This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 5

Hiiiiii guys……m glad that ur enjoying this ff too but ya as I knw many of u still love my previous ff more as I used to get more cmnts in tht so don’t worry as soon as I end this ff I m gonna start it was love that brought them together season 2…..nd I knw tht there r many silent readers of my this ff so I m not gonna force u to cmnt as I knw the day u will get impressed with this ff u will automatically cmnt

The epi starts…..

…………. Kunj’s POV………..

I took out my chemistry book ” what the hell!” I shouted…..” How dare u throw my book twinkle!” I continued but she was not less….she was still giving me that irritating cheesy smile of hers ” I think we r in a trip” she replied ” nd educational trip” was my throw back

“Exactly! If we r in an educational trip then y u want to study ri8 now” replied UV supporting her

“But UV its his choice na” replied mahi…..oh wow she is on my side I just took my gaze to see the state of twinkle nd YES! She was loosing she didn’t uttered a word mahi quickly handed me her chemistry book ” borrow it from me whenever u need it” she said ” thanks” I whispered…..nd I got engrossed in it…..but I was not able to concentrate completely I desperately wanted to see twinkle’s expression…. So I just moved my eyeball upwards nd saw twinkle nd UV both giving death glare to mahi ” what!” Said mahi finally ” who told u to bring books in trip” asked UV ” I told to myself” commented mahi….I must say both the sisters r good at debate ” I thought u will spend time with me” said her sad bf….” Ya so when did I said no to u” told mahi nd at tht moment I heard a pleasing tune if humming….the voice was not less than tht of nightingale…..I found twinkle was humming it…nd I must appreciate tht voice she was humming tht tune of main hoon na perhaps it was smthng hmm hhlmmmm hmmm baff! I really bad at it….but ya she was humming to just pull yuhi’s legs…yuhi sounds good….I continued to study….but I don’t know what happened to me today……after every 5 mins I just look at twinkle….smthng attracts her towards me nd I get lost for next 10 mins…..she was looking outside the window savouring the feeling….her hairs were flying nd there was a small curve on her lips….she looks more cute when she is silent

(At night)

I smhiw finished my chemistry…. But with gr8 difficulties ” let’s do smthng toofani…m getting bored yaar” replied my twinkle….. Hey….u just delete my from tht……was..s just a..n error
“Ya let me call every1 first then it will be more fun” replied UV EVERYONE in such a small place…god knows how they gonna fit here ” hey!” Replied mahi nd twinkle….now I can tell tht they both r sisters…….UV went to call them nd I stood up “where r u going?” Asked a curious twinkle….yes I was able to see tht curiosity in her ” to sleep” I replied coldly ” but I m not free” she replied ” ya so who told u to sleep?” I asked confusingly ” arre u only told tht u wanna wear me tonight ” she winked me….oh I just thought she forgot tht incident… But no “u naughty head” replied mahi ” anyways jokes apart….kunj u r not going to sleep so early” replied twinkle ” so what do u want me to do” I asked sarcastically “play with us” she said joyfully ” no ways” I said ” yes ways” nd she opposed nd she pulled me towards her nd I sat beside her due to tht jerk…..she hold my hands tightly ” twinkle leave me” I said still struggling ” no u will hv to play” she said sweetly I don’t know but I got melted in her sweetness…..first tym I m not getting irritated with tht flirty girl….maybe as I hv become used to it ” OK……I will sit nd not play” I said……but why did I even said tht…I even font know it just got slipped from my mouth ” that’s also okay for me baby” she said ” don’t call me baby” “aww” she said pulling my cheeks nd all the tym I was able to hear giggles of mahi I had no other option but just to get fried up the whole night here

Just then UV came with 7 other people…..4 girls nd 3 boys…..ya I hv seen them they r in my college… my class perhaps…..but I don’t know their names…..BUT HOW WILL THEY FIT HERE!

To be continued…..

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  1. Kruti

    Hey ritzi
    Nice epi….loved the way twinkle was teasing kunj lk ur gonna wear me….
    One more thing tumhari smile bohat cute hai yar and ur dam pretty

  2. SidMin

    Loved the episode waiting for the next The game pls post asap

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Ritzi…..what an episode dear…it was fab….

  4. Lama

    Amesome episode Ritzi…loved it

  5. Jiya_Ani

    Nice epi ritzi… Loved it…eagerly waiting for the next post…

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    lovely epi…..loved twinkle teasing kunj….

  7. Sameera

    Lovely too good episode ritzi ???

  8. wow!…I loved it so much…d jhalli twinkle n adorable kunj…Do continue…

  9. Sayeeda

    Love the episode nd post next soon…. nd don’t worry we all r loving ur ff a lot …
    Awesome…. waiting for next one

  10. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi v all r fans of this ff. .So don’t think like that .
    I m in luv wi with this ff.
    Osum episode
    Ctd soon

  11. Fan

    Hey ritzi awesome epi..loved it..plz post the next part asap..

  12. Angita

    Lobbed it to death

  13. Ridhima

    Are finally mujhe mil gyi…..yippeee…see meri ankhein theek ho gyi…..

    Loved it sooooooo much…
    dare nt to end it….

  14. Hey ritzi dear amazing. Pls post nxt episode asap pls luvly episode yr ☺????

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