This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 7


Heheloooo my dearies……so how u all….OK OK I will not get formal sorry nd ya as u all said that I should continue with fb then how can I deny u all nd ya sm1 also told me to show kunj’s entry in present ya I will give a small look of present too but not today as I hv not planned anything nd of course the entry of the hero should be grand na so hv sm patience one more thing u must be thinking tht y m I showing only kunj’ POV its bcus twinkle’s POV r full if secrets so u will hv to wait for tht

So let’s start the epi…..

Kunj’s POV
Vivek told ” twinkle yr turn” “umm……I hv never confessed my love to my crush” nd I saw her looking at me whereas I found UV nd abhi taking a sip ” why r u looking at me ” I asked still confused nd I found twinkle boggled (boggled to hogi hi na romance a r toh aata nhi upar se uss bechari ka nhi popat kar dala) “nothing” replied twinkle “okay guys u continue I m going to sleep” I said ” but yr turn is left” said tanya “no I’m sorry I m quitting” I said nd before any1 could reply I went to sleep when I just turned behind yo take my bag I found twinkle in a really sad mood…..I hv never seen her in this state….y is she acting so weired….urghh she is impossible

Next morning…..
I woke u as the train stopped at a station. I saw twinkle still sleeping in a beauty sleep nd yuhi were giggling while discussing smthng “r u sure” whispered mahi “of course I m sure” said UV ” what r u sure about UV” I said in a normal voice but I was loud for them “shh” they both said “wait nd watch continued UV” then UV took a waterbottle nd CHAP! the whole bottle on twinkle ” aaaaaaah” shouted twinkle nd woke up with a jerk “hehheheeeeh” I heard yuhi laughing I too gave a chuckle ” what the f*ck is wrong with u guys” she shouted “mahi its too hot na!” Said UV ignoring twinkle nd irritating her what3 “oh so ignoring me uh! Wait” she said this nd went towards her purse nd Chap! This tym twinkle throwed water at UV “twinkle! Chi! Srsly u throwed bear on me!” Sorry I was wrong tht was not water ” I smhow had to utilise it so y not in taking revenge” she said in an arrogent voice “arghh I hate u twinkle” said UV pressing his teeth “ya so loving u is only job of mahi okay so I hate u too” replied twinkle “where did I cm from” asked a confused mahi “will u three stop ur fight in early morning” I said calmly “I m going out to bring sm food” I continued “I m also cmng” said twinkle “no need” I immediately said “why!” She asked in a childish manner which smwhere made me melt “bcus…..u will get lost in crowd baby” said UV controlling his laughter “how dare u…..u think I m a child” said twinkle…..”no no I don’t think tht baby I already knw u r a kid” said UV in a pampering way “let’s go kunj” she said to me while holding my elbow nd pulling me outside the train

I was looking for sm chips nd coldrinks nd twinkle had already bought a drink nd I let out a chuckle when I saw her struggling to open the cap of the bottle but she is failing continuously “have they fixed it with a fevical or what” she said “ur really a kid” I said “don’t dare me call a kid….but ya if u wanna call me then u can call me baby its related to kid only na” she said hitting her shoulder with mine. My eyes widened up due to this ” bhaiya what’s the cost of this ” I said turning towards the shopkeeper nd avoiding my eye contact with twinkle but I could gear a soft giggling sound

After buying I turned towards twinkle who was still struggling with the cap nd nooo what the hell is she doing she is shaking the bottle badly “twinkle stop!” I said but I think it was too late the drink came out rushing as the cap got opened due to the pressure of drink (u know na guys if we shake the drink then it will fizz out) nd the whole drink came upon me nd ya sm on twinkle too nd like the cherry on the cake the cap of the bottle felt on my head “shit! What the hell hv u don’t twinkle” I said dropping down the cap nd trying to get rid from the stickiness “oh shit!” I heard twinkle saying this in a shocked voice but then ” it was soo much fun na” she said excitedly….. Smtimes I think is she a chameleon or what! “U think its fun….I mean bathing with a drink is fun !” I said in a highly irritated voice “look kunj we should always try smthng new…..u knw ek bahut famous baba be kaha hai tht life is all about trying new things” “who the hell is this baba…..I want to meet him….u think bathing with a cold drink is fun ” I said angrily nd I heard a voice if sm horn kinda thing but I ignored it nd kept arguing with twinkle “look kunj everything has +ve nd -ve outcm nd we should always think of the +ve outcome” said twinkle in a serious voice I knw she is doing this to irritate me more ” aisi baatein kyu kar rhi hai yaar tu….ek kam kar sanyaas lele” I said nd she laughed a bit at this “by the way wht is yr so called +ve outcome in the cold drink bath” I said sarcastically actually I really wanted to knw tht ” look kunj I hv heard tht upon bathing with drink our hairs will get silky” she said “arre voh bear se nahane se hota hai buddhu” I said nd then just realised wht I just said twinkle was no less….she took full advantage if the situation “oh my god !the padaku kunj sarna knows this much about bear….just pinch me” she said “what” I said “SUNAI NHI DETA KYA….I SAID PINCH ME” she said in my ears…..nd I pinched her “aah!” She said nd “ouch!” I said when the pinched me too “mujhe kyu” I asked in pain “same pinch!” She replied “oh god!” I said nd turned towards our train nd “OH GOD!” I shouted

To be continued….

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..funny….

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    Loved the episode??? only Kunj can handel our Twinkle waiting for the next one pls post it asap☺

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    Oh pitty them they missed the train.fantastic.

  8. hey ritzi u wr amazing as always pls post nxt episode asap

  9. Jiya_Ani

    Amazing dear.. Loved it..too gud…muuuuuah..kya likha..and that cold drink part…I am thinking how will they travel with that stickiness… Wwwwww…but chod..well Maine post kiya apna ff..chahe toh padh le…ur wish..
    Love you

  10. Fan

    Lol the epi was super..i think they missed their train..

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  12. Lama

    Sooo much fun in reading ur ff…loved it

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    Ritzi ur ff is a treat to read.unrocked it.
    Plz make epi longer if u can.
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