This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 8

Sorry guys for late updates par kya karu aaj kal bahut neend aati hai yaar….nd sorry to say but next week se again tht tests will start oh god….sm1 just save me from this studies yaar….nd I m a bit disappointed with my this ff as I think u guys r not liking it but no problem as I knw tht ri8 now it is going smoothly when tht twist will cm na ….I m sure tht will add salt to my ff but till then pls bear with me nd my ff na…pls!

The episode starts….
……..kunj’s POV……
I turned behind in the direction of train “oh shit!” I shouted nd ran towards the track…..nd again came back to twinkle “shit twinkle! We missed our train” “ohmg! Wow…….did we really missed our train!” Saying this she started jumping like an kangaroo “twinkle! Have u just lost it….we missed our train twinkle” nd I shook her in order to bring her back to senses nd she shrugged me off “oh god kunj!I m not drunk….wowowwww me missed our train….its just like ddlj!” She said ” jab we met will suite more” I said still putting my one hand on .y forehead nd I just got glued to tht point wen I realised wht I just spoke…..kunj tu apni izzat ko mitti neo milakar hi dam legs….”shit” I whispered in a low pitch….” OoooooooMmmmmmGgggg……kunj I just don’t believe it” she said holding my both hands “what?” I grunt….”kunj sarna knows the meaning of movie” she said “oh shut up twinkle!” Nd I just hold her hand nd started running with her nd went out if station….we were still in search if taxi “what r we doing here” she said “the same thing tht shahid nd kareena did when they missed their trai….” Nd again oh shit….y god y….I don’t think my tongue is in my control but be4 she could say anything I stopped the taxi nd we both sat in it…..I was continuously telling driver to drive fast as we wanted to reach the next station of our train quickly just then I felt two pair of eyes staring me….I moved my head towards twinkle….I knew it….she was staring me only….but her eyes were full of doubts “what!” I said coldly “where is my kunj” she said in an investigating manner “u hv just lost it twinkle” I said moving my head in other direction but I forgot she had hands….. She made me face her still her one hand on my cheek ” kunj…. I didn’t knew yr this shade nd guess what I m in lobe with yr this shade” she said in a flirty manner “drive fast bhaiya” I said facing towards him ” his much u will run kunj…smtimes u will hv to face the reality” she said making me confuse but I didn’t had tym to get confuse as soon as the station came I held twinkle’s hand nd went in nd I don’t know whether it was I luck or bad luck…. the train was there but it had started to move “run twinkle” I shouted pulling her nd we started running…..after so much struggle I caught the handle nd got into the train….twinkle was still running nd I caught her arm….shit is it srsly happening…..the ddlj moment! But “twinkle!” I shouted when tlshe felt down….still at the platform….. Without even thinking for a second I too got down the train nd ran towards her “r u okay!” I said holding her arm “y…yes” she said but I could feel the pain….I was busy searching if she had got hurt or not just then “kunj” she said firmly “hmm” I said “we again missed our train…..bcus of me” she said with guilt….. “Its okay” I replied but tht not only surprised twinkle but me too…..his can I just say tht although I it was not okay….but I didn’t wanted to hurt her perhaps…. But y so leaving my thoughts behind….I made twinkle stand up nd we went out of the station “where will we go kunj” “donno twinkle….but u inform mahi first….I wonder y haven’t they called us till now” twinkle took out her phone nd quickly said “bcus there is NOT NETWORK’ she said but y did I found happiness in tht tone….she should get irritated na….maybe its just my imagination…..” But y r u sounding si happy ” I asked as I was not able to control myself “kunj look….there is a hotel perhaps” she said painting towards a big tower…..but did she ignored me….but tht was my job! Nd aah! She pulled me nd I has no other option but just to follow her nd we reached a hotel after about 5 mins “the ocean blue hotel” it named nd looked like a 5 star hotel….I hv never ever went to this much high class hotel but thank god this is not tht kinda hotel orelse i would hv been convinced tht we were making jab we met part 2 “cm in kunj” she said but I stopped her “twinkle it looks like a costly hotel” I said hesitating “offo kunj….don’t worry I hv money” she said “but twinkle how can I….” I was cut by her “shut up nd follow me ” nd again she pulled me….do I look like her trolley to her!

End if kunj’s POV…..

Present day

Taneja house….. Twinkle’s room
Twinkle was disturbed by the knock at the door….she quickly kept the diary inside the drawer nd opened the door

T:yes mom

L: have ur food twinkle…..nd sleep….u must be tired na

T: ty mom

She took her plate nd closed the door again maybe she wanted to be alone….now let us give her time to eat


Somewhere In NEW YORK
A big lavish bunglow is shown with all types of cars….Mercedes…. BMW…Ferrari…. Audi nd what not….A big spacious room is being shown with a man sitting on his luxurious chair only his foot could be seen wearing classy shoes nd a song is being played on his iPhone 6s ” THIS IS WHEN THE FEELING SINKS IN I DONT WANNA MISS U THIS WAY….CM BACK BE HERE CM BACK BE HERE….I GUESS UR IN NEW YORK TODAY (BOY’S LIOS R SHOWN WHICH R HAVING CHUCKLE)….I DONT WANNA MISS U LIKE THIS WAY…CM BACK BE HERE…CM BACK BE HERE (so guys I think u must remember this song was sung by twinkle in the very beginning of my ff…if u don’t remembered then pls do read my epi 1)……his lips where having an endless curve just then he was disturbed by a knck knock…..”cm in” he said nd turned towards the door….now his face was completely shown…. He is just damn freaking hot yaar! Having a white complexion nd his voice…uff! Its enough to rule many hearts….”what happened Jennie ” he said ” kunj sir….we have got a contract proposal from ST COMPANY in India….Amritsar….should we….” Ya guys ya…he is our hotness ki factory yaar “the deal is on Jennie” said kunj without even listening to her fully…Jennie was confused but still she nodded nd went closing the door ” I m coming twinkle….I m coming…. Just for u !” He said looking at her photo nd he kissed it ” Bas an 1 mahine ka sabra just one month twinkle… Nd then we will unite

Amritsar….twinkle’s room
Twinkle had finished her food nd was trying to sleep but all in vain….she wanted to read tht diary…after about 10 mins…she stood up from the bed….took out the diary….sat on the study table….switched on the night lamp nd started reading from where she stopped followed by a small curve if excitement on her lovely face

Present ends….

To be continued….

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  1. Hoiii gr8 episode yaar n want me to be honest?? Im srsly in love with Jab we met? one of my favourite movie :v el dum full power Ritzi !! Do post ur next episode soon…

  2. Epi wz jzz fab yaaar… U write so well… Ur ff is amazin n superb…. Jab we meet part wz awsm…I jzz luv DAT movie n ur ff too… Kunjs dialogues were jzz awsm… Keep writing…

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome mind blowing funny epi….loved it….kunj’s new side….loved it….

  4. Angita

    Very very lovely and…blockbuster

  5. Nice . More interesting .

  6. I want more episodes

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Wow……ritzi ….awesome episode…..and ya I guessed it correct that they will miss their train…..amazing

  8. Jiya_Ani

    Awesome dear…its a pagebuster….
    Did you read my posts
    Love you

  9. Its becoming interesting episode after episode. …♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Loving it

  10. Ruchi

    Hey Ritzi…
    Awsum epi…

  11. Loveleen

    woohoo finally twinj r meeting….i guess..

  12. Ritzi

    Tysm guys…….but a very important message which I forgot to give u was jisha is cmng back with her ff very soon…..I m sure u all remember her….she is feeling better now

  13. Fan

    Super epi ritzi loved it

  14. Hey i am a silent reader..but today couldn’t stop from commenting yaar…its just fabulous….and the jab we met part just loved it…waiting for next epi

  15. Kruti

    Superb epi …..loved it jaldi we pura fb dikhao wait nahi ho raha
    And all d best for ur tests

  16. wow……girl! This ff was the best till now…….seriously so GUD!!!
    Love u…..proud of u my Bestie!

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  18. sidhants dieharder fan

    hi ritzi di i am a silent reader of your ff i love your ff very very very much just loved it post the nxt epi asap…eagerly waiting for it….

  19. i’m eagerly wa8in 4 nxt epi…
    loved it…:-D

  20. Baby

    sry ritzi late hone ke liye bt yr amazing osm yr luvd it

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