- So chewing gum isn’t a food huh?? He again asked with a bit of sarcasm and lots of anger.
T- No Mr. Shah it isn’t a food. It is a chemical. And besides we don’t eat chewing gum. We just chew it and throw it away.

OMG ?!!!! Such a smart answer she gave. I mean I just can’t believe it. I’m so damn boggled r8 now by her answer. And about coach shah!!! His expression were worth watching????. His situation was shame as mine, or maybe he was more boggled than me. He didn’t say anything and just went away as the bell rang.

Today I’m so proud of my girl. After all Kunj Sarna ki bff hai voh??? I thought by raising my shirt’s collar.

Twinkle’s POV

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!” Mahi shouted as I gave her another tight punch on her shoulder “ahh! Calm down Twinkle. Plz just don’t freak out ok?? It’s ok yaar kyun itna maar rahi hai?? Jo hona tha woh toh hogaya na?? Tujhe jo bol na tha woh toh tuney bol diya. Toh abb kyun tu mujhe bharta bana ney mein tuli hui hai meri maa??” Mahi said “shut up!! just shut up!!!! Tujhe pata bhi hai kya ki kaisa lag ta hai jab app kuch ban ne ki koshish karte hai jo app hai hi nahi??? Nahi tujhe nahi pata!!!!! Aj teri vajah se meri reputation teachers ke samne Kharab ho gayi.???. Pata hai jab mein coach ke samne woh sab bakwas kar rahi thi, tab mere pair kitne Zor sey kaap rahe thhey?? Aisa lag raha tha ki jaise abhi earthquake aa jaye ga!!! Sab teri waja sey. Agar tu mujhe ye stupid idea nahi deti toh aisa kuch nahi hota” I said beating her as hard as possible ” abb bas bhi kar, maar daley gi kya mujhe?? Aur vaise bhi tere liye kya zyada zaroori hai?? Kunj ya teachers ke samney teri reputation??” She asked. I must say she know me too well. But she has a point. ” Kunj ” I stayed innocently. ” Toh phir zyada bhao mat kha aur jaisa main keh ti hoon tu bas vaisa kar.” ” ok but plan kya hai ye toh bata” I asked being curious.
She came near my years whispered something. “No!no! no! R u mad main yeh nahi kar sakti” I denied ” tujhe karna parey ga baby, tere Kunj ke liye” she said smirking

The screen freezes on Mahi’s smirking face and Twinkle’s tensed face

To be continued

That’s it guys for today. Don’t forget to comment. Love u and bye??

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  1. Omg azreen…itne saalo baad tumhare darshan huye thank god…uff…u know how much i missed ur ff..and waiting 4 it…
    OK cmng to epi this is just amazing… Like really itna bold twinkle and her dialogue… Love it soo much… Sabke expression dekhne layak tha.. He he..
    And plz don’t despair again..come back soon with ur next post.. And Say hello to ur mom and dad on be half of us indirectly.. coz directly bolana to tum to gayi..he he..
    OK stay happy and keep smiling..
    Love you.. Muaah.

  2. Presha

    Hey back after a long brrsk but the epi was awesome

  3. Chiku

    Hayeee azruuu!!! Itna pyaara episode ❤️?I loved it babes. Its just amazing. Lovely. I loved the sherni avatar of twinkle. ??kitna sahi thain specially chewing gum?????
    Enjoy kar mom and papa ke sath????maaze kar. Achi achi decorations kar❤️❤️❤️??
    Post soon
    Love u?❤️

  4. So long u took to post azreen sooo bad…anyways it’s okay and the episode was Mindblowing and twinkle’s attitude was superb and as u expected my comment is here on this episode too and have a good time with ur family

  5. Kanchi

    Nice episode di loved twinkle bold avtar waiting for the next part
    Post asap

  6. Kanchi

    Nice episode di loved twinkle bold avtar waiting for the next episode
    Plzzzz post next part soon

  7. Ramya

    Awesome amazing class room incident was sooo funny I was laughing
    N twinkle answers r amazing
    Plssss post sooo n
    Loads of love keep smiling

  8. Adya

    Woow I loved it.. classroom fun was tooo gud yrr …. Awesome… Really really awesome… Well I was really waiting for it.. well I guessed that Twinkle was acting….
    Plss try to post soon…Plsss
    Loads of love

  9. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 I really love the dialogues you use they are just amazing and the ideas just too good 🙂
    Post soon can’t wait to know what is Mahi’s plan 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  10. U take long time to post
    But the episode is awesome I loved the bold twinkle n wht answer she gave to coach I can’t stop myself from laughing

  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Heya, commenting for the first time here.. the shots are amazing.. loving them.. waiting for the next ❤

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Bold twinkle??
    Amazing update

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing

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