This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 6

Hiiii guys… i just hope u r enjoying the flashback but I just want to ask tht should I elongate the fb or end it soon nd just focus on present…..tell me pls!

The epi starts

……………………..kunj’s POV……………………

So the three boys nd four girls came nd were trying to accomdate here “ouch” I shouted when one of the girl sat beside me nd squizeed me now I was not looking less than a sandwhich I was sitting with twinkle nd 1 end nd tanya at other end….ya I got to know her name as mahi spoke tht…..but wait…..what am I seeing….y is twinkle giving death glares to Tanya! The other 3 boys sat on the floor with their respective gf’s on their lap….chi! I wonder didn’t tanya hv any bf. “So let’s start the game” said twi… no mahi said…..but this should hv been twinkle’s dialogue as she was the most excited 1 but y is she continuously staring Tanya nd passing death glares to her…..nd this chipku (Tanya) y is she cmng this much close to me….. Oh ya the lack of space…..but there is lot of space beside mahi too (mera buddhu….hehe) ” so what will we play” asked uv….” Any suggestions twinkle?” He continued…..but she didn’t replied…..where the hell is she lost….I just shakes her be called her name “ah!” She replied blankly I just pointed towards uv….”what should we play! ” he said elongating his words ” umm…..ummm….ya let’s play the same game….tht ranbir nd deepika played in yjhd nd look we r also in the train perfect na!” She said coming back in her character…..every1 seemed to be delighted with her tht game “wht movie r u talking about nd which game did they played” I asked still boggled “WHAT!” Shouted everyone present there no not exactly every1…..did tym for a change twinkle didn’t got shocked…..I don’t know but she was smiling at me nd Tanya said ” aww kunj….u don’t know the name of the movie….its ye jawani hai deewani nd th…..” But she was cut by twinkle…..firstly she hold me by me cheek nd turned me towards her face….now I was not able to see Tanya as she was behind me ” the game is sm1 will say about a thing which they hv never done nd the 1 which has done it will take sip if the drink” said twinkle but in a bit irritated voice….what’s happening to her!

“Nd luckily I hv the drink too” said vivek taking out few bear cans “wow!” Said every1 joyfully he started giving can to every1 nd at last he handed over 1 can to me ” I don’t drink” I said innocently I saw every1’s jaw dropping once again I also saw twinkle who was about to open the can but she stopped there only… ” no worries I hv soft drink u take tht” said uv giving a soft drink can from his bag “do u hv 1 more” asked twinkle nd this tym everyone’s reaction was double than they made in mine…..”WHAT!!!!” said everyone “twinkle….r u fine na….I mean u r not Drinking it” said UV “oh shut up UV……if she doesnt want to Drink then let it be its good only” said mahi….I saw she also had soft drink can…..uv handed another soft drink can to twinkle “are u sure” asked UV as if twinkle is in KBC nd giving the last answer nd amitabh sir saying are u sure….lock kar diya jaye…. Twinkle snatched the can nd said”damn fu*king sure” but wht was the need to use slang language in tht…uh! Finally we started the game ” No1 has ever proposed me” said vivek nd I saw yuhi smiling at so nd mahi drinking it means UV proposed mahi nd not mahi proposed him just then I heard Tanya saying “40 proposals” what! Is she serious “oh is it so…..then y r u single” asked abhi “bcus they were not worth to me” she said proudly….so I got the answer tht she didn’t had any bf just then “53” said twinkle sipping frm her can “r u serious twinkle! 53” said vivek “ya she is true” said yuhi together….ya twinkle tells everything to thm… what a girl she is nd ouch! Was is this tanya squizzing my hand…..i quickly took my hands nd placed it on my lap

” I hv never gone to late night parties” said abhi “always” said yuhi,twinkle nd Tanya together nd taking a sip….then every1 looked at me nd I nod in no ” okay so I hv never kissed any1″ said UV bending towards mahi nd at this tym I don’t know y but I eagerly wanted to see whether twinkle is drinking or not…..oh god pls don’t let her Drink…..wait wait…but y m I worrying but still I looked at her nd I found twinkle looking at me “don’t worry I hv never kissed any1” said whispered in my ears “why will I worry” I too said it in a cold tone but smwhere I felt a sigh if relief “I thought u would” she said in an irritated voice “stop thinking twinkle… u don’t hv brains to think” I said sarcastically but y m I feeling bad after saying tht “u….” She said but was cut by uv’s voice “yr turn mahi” “I hv never stolen any thing” “yr baby pink lipstick mahi” said twinkle taking a sip “what! U stole that….nd I was wondering where it went…..twinkle tht was my favourite” ” but tht colour was so s*xy nd tht was a limited edition colour which I wanted I wonder from where did u get tht” “UV gave m….” Mahi said but stooped in middle taking out her tounge nd in a second there was a burst of laughter…..I could see UV giving death glares to mahi nd mahi was just ignoring the eyecontact “hehe UV…hehe…who gives lip….haaahaaa lipstick to ff hehe” said twinkle who was full pink due to laughter “oh shut up twinkle!” Said UV there was a silence for few second nd then again “hahahahehee” every1 started again…..after abt 5 mins “yr turn twinkle” said abhi

To be continued…

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  1. mouni roy fan

    Well this was the first ff of urs which I read but I think it’s quite nice.happy to read it

  2. Lama

    Wooow Ritzi…kya likha h meri jaan…kammaal kr diya…u r really very good writer…plz continue fb only…loved it from the core

  3. Sameera

    Wow superbb yaar just mind blowing

  4. Fan

    Wow ritzi awesome epi…loved it…

  5. Shonaa...

    Amazingly awsome…. nd continue with fb only…. loved it….

  6. SidMin

    Awesome loved it Ritz the Yjhd game part was superb bechara Kunj His soft drink would never get over Waiting for the next part

  7. Jiya_Ani

    Hey ritzi …mazaa aagya sweetheart… Muaaah…amazing.. And the babypink lipstick… Hehehe…awesome

    Wanting to know whether Kunj will take any sip or not…may be twinkle can make him do that..

  8. it ws super nice
    love it

  9. It’s awesome. .. itna acha kaise likh leti hai. Awesome blossom. .. mujhtere ff se pyaar ho gaya hai.
    Plzzz thoda sa present miem bhi dikha. Plzzzzzzz show entry of kunj nd yuhi in present nd twinj nd yuhi cmimg face to face. Nd fb is awesome but do show present also.
    Luve u muah!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    Eid mubarak

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…..bhot funny tha…..continue with fb only….

  11. Rashiverma2199

    Hy people the episode was too cute….awesome….

  12. Angita

    Very sweet and funny

  13. ritzi dear u wr amazing pls post nxt episode asap pls yr luvd it u made me laugh n cry a bit i m reallly missing sidhant n jasmin sidmin

  14. Gr8 epi yaar n i love #YJHJ 🙂

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi wonderful epi.
    Plz post asap

  16. Jzzzz wowww ritzi….. Ur ff iz mindblowin !!!! U shd be writing TEI 2nd season lyk- “TEI :Playing it my way” …I jz luvd 2days epi….. And twinkle s bindas lyfstyle iz awsm:)

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