This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 40

Sorry sorry sorry…pakdu mai dono kaan kya…sorry sorry sorry??

So aftr about 2 months…I m back with my ff…which I had almost forgotten!!

U guys seem hell excited… Let’s move on to the epi

Here r the links of past episode…

Episode 39

Hope now u remembered the scenes nd story.

The episodes starts….

#twinkle’s POV

I slapped him…trust me…I m really wanting to kill him for this act.

“Twi…twinkle” he spoke again coming towards me when he saw for wiping my tears. “Stop.. Not a step more kunj sarna” I said in a really harsh tone. Nd the very next moment I broke down crying. “Y don’t u understand kunj…y don’t u! Y do u always want to make me go weak…u very well knw tht though I hate u…but my body still needs u…I really don’t knw the reason behind it” I said hugging my legs. I saw him sitting down with me too.

“Its because u love me” he whispered… Ya he was right! “Oh stop it kunj…all I need to say is …pls dont chase my hormones more…pls…I beg u…I hv so many commitments….promises to be fulfilled. Y just don’t u understand I m engaged to Sam! I will have to marry him some day right!” I said caressing his wound caused by my slap. I knw he is not going to listen to me if I get rude with him…so m trying it other way round.

“But twinkle I love u” he said nd my heart ached….I so wanted to hear this…I closed my eyes nd a lone tear escaped frm my eye. I felt his soft thumb wiping it.

“Kunj…whether u love me..or u don’t…I m tied up with all the responsibilities… I cannot ditch Sam just like u ditched me few years ago…bcus I knw how it feels…how much it pains…nd I don’t want anyone else to suffer frm the same kind of pain” I said nd I could see his eyes getting filled with tears.

“Kunj…pls leave me…pls go frm here as soon as possible… Pls!” I requested for the last time before getting up nd leaving my room

End of twinkle’s POV

#kunj’s POV

Ohkay twinkle… If u say so…I will leave u…I failed today…I lost everything… Just everything! But I knw I will not be able to live without u…


A man is shown jumping frm the terrace. “Kunj!!!” Shouted a girl.

In the next seen…he is lying on the stretcher wounded with blood nd blood everywhere.

Sorry guys…I tried to write the epi..but I hv lost my grip nd moreover confidence. So I thought to provide u with links…a bit of epi nd the promo… Now the decision is all yours…if u guys want me to continue… I m sorry I won’t be able to give regular updates as my exams r soon approaching nd before tht I hv to complete my fs.

So if u guys r ready to wait I m read to continue

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  1. Hey ritzi this was fantastic yrr i always loved ur this ff frm episode 1 and today u reached episode 40 Congress dear nd its kk u have exams but don’t end ur ff plz plz nd the promo is so scary..

  2. Sohi

    I Hate You (but I can’t hate you?)
    Felt really bad for twinkles condition
    Promo was scary
    Do continue

  3. SidMin23

    It was nice hope nothing happen to kunj

  4. Bhagban ka shukar manao ki itne din baad ane ki baad bhi sehi salamat ho . Aur itni choti epi ? very bad

  5. Presha

    Hey ria the epi nd promo was aqesome loved it..
    Pls do continue whether regular or not.. Plz do continue

    1. Presha

      Srry ritzi

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…plzzzzzzzz continue your ff……plzzz….

  7. Chiku

    Woaaah!!₹ soo emotional ?. Lovely. Loved it.
    Plzz do continue with ur ff???
    Post soon

  8. Purvi128

    Hey see who is back..!
    Yes this Rotzi.
    You know o was waiting for it eagerly. Literally yrr 2 months. Sirf mein janti hun mein ne kesy guzary hain..! Huhhhh..!
    Itna late aany per bhi chahtu huay bhi tujh per gussa nhi ker sakti..!
    But the episode was so emotional. U nailed it.
    I want to cry.
    Twinkle why don’t u understand. He loves you so much. He never ditched you.
    I m crying at the helpnessness of Kunj..! Feeling very bad for him …!
    Nd ya i will wait for you but plsss continue this. As this is my fav ff..!
    Nd do post ur fs soon. I m desperately waiting..!
    Post soon!

    Love u lots??❤❤????????

    1. Purvi128

      Sorry typing error .., its ritzi not rotzi

  9. Purvi128

    Frogot to mention about promo. It really stopped my heart beat..!
    Its so scary. Please mery kunj ko kuch mt hony dena..! I know tu kuch nhi hony degi usy…!

  10. Maggi

    Aww ritzi is back!!!
    Trust me every soul here yearned for ur update!
    It awsm yaar…I understand the thing abt grip on d story, don’t worry u vl soon complete grip on it …
    And the promo is tragic?
    But its overall gr8 yaar…
    After such a long was a bliss n yay post ur fs soon…
    Waiting eagerly… I have not yet read epi 2 of ur fs..need to do dat now…but u post asap…
    Luv u ????

  11. Kruti

    Emotional one….loved it
    No worries I am ready to wait u can post when u are free

  12. Emotional episode ritzi but I loved it and the promo seems too scary continue soon

  13. RUTU.....

    Really an emotional episode just loved it dear do continue soon
    And plz continue your fs on twinj also I am impatiently waiting for it
    Love you so much ???

  14. Ritziiii finalllyy you Posted …,.much awaited episodeeeee??????

    I just luvvv ittt……….
    Post soon??

  15. awsm n superb epi
    plzzzz continue n post soon

  16. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hey ritzi,
    Finally u posted ur FF…..I was waiting for it from many days……Loved it ….. Feeling sad for Twinj condition….
    Do continue with it…..
    Loveee uuu?????

  17. SidMin

    Hey ….. I was waiting for your ff wanted you to post soon …..
    Please post soon ….
    Missing your ff
    Love you ???

  18. Shalini15

    Hawwww Ritzi this is not fair ek toh itna late mein post kiya aur wo bhi chotu sa very bad??????? I was about to say sorry for late comment but nahi bolungi bcz you’ve posted short episode.

    Achha sorry for late comment kaan pakad kar bol rahi hun ???????????????? really very busy so not getting time for tu. Well it was too good nd emotional episode. Feeling very bad for twinj. ??????nd promo seems scary nd interesting too. Please try to post next part asap.
    Nd I’ll wait for your ff do post whenever you get time.
    Lots of love ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  19. Baby

    yaar…….ritzi very bad
    2 months kher mein kya bolun late lateef hun mein khud………
    all luv ur ff meri toh avenyi hai……..
    pata hai kitna miss kiya…….
    srsly luvd d episode emotional n touching pls post asap
    cant wait……plssssssssssssssss………..n a long one a humble request
    lods of love♥♥♥♥

  20. Ramya

    Hey ritzi
    Finally u r back kitna wait karvaya
    Awesome amazing episode
    Promo I’m so excited fr it
    Post soon dear
    Love u keep smiling

  21. Aanya_pandey

    Ohh my god!! Ritzi i was almost choaked while reading those emotions ?
    N soery for commenting late

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