Feelings are complicated Os part 4

Hey guys I’m back with “Feelings r complicated os part 4” well on the previous part I was really well appreciated by u people?? thnx a lot for that. Ab mujhe ap logo se appreciation mila hai toh mujhe bhi app ko appreciate karna chahiye na?? So here goes my Thank u speech
Ayu- Ayu meri jaan. Tune toh meri din hi bana di apne comments se yaar. Love u muaaa??

Sohi- thnx a lot Sohi for commenting for the first time on my os. Aur he toh bas shuruwat hai, pikchar toh abhi baki hai mere dost?

Roshini125- thnx a lot for commenting ??

SidMin- phew!!! Thank god u liked it??. And I also loved ur ff “religion beyond love” it was awesome. Sorry couldn’t comment yaar, I was in a hurry. Keep writing such awesome os

Chiku- Tujhe seriously laga Twinkle salat gayi ??. Main toh tera comment dekh ke salat gayi??. Tu toh awesome hai yaar. And one last request from u, plz keep writing, plz as I love all ur FF and os plz plz plz na mat bolna

Shushmita- well today u will see the newest shade of Twinkle, which is in real my shade??. Ya I am like this only, a spoilt brat?

Aanya_pandey- aur batao kaisi ho pandey ji?? ? u know I’m really happy, kyun ki tune mujhe pander ji bulane ka permission de diya??. And thnx for the comment yaar??

SidMin23- I’m also excited yaar to see ur comment in today’s ep. And sachi bata na, tu insta mein hai na??

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Adya- haha?? acidity wala jhatka toh mere dimag mein tab tapka jab main likhrahi thi.

Ramya- thnx a lot??

Priya23- Awww my Priya?? thnx a lot for titling me as “jhatka queen” really loved the name yaar. It makes me feel like a part of TU family. And main nahi tum sweet ho. Aur itna bhi sweet mat bano ki mujhe diabetes ho jaye ?? love u yaar??

Recap:-we saw that usha had an acidity attack. Kunj to break down. And twinkle not to suicide, instead being determined to become a new and bold twinkle.

Now let’s begin

My black BMW stoped in front of my college. I never brought it in college, as I don’t like to show off. At first I was really nervous and confused about my decision of doing this. Don’t worry Twinkle u can do this. And what u r doing is absolutely worth of doing, coz mr.Kunj Sarna deserves it, he played my emotion so I will show him that Twinkle is not the same Twinkle anymore. Who always cried at every single and was very weak and idiot. This new Twinkle is very strong, bold and determined. I said encouraging and making myself determined towards my purpose. But I promise one thing, that I won’t hurt my Kunj and his feelings. I would just teach him a lesson that what he did was not at all correct. U guys can count this as a punishment for him, but not a revenge.

Kunj’s POV

A black BMW stops in front of our college. I thought that someone new was entering our college, as I never saw this car in front of our college before. The door opened and some one stepped out of the car. The person was wearing knee length peach color dress with black borders on it and a pair of black pencil heels. And what I saw made me shocked enough to fall unconscious on the floor. Yes it was Twinkle. My Twinkle, but with a new and bold look. I was really shocked with her new look, especially her heels Because she always used to say that she hates heels and that she can’t even stand properly on heels. But now look at her, she is wearing them as if she had been walking on them from years.

Twinkle’s POV

As I stepped out of the car I could see everyone staring at me, especially the boys. And Kunj, he was just standing at his place staring at me with jaw dropped on the floor. I chuckled a bit and moved further. Uff!!! These stupid heels. I hate heels so much???. These r killing me. My knees hurt so much. I wonder how these walk in them so easily. But thnx to Mahi that she is helping me with my looks and specially my heels.

I entered my class room and again the same thing happened. Ya everyone was staring at, especially boys. If some other girl would have been on my place, I guess she would be happy. But I feel really uncomfortable with all these gazes on me. But, still I pretended to be normal and continued with my attitude.

Kunj’s POV

Twinkle entered the class in full attitude. As usual everyone was looking at her, including me. And especially the boys. I don’t know y but, I wanted break every boys’ jaw who were looking at her. And Twinkle, doesn’t she even care about how badly these stupid boys are eyeing her. Her face doesn’t show even a single hesitation.

Twinkle’s POV

I couldn’t find any seat. So kept looking here and there. Every boy was telling the person sitting next to them to move to another place, so that I could sit there. Suddenly my eyes spotted two empty seats. One was beside Kunj and another one was beside Naina who was sitting just behind Kunj. I started walking towards Kunj’s direction and stopped in front of Kunj. I could see the hope inside Kunj’s ocean like eyes. Awww he looked so cute. Shut up Twinkle don’t forget ur motive. I warned myself and with a heavy heart I walked passed Kunj and sat beside Naina. I could see him being all boggled with my act. Coz after we became friends there wasn’t a single day I sat with someone else besides him. He was really shocked and angry. His face became red like a tomato because of too much anger. Aww he still looks cute. He turned his face to my opposite side, indicating that he is angry with me.

Kunj’s POV

How could she just do this. She is my bestie, and there wasn’t a single day that she sat with someone else besides me. What’s gotten into her?? I can’t just understand. Samajh ti kya hai ye apne app ko?? Huh ab main bhi isse baat nahi karoonga, toh Isey pata chale ga ki KUNJ SARNA kon hai. Hmh!!

During recess I was all the time trying to avoid Twinkle, but she looked so cute today that couldn’t take my eyes off of her even for a split second of time

Now was the time for our Pt. Our couch Mr. Shah is a very strict person. He never allows anyone to talk,argue and eat in his class. Every one in this class is hell scared of couch shah, especially me and Twinkle.

I was engrossed in my thoughts when I heard couch shah shouting on someone ” What are u chewing?? Don’t u know that u r not allowed to eat any kind of food in my class?” I looked at the particular direction and became awestruck by my sight. Yes Twinkle, Twinkle was the one chewing gum. I was so blo*dy shocked

To be continued
Once again thank u guys love u?????????????????????????????

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  1. Ramya

    Azreen it was superb yaar I liked dis new twinkle n kunj jealous woahhhh
    It superb amazing
    Loved it plsssss asap

    1. Azreen

      Thnx yaar Ramya. ???

  2. Aanya_pandey

    A big big hello from ur pandey ji?
    N this bold twinkle is jst supebo.. jst loved this confidence.. n poor kunj..

    1. Azreen

      Hey pandey Ji kaisi hai tu?? Thank u ji. And ya tu kunj ke liye sorry mat feel kar woh hai hi issi layak. Mark my words, I’m telling this Kunj not my Sid ha??

  3. SidMin

    Just Loved it πŸ™‚ Awesome Twinkle’s new look is awesome πŸ™‚
    And thank you πŸ™‚ for liking my OS πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚
    Love you πŸ™‚

    1. Azreen

      Ur welcome meri jaan. Love u too. And thnx for commenting as always yaar

  4. Woah wht a new twinkle I like this new twinkle n kunj is getting jealous awesome Yrr next episode asap plzzz????

    1. Azreen

      New look toh dena hi tha, twinkle mein naya tadka jo daal na tha. Thnx??

  5. Oh my god……. yess u r truly a jhatka Queen and important member of tu got it….and ur writing r just fantastic yaar….
    Or tumhe diabetes nahi hogi keuki tum ho hi itni swttttttt samjhi…….
    The episode is full of jhatka…love to the core……its just awesome,,,fantastic and what not yaar……
    Loved twinkle bold,,hot and brave avatar… And kunj is so much jealous now kunjs time he gonna realized that how much pain twinkle was going throw…..
    Now post next epi soon…Can’t waitinggg…
    Love u sooo much…… Ummaaahh…..

    1. Azreen

      Yaar priya tu jab bhi comment kar ti hai humesha mere chehre ek smile aajati hai teri comment par ke. Tu ne mujhe cents hi kar diya yaar. Just love u

  6. Sohi

    Hehehe wow what a episode yaar I liked new and bold twinkle very much her dress was awesome ab lagayi waat kunj ki waiting for the next update do continue

    1. Azreen

      Achha?? Tujhe dress achha laga?? ??? Mera toh jo bhi dimag mein aya maine wo likh diya??. Anyways thnx yaar muaaa love u??

  7. Chiku

    Omggg?????????????????kunj ka band baajaa hai. Band bajegaaaaaaa bichaaaraaa kunj
    I am seriously laughing ????????????????
    Awesome blossom
    I will definitely try writing more. Post next soon
    Love u?

    1. Azreen

      ???? yaar tujhe pata hai?? Tu na mere type ki Bandi bil kul maast. Isiliye tu mujhe Bohot pasand hai. Aur agar tune apne os aur ff bund kar diya na toh!! Warn kar rahi hu!! Iss bar Kunj ka nahi tera band bajegaaaa??. Love too meri jaan

      1. Chiku

        Ayeeee hayeeee jaan tension not. Exams ke baad paakaa os likhungi. Kal se exam hai??????haalt tight hai??????
        Love uu jaanu??

  8. Ayu

    Azu yaar!!! Bigdi hui aulaad?
    Tu spoilt brat ni ho sakti! Ur too cute!
    Bold Twinkle was awesome! Dimaag theekane lagane ke liye kabhi kabhar hosh udane padte hai! Bechare Kunj ki to hawa tight ho gyi!
    Ab idiot ko samajh aayega ki usne kitni badi galti ki hai…let him have a taste of his own medicine…mein to padtepadte has rhi hoon! Mujhe bahut achcha laga! Cont soon!!
    N…..LOVE U TOO?

    1. Azreen

      ???? well tuney mujhe abhi dekha hi Kya hai. Main jangli billi ki tarha hoon jo lagti toh cite hai par hai bari daravni ????. Thanx for commenting yaar??

      1. Ayu

        Dont worry Azu! Tu maan lena ki teri ek mauritian friend hai jo dikhti hai sweet innocent simole type ki..par doston ke saath hai kaafi wo wali type ki?

    2. Chiku


    3. Chiku

      Wo waali matlab????????????????????

      1. Ayu

        Nautanki Aksa ni…tujhe hona chahiye tha! Dranebaaz kahiki!?

  9. Hi azu dear …..u no ur os z rely owsm…..All emotions are potray ed so well …jealousy. …Love. …ego…..words are less……let me tell u I was a silent reader till yesterday but I had 2 break my silence coz of such amazing writers…..like u …..
    Well…If u don’t mind can we b frnds …..It wd b my pleasure 2 b ur frnd ….and pls tell me smthng abt ur self. ……If u want to ….and hw old r u……nd ur Bday. ……
    OK so enough of my bak bak ……hope I didn’t irritate u ….but if so den I’m sorry
    Do post next part soon nd don’t forget me…..
    Love u …take care ….but bye……

    1. Azreen

      I’m so glad Ashiya that u commented u know. Thank u so so so much. Aur itna formal hone ki zaroorat nahi hai, kyun ki main khud hi mannerless hoon, toh phir tumhare samne manners dikha ke kya hoga??? of course we can be friends. So let me introduce myself. Hello Ashiya I’m Azreen Quarim khan, main sirf 13 saal ki hoon aur mera birthday 20th jan ko hai. And don’t worry u didn’t irritate me. Aur agar kya bhi hota na toh bhi mujhe koi farak nahi padh ta, kyun main khud hi Bohot irritating hoon ?? chalo abhi ke liye bye. And I hope u will comment on the next part also??

  10. SidMin23

    Brilliant epsdie and yes Iam on Instagram and wating for next post.

    1. Azreen

      Wow now that’s amazing, u r on insta??? dude give me ur account name plz

      1. SidMin23

        Can u give me your username of insta

  11. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Azreen,
    Yaar you rocked it like anything…It was amazing! I loved the way you portrayed Twinkle’s bold avatar! Anyways I really am curious to know what happens next…….

    Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Always πŸ™‚

    1. Azreen

      Thank u thank u thank u thanks so so so much for commenting. ????

  12. Amazing episode azreen I loved twinkles new bold side plsss post ASAP I’m very desperate to read the next

    1. Azreen

      Glad that u r desperate. But I’m also desperate to see ur comment in the next part also??

  13. Soumyad

    I loved today’s episode… Twinkle’s new avatar was amazing… Plz post soon

    1. Azreen

      Thnx yaar soumu. It’s ok na if I call u soumu??

  14. Paavu

    Awesome dear kunj toh gaya……..

    1. Azreen

      Wait and watch yaar, Kunj toh aur bhi jayega

  15. Presha

    Hii azareen
    Hw r u
    This is awesome nd srry for not commenting on the other part as today only I came across ur is and read it in one go nd all the parts were fabulous and full of jhataka

    1. Azreen

      It’s ok yaar. Chalo ab tak nahi parha toh comment nahi kiya. Ab parna aur comment toh must karna?

      1. Presha

        Sure dear

  16. Adya

    I’m awestruck by today’s episode …
    Twinkle ko Sirf bold hee banaya h n. . Ki besharam bhi Socha h…
    Well that was lovely…Twinkle ke dress ka design …superb !!!
    Chalo post the next one asap.
    Love u !!!

    1. Azreen

      Yaar tu abhi tak janti nahi ki Maine twinkle ke liye kya Kya Soch ke rakkha hai? And thnx for commenting ?

  17. Awesome epi….and like jealouse kunj and new twinkle….and excited for nxt epi…

    1. Azreen

      Thnx yaar

    2. Azreen

      Thank u so so much yaar????

  18. Baby

    hey azreen srsly nailed it
    ohhh god d bold twinkle
    loved her sooo much
    n it was cute dat she wont take revenge bt she will teach him a gud lesson
    soooooo cute she was looking amazing
    awesome fabulous episode
    plssssss post nxt asap i cant w8 πŸ˜€
    love u lodsβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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