This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 45

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So sorry guys….I was going to post it yesterday night but tu was down with server problems

So let’s move to the epi….

#kunj’s POV
Words were literally choked up in my throat….why does she has to do such things nd race up my beats! “Twi…Twink…kle” I spoke….”wht!” She asked sternly as if it was normal for her. “Wh….what…r..” I asked but failed miserably. “Kunj…y r u behaving so weired…I m just taking out your shirt…ofcource u must not be feeling comfortable with the stickiness” she spoke nd the very next moment I was standing bare chested….I tried to cover my abs with me hands “kunj y r u behaving as if I m gonna rape u” she asked nd I quickly kept my hands down. She put some medicine on cotton nd started rubbing it on my abs where I got a little burnt. I could see her eyes raping me…the way she was looking at me…I was sure it has now become such a difficult job for her to keep herself away frm me.

“Nd u say I m getting fatter” I said to which she looked at me suddenly. Nd then again put her eyes on my abs “stop assuming things” she said.

#end of Kunj’s POV

#twinkle’s POV
Ya he was right…. I just cannot keep my eyes away frm him…I knw it’s not only bad at my part…but for everyone… I knw my closeness with him…will only lead to more nd more sadness….but…the truth is I hv again fallen for him…yes! I hv fallen for my betrayer…I stopped my heart.. Scolded it… Kept on reminding the limits…but hearts hv never worked on any rules nd regulations nd will never do! As I was done with the aid…kunj again covered himself with his hand…I don’t knw whts up to him! One moment he is demanding for me to stay with him…sponge him…nd the other moment… He is doing such tactics. Whatever it is… I hv taken my decision… I knw my this decision may break hearts of my closer ones…but I am adamant on my this decision.

I caught hold of his both the hands which were covering his abs nd kepts them down. “Twinkle w…ht…?” He again choked but I didn’t listen to anything nd started bending towards his abs. He tried standing up but I pushed him on the bed again. Wht I did the later moment was really surprising for him….I started kissing his chest…putting some gentle kisses on his diaphragm… Belly button…I didn’t realise when I came above him nd when he was laying completely on the bed. “Twinkle….pl..pls d…don’t make…things difficult… For both of us” he spoke in between his heavy breaths. “Just be honest kunj…ain’t u enjoying this moment?” I asked biting his neck nd then sucking tht part. “No” he spoke pacing up nd down…. I paused my actions nd looked at him in disbelief. “Really u don’t enjoy this” I asked digging my head in his neck. He hold me by my shoulders nd made me face him “wht r u upto twinkle! Tell me! Now tht I hv accepted the fact tht u cannot be mine… U r getting married to Sam….now tht I hv finally convinced myself….u r doing such things” he spoke

“Oh… So u don’t love me anymore” I asked “how can I love someone else’s fiancé” he spoke looking on the other way…. I held him by his cheeks nd made him face me “ya..say it again” I said looking directly in his eyes “I….d…do..don’t love u” he said….even if he tried his best to hide the pain nd difficulties he faces in saying so….I identified his lie…thanks to his eyes.

“Oh…so kunj sarna doesn’t loves me anymore… Fine…so now I can marry Sam without any guilt or anxieties right?” I asked “y…” he spoke with his eyes brimmed up with tears….but I knw my boy is so stubborn tht he won’t let them fall.

“Oh…ohkay…so I can now let Sam touch me wherever he want t…(to)” I don’t knw when…. When I landed below him…he was so quick “NO!” He said with his eyes blood shot red. “Kunj” I whispered being scared seeing his state…my heart was racing ….racing like anything… I have hurt him….why! “Kunj… Kunj…calm down…shh” I said rubbing his bare back trying to calm him down…”no… Ur mine…twinkle u…ur only mine…I…I…I ca..can..can’t let anyone else touch…no! How… ” he cried…. He was so scared… He lost his senses…”shh…shhuhsh….come” I said nd made him dig his face in my neck. He started taking out all his fear nd anxiety of loosing me in the form of kisses. This tym I didn’t stop him…this tym…aftr 5 years I was actually enjoying his touch…

Finally he was done kissing my neck….I could feel my neck being all wet. He now moved towards the zip of my shorts. “Ku….” I was going to stop him….but his expressions… His insecurity… His fear of loosing me which was clearly visible on his face stopped me.

He took off my shorts nd slid down my underpants…. Everything was so quick tht I didn’t hv tym to react.
“Kunj!” I exclaimed covering myself with blanket. Ofcource I was feeling shy…aftr all me nd kunj had never reached this level. I had never exposed my core to him nd today….I knw he ain’t showing his love to me…its his fear which is letting him do so. “Twinkle… Look…” He said taking off the blanket…I was again half naked…my heart beating so fast…butterflies jumping in my stomach. “Kunj! Who gave u this right!” I almost screamed trying to stand up but he again made me sleep “twinkle…pls…pls don’t say anything” he said rubbing my Inner thighs to calm me down. I jerked his hands “kunj… No pls…pls look I need to talk to u” I said holding him by his cheeks “ya twinkle we will talk but first….” He said nd opened his zip too. I knw wht he was upto. “Listen kunj…don’t be so mad at my one sentence… Listen I need to hv a talk” I said trying hard to convince him. By now he was also half naked….I turned my face away….”kunj pls don’t behave so madly” I said “kun….” I was going to say but he pecked my lips…I was shocked for a while nd “kunj Lis..” He again kissed my lips but now he started biting them…. I tried to speak in between but only to get worse….he entered my mouth. By then he touched my core nd entered his finger into it…..I was choked up with this….nd had to take a longgggg breath in between the kiss as he was not ready to let me go. His finger was continuously roaming inside me….nd I was pacing up nd down….finally with so much of guts I pushed him off my lips but unfortunately couldn’t take off his finger “kunj! Pls shut the hell up for God sake!” I screamed …..wht is it! He is not replying me…..he twisted his finger “aaaaaah…” I moaned nd with this he took off his finger….finally! “No! Wait! Kunj.. Wait … Listen no!” I shouted when he was trying to enter into me “twinkle…it won’t pain…look…I promise” he said “kunj no! I hv my limits! U hv sm too” I said but he didn’t obey nd was just trying to take my hands away “kunj listen… any girl or let me talk about me…i can take this step…only with my husband… Nd…” I said “no! No! No! I can’t let Sam touch u here” he said pressing my core hard nd I moaned in pain “enough!” I said nd slapped him hard ….”kunj….gain back yr sense!” I screamed shaking him by his shoulders….he was still in a shock…meanwhile I quickly wore my shorts. “Kunj!” I exclaimed to bring him back to world “twinkle!” He looked up at me with finally tears dropping down…nd my heart melted “m sorry… I…I don’t knw ca…can” he again got puzzled “ya kunj…look ….have this first” I said giving him a glass of water…..he had it quickly. I made him lay on my lap “kunj… I wanted to talk to u…r u listening?” I asked “ye…yes” he said “u knw…aftr u came back….I was so so sooo angry on u…tht I didn’t even give u the chance to explain…but now tht I hv realized my fault….I want u to tell me wht had actually happened?” I said caressing his hair….he was paused!

#End of twinkle’s POV

#kunj’s POV
No! I cannot let twinkle knw the truth of her father….no! She will hate him….nd…I knw I won’t be able to live without twinkle… But I can still manage my heart break than harming my girl…

I quickly stood up frm her lap “I thought u were not worth me…nd thts it…thts y I left u” I said….I could see her loosing her strength…m sorry twinkle… M sorry. My heart cried “ohkay….now say the truth” twinkle said wiping her lone tear…I knw she is stubborn.
“Ohkay… Listen….I don’t think I will ever be able to love u…I just love yr body…” I said putting a stone on my heart….I felt a knife stabbing into my heart… It ached

# Twinkle’s POV

No….he is lying….yah…he is…calm down twinkle calm down

“I knw u r lying…the moments we spent together cannot be fake right” I asked cupping his face…he threw my hands “no…it was just a mere attraction frm my side” he said…he is so quick in giving answers.

To be continued….

I was going to write more but I was not sure whether u guys will like the new twist or not…therefore I need yr feedbacks

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  1. SidMin23

    This is superb why kunj said he don’t love twinkle. Waiting to see how the new twist will take place. Do post soon

  2. awesome ff
    please do continue
    and please post the next episode as soon as possible

  3. Mia12

    Oooommggggggggg what was that,,????????.. Now I have goosebumps all over in my stomach coz when I read ur ff this stupid things happen with me always,,????.. Wowww just wowww wala update babe,,?????.. U rocked it Awesomely with real purity emotions,,?????.. Ufff pain obsession, fear, possessiveness, guilt, hurt, emotions everything was portrayed with so much perfectly Love it,,?????????????.. I Love ur ff sooooo much cant describe in words now,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.. Uffff girl why r u asking this that we’re like ur upcoming twist or not just penned it down here soon babe m waiting so impatiently,,??.. Yup but don’t take so long to post it hurry up time is running,,???
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤..

  4. Oh my god ritzzzz this was damn hot yr hotness overloaded and it was a whole emotional rollercoaster man !!!
    I really loved this new twist and I don’t know what will I do without your ff on tu I can’t wait for the next part
    I am totally in love with your writing
    And the way u have portrayed the story so far m just wondering what will be next
    I know u don’t know me but I know u darely coz I follow ur writing
    I am looking forward for ur other ffs but plz just for once can u post ur and Krystal’s collab ff m just missing it so much and waiting for it so eagerly plz if u have just a little time plz post it
    So all in all I love ur ff and plz post asap

  5. Presha

    Hey ritzi…..
    Finally u posted it yaar….
    It was so hot nd hotness overloded episode…
    Kunj love desire possession obession nd possesivness for twinkle nd his jealousy nd anger was just mind blowing….
    Now that u wrote this i m eager to know what happens next as i think i have a little guess abt it…but i cant say that ur twist can make my guess wrong…
    So asu raised my curiosty its on u too post soon….
    Loved this to core…
    Love u…..???????????

  6. Baby

    aree ritzi we ll love it dude………♥
    u jst post it soon dear.
    plss yuhi ko iss convo mein ghusaa de………
    cant wait for nxt u shuld hv rtn more dude we wuld hv loved it…….♥
    cant wait for more…… 🙂
    post nxt asap……♥
    loved it srsly emotional…..♥
    romance ohhh god kunj pagal ho jata hai sunkar aisaa vaisaa kuch bhi……..srsly
    was in shock kya kar rha tha kunj shit……..
    literally loved did update post soon…….♥♥
    lods of love…….♥♥♥

  7. Hey ritzi epi was amazingggggggggggggg? …… Really i luv the new twist…. I dont have words for explaining how was the epi…. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz try to post nxt asap…. I am still speachless….. I dont have words…. How u write so well…. Plzzzzz ????? i request to u post nxt asap…. U portrayed the emotion amazingly…. Plzzzz i am joining my hands ???? infront of u post the nxt today only…. And reply to my cmnt i will feel bliss if u post nxt today only and if u reply to my cmnt….. Luv u

  8. awsm awsm just awsm epi
    plZzzzzzzz post soon

  9. Mahi

    Yrr its just ameziiinggg i realy felt goosebumps yr
    Plsss make it early
    And give a patch up now pls dont be a stone harted girl dear
    Now no more bad epi. ( judai nahi chahie)
    Love u sweatheart

    1. Ritzi

      Ohkay….so u don’t want me to be a stone heart girl… Kk…I will unite them…but if I do so…then it will be the end of my ff…its fine…the next epi will be the last one of u want me to do so

      1. Sohi

        No I don’t want it, Im waiting for more drama and suspense
        Plz post ur another ff nothing lasts forever, as it is kept in whole suspense
        Do continue

      2. Mahi

        No no no no no
        Kya yr tum to naraz hogai meei curipie
        Mene o sirf thoda sa tahem maga tha
        Tu to ff khatam karne par a gai
        Esa mat kariyo yr
        Prety plss

  10. Sohi

    Amazing episode

  11. Its just awsssssm yaar pls post soon sweetheart

  12. Supriya18d

    awsm Riti…. post next ASAP….

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome…..eagerly waiting for next part.

  14. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon……. ????????????
    What an epi !!!!!

  15. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Awesome, amazing, hot, beautiful, emotional, fabulous, fantastic! Basically I don’t words to describe how much I loved it! Beautifully written! And all I can say is that plz plz,plz post soon plz! Its a request plz! ritzi Plz try to post soon na plz! Its really difficult to wait for ur ff! plz post soon ur other ff too!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  16. Ramya

    Àwesome amazing superb
    Kunj us so stubborn
    Sry for late
    Love u keep smiling

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