Feelings are complicated Os part 3 ( happy birthday Chiku )


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Recap:- we saw Twinkle trying suicide. On the other side Kunj is really very sad because Shanaya betrayed him. Then he gets a phone call from which he gets shocked.

“What?? Wait!! Don’t let anything happen to her, I’m coming” Kunj exclaimed in a crying manner. Getting up from the dusty land of the park he ran towards his car, as fast as a tornado. He grabbed his keys and rushed out of the park. Reaching in front of a big mansion he rushed inside without even locking the door, as he was in a real hurry. After stepping inside the mansion he ran upstairs. As he opened the door of a room he saw a body lying on the floor with maids surrounding it. Seeing that dreadful sight he couldn’t control himself and shouted

“MA!!!!!!” (Kyun guys, phir se laga na jhatka? Tum logo ne phir se socha na ki ye body twinkle ki hogi?? Lo kha gaye na phirse dhoka? Anyways let’s proceed)

He ran towards Usha and kept her head on his lap. He started rubbing her palm, but it was of no use. He made her lie on the bed and called the docter. Keeping his head on the bed and his body on the ground he started sobbing badly. ” why me babji?? Main hi kyun? Pehle woh Shanaya mujhe chor ke chaligai aur ab ma is halat mein hai.” Saying this Kunj cried out harder. The doctor arrived and told Kunj to wait outside the room as she wanted to check usha, Kunj obeyed her orders and went outside the room along with the maids. “Ye sab kaise hua?”

Kunj asked them “hum kam kar rahe they jab a Achanak se upars kuch girne ki awaz aai, hum dor ke upar Gaye toh dekha usha mam apne chest ko zor se pakre hue table sahara le rahi thi kharey hone ke liye, jis ke waje se vase girke toot gaya. Hum dor ke usha mam ke paas gaye unhe sambhal ne ke liye aur woh achanak se zameen pe gir pari” explained Kanta one of Kunj’s maid. By hearing this Kunj again broke down. The doctor came out of the room and Kunj ran to her. “Kaisi hai meri maa??unhe kya hua?? Wo theek toh ho jayegi na??” He shot all his questions at the doctor. “Calm down Mr. Sarna, ur mother is absolutely fine. She just had some acidity problem. This happens, lots of people get confused between heart attack and acidity attack, even doctors also.” The doctor said calming Kunj down and making him really very happy. “Thank u doctor thank u so so so so so much. Of it wasn’t for u I don’t know what would I do. Once a again thanx” “no need to thank me Mr.Sarna it is jut my duty” saying this the doctor left. Kunj went inside the room and sat on the floor holding usha’s hand.

On the other side a hand is holding a sharp knife. The hand is of Twinkle. She is lying on the bed with her eyes wide opened. “Kitni badi darpok hun na main?? Apni khud ki jaan bhi nahi le sakti.” She said without any expression on her face.( sorry guys for taking this scene from TEI hope u don’t mind??)

After a moment she realized what she was going to do. “Wait a minute, main he Kya Karen wali thi?? Main khud ki jaan dene wali thi? Twinkle tujhe ho kya gaya hai?? Tu pagal wagal toh nahi ho gayi hai na?? Ye kya karna walithi tu?? Kyun tu kisi aur ke liye apni jaan lene wali thi??? Usey teri kadar nahi hai to wo uska loss hai tera nahi samjhi??” She said to herself. “Tu ne mujhe bohot sataya hai Kunj Sarna, abb main tujhe sataungi. Abb to dekhe ga Twinkle taneja ka maya shade. Itne shades dikha ungi na main tujhe ki tu uspe ek book likh sakta hai, aur naam hoga 50 no no, 100 shades of twinkle” she said with lots of determination and Tashan in her voice

To be continued

So guys kaisa laga ye episode ??
Well abb itna toh app sab guess karchuke hi honge ki next episode mein app ko Twinkle ka ek Aalag hi shade dekh ne ko milega ???

So get ready guys for the jhatka
And bye for today
Love u all
And sorry for the boring episode

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  1. Ayu

    Azu!!! Meri jaan! Tune to mujhe literally heart attack de diya tha…mujhe laga tha ki vo Twinkle ke liye itna baukla gya hoga…par ni!
    N Twinkle has taken a mature decision…we should always face the problem…not run away from it.
    Loved it dear?

  2. Sohi

    It had literally gaved me heart attack yaar the episode was awesome and I remember that scene of tei in which mahi said that dialogues waiting for twinkles new shades do continue

  3. Roshini125

    Nice twist waiting for the next

  4. SidMin

    Loved it happy with Twinkle’s decision and that body vala I really thought it was Twinkle’s Love the way your story is shapping up ?
    Love you ?

  5. Chiku

    Azuuuuu haaye mujhe seriously laga ki twinkle salat gayi?????but tune aisa nahi kiya. Acha kiyaaa

    Woaah 100shades of twinkle. Feeling excited. Woaaaah?????????????

    Ill upload last part of my five shot tomorrow as a treat.

    Thank u soo much for uploading on my bday. ?????????????????i am blessed to have a friend like u

    Love u??

  6. Hi azreen today’s episode had a nice twist and seriously thought something went wrong with twinkle but even this is amazing loved it and plz post asap waiting to see the new shade of twinkle

  7. Aanya_pandey

    Oohh.. u can call me pandey ji.. all my frnds call me that.. n u guys too r my frnd so yeah u cn call me that.. i don’t mind.. n coming to d episode.. it ws superb.. spwctacular.. will b wauting fr 100 shades of twinkle taneja?

  8. SidMin23

    I thought it was twinkle Body and it was kunj mom and exited for twinkle 100 shade and now it seen like their real TASHAN began. Can’t wait to read more interesting track to this ff.

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi

  10. Adya

    Laga Diya n jhatka !!!!!
    I thought Twinkle ki body hogi…hui kunj ki maa ki…mujhe laga heart attack aya…aya acidity attack…
    How can u rotate us soo much….well I loved it…. Maza aa gya….waiting for 50 shades.. sry 100 shades of Twinkle..
    Post soon….
    Love u…

  11. Ramya

    Episode was of twist really I thought it will be twinkle but tumne kunj ki maa ko dikhayi hai it’s awesome

    Pldsss asap

  12. Oh my god…..Meri jhatka Queen…..sach may mujhe bhtttt sara jhatka laga………..itna twist tha epi may ki kya bolu…. Tumne twinki k naam pe kunj se book likh waoge or wo v 100 shade of twinkle… Ha ha ha……or twinkle ka scene to bilkul awesome wala weird tha..m luving it meri janu….sach may tum ek fabulous writer ho…..bat bat pe kyaaa jhatka marte ho…..OK ….post next epi soon……….m waitinggggg……luv u very much janu….
    Tum bhttt swtttt ho…ummaaahhhh…..

  13. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god azreen nice twist bt
    now wat will hpn cant w8 luvd it vry mch
    plsss post asap cant w8
    luvd it 😀 ♥♥♥

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