This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 34

Arre…sorry apologies..i really didn’t intended to make u all wait for so long..but had a test..ab bas ek aur week apna patience banaye rakho..then I hv a good news for u…I m ending this ff…now u will hv to no more bear me….hehe….agar aisa soch rahe ho…then u all r wrong…itni jaldi peecha nhi chodungi get tht one thing straight…the real good news is my vacations are starting frm 23rd …so ab soch lo kya hoga apka…I will try to update long epis..but before tht we hv our maths pls forgive me if I m not regular for the upcoming week

Sorry ayu..i broke yr promise..i told u tht I will post on Friday..but got stcuck in sm work..really sorry
Accha ek baat batao..kisko meri beginning lines padhke heart attack ane wala tha!

The link of the previous epi is here Episode 33

Now lets roll onto the next epi…

#twinkle’s POV

@Sameer’s cabin
He came…but y..y did he came when i was on the verge of forgetting him nd starting a new life with sam. I stood there like a lifeless body…pls twinkle control mind spoke when my eyes again got stuck In the matrix of his eyes…as soon as my glance met his..i again got carried away forgetting all the grudges I held for him…I really wanted to go nd give him a tight slap followed by a tiiiiiight hug..but thanx to sam who was still holding me by my waist. I could again see the same possessive shade of him ..the shade of him which I adore the most…
JUST UP TWINKLE! again my arrogent mind interrupted…he is no one to u..just no just stop being a numskull. But my heart nd body didn’t supported my mind…my hear again increased its beat on seeing him…my eyes got teary on seeing him…my legs started to shake…..on seeing him.

“hey..where r u both lost” I heard a voice which brought us back to senses.
“no where sam!” I exclaimed faking smile nd releasing my waist frm his trap as ik if he would hv held me for sm more tym wht would hv happened.

“h…hi k..kun…unj” I said shutting my eyes tightly for gaining strenght to speak his name..the name which I had not taken since past 5 yrs. pls..pls stop heart spoke getting influenced by my mind when he started motioning towards me with the same intensity in his eyes supported by flame of jealousy. I moved back a bit but stopped nd held sam’s hand…unknowingly….i was really very scared of him…I just wished he doesn’t do anything inappropriate.

“hi miss twinkle” he said forwarding his hand. Wht was tht….m still staring him blankly…did he had a memory loss in past these years…but then wht my eyes saw In his eyes was all a different story.

“twinkle” sam whispered slightly hitting his shoulder with mine “hmm” I said cmng back to senses. He pointed me towards kunj’s hand.

I unwillingly lifted my hand..within a second my hand was with his…as soon as our palms touched my eyes responded …they automatically got shut due to the same known comfortable warm touch of his. It really created a havoc in my hormones. He started massaging my hand with his thumb …still unknown to sam…my mind was continuously sending sending messages to my spinal cord to take away my palm but my heart simply just ignored the stimulus.

ARROGENT! My mind fighted with my heart…same goes to heart replied back..oh just shut up u both..u both r organs of the same body…my inner sole acted as a UN security council to settle the dispute..hehe (zyada hi SS daal diya na).

Oh I guess kunj really wanted meet in the mental asylum…I thought when he was bringing my hand towards his face. Nd in no tym his lips touched my hand just bringing me back to our last kiss in his room…his lips were all the same…no lose in the warmth nd softness.

I just hope u r not thinking to blush as thinking is my job…again my mind spoke…ya I m trying my best to heart responded

For god sake then don’t ignore my stimulus…mind said…wow no words frm my heart now..finally I was able to take my hand away frm him.

“I must say u r gorgeous” kunj said “ofcourse” sam replied

Knock ! knock! We heard “come in!” sam exclaimed

Just then purvi came in “sir its time for yr next meeting” she said to sam “oh god…I almost forgot tht” sam exclaimed …shit! Don’t go..pls pls plsssss my heart requested.

“doll…I will see u later…its an important one…kunj hope to meet u soon” he said nd went away like a storm. Shit! Twinkle bhaag le….i thought nd turned towards the door.

………………………………………….end of twinkle’s POV………………………………………

#kunj’s POV

She started towards the door….my hand quickly grabbed her…I pulled her towards me…the pull was so stong the she followed on my chest…it was not exactly a fall actually.

“who was he..wht does he means to u?” I asked with so much of obsession…it seemed as if I owned her.

“let me go!” she exclaimed trying to free herself frm my clutches…her gaze were continously looking at the floor…as if they were unwilling to meet mine…I brought my hands
towards her waist nd smoothly pulled them up…making twinkle stop her movements…I was hppy to knw tht her hormones still response the same on my touch.

I moved my one hand frm her waist nd placed it on her chin..i made her look towrds me…I was shocked to see so much tears filled in her eyes…but non of which actully moved out..i could understand it was making her vision blurry “cry or wipe!its not always good to choose the middle path” I exclaimed.

She ignored me…as accepted…I again made her look towards me ….i wiped her tears…as soon as my thumb touched her eyes…her body resonded…I could see her breathing heavily…I could feel her heart beating faster

“happy to knw u still love me touch but control yr hormones pretty” I whispered.

She just throwed my hand away frm her face nd backed off. “my body doesn’t love yr touch..infact it hate yr tou h..nd regarding my hormones..stop worring abt

them..u don’t owe them” she said with so much of confidence.

But she is unaware of the fact tht how much it hurted me….i quickly grabbed her shoulders pinning her to the near by wall.

“kunj!” she exclaimed but in her low pitch. I just ignored her….”stop trying..its of no use twinkle” I said when I again found her struggling. I found her movement getting less.

“wht u said…I don’t owe yr hormones..ur wrong miss.taneja….i owe each nd evey part of u” I said directly looking into her eyes.

“no u don’t!” she exclaimed “well I really wanna knw …are u convincing me or yr heart” I said.

She just looked into my eyes nd suddenly pushed me away frm her “no Mr.kunj sarna..u don’t owe body doesn’t needs u..i don’t need u” she said “I belong to sam now” she whispered. Her last words were enough to awake the darkest shade of my possessiveness. I quickly pushed her back to the wall…this time my anger knew no boundries…I held her both the hands abover her headnd with my free hand I pulled her waist towards me. “its hurting kunj” she said wincing in pain. “it hurts me too..when I see sm other boy so close to u…nd wht did u said my touched doesn’t affects u..yr body doesn’t need me…is tht so?” I asked looking directly into her eyes “ye…yes” she garbled. “oh is it..lets see then” I said nd then started kissing her armpits….her beloved touch…mine too…as I was busy surfing her armpits I could also sense her jumpiness…her edginess…her apprehension..her nerves.

To be continued…

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  1. Meeta

    Oh my God.
    I swear I would have suffered a heart attack because of the first few lines.
    How can you just end such an amazing FF.
    What you wrote was breathtakingly amazing.
    Next one soon.
    All the best for the maths exam.

  2. Amazing epiiiiiii

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode….ritzi….loved it to the core….

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi…eagerly waiting for next part

  5. Kruti

    Omggg…..amazing epi…..loved it

    Starting mein toh meri jaan hi nikal di thi tumne….dara diya tha

    Continue soon

  6. Ok…so your first lines I was like I’m going to kill you if you’d end your FF I swear I was soooooo much anger but then I was like what the… I guess I’m the happiest person here knowing that you won’t leave us easily… Please don’t leave us?
    Waiting waiting waiting I’m always waiting for your FF
    If possible post the next one soon
    And yeah I somehow expected they would surely kiss
    Post soon please

  7. Amazinggg epii.. loved the fight btn twinkle’s mind n heart.. it was awesome.. n I loved possessive kunj as well??.. at first when I read the first few lines I ws shocked as to why r u ending this amazing ff so soon.. then I got relieved after I read u won’t leave us so easily.. hehe.. nice prank?.. best of luck for your exam 🙂

  8. I felt like slapping u!how could u even….Asa mazak!
    Anyways humdono ka ek situation hai even I have exams???best of luck

  9. ohh god …ur ff is killing me…every tym u end ur ff wid a suspense…thts wat I love abt u…m so exctd fr nxt…btw best of luck fr ur tests

  10. Wah wah wah????????… kya baat hai…. matlab fantastic….. the emotons were portrayed very nicely ??????….. i just luvd it …..

  11. Twinjfan.tamanna

    I really really don’t know what to say…yaar ur amazing and I just loved the epi…plz plz post asap…

    love u…#smile

  12. dreamer...arundhati

    Ritz….. Thanks… For updating
    I was dieing to read… Love u bae

  13. Awesome epi… And first part padke to mey faint hone wali thi… Hehehe… Next epi jaldi post karna… Egarly waiting for it…

  14. Adya

    Sry. Ritzi di for the late comment……nd the episode was fab di…..nd I thought it really deciding to end this ff….dare u think so….I’ll kill u…..I loved it sooooo much…….
    Luv u

  15. Awesome

  16. Oh ritzi I got minor heart attack reading your starting lines then I got relief after reading that you won’t leave us so easily…come back to episode I so loved the fight between twinkle’s mind and heart and I loved possessive Kunj too…your ff is getting more interesting…desperately waiting for next…

    All the best for your exams…

  17. Chiku

    Ur starting lines were literally a shock. I thought u r ending it and I became so angry then i saw some more lines the everything was………. ok

    Episode was oh lallaaaaaa
    Lovely episode
    Kunjs pain was soo very clear and twinkles too
    Plz post soon
    Nd all the best for ur maths test?????❤️

  18. Ranabulbul

    Yr oase koi karta hai kya is epi ke liye I was waiting so very badly…
    Yr today epi was so so intense yr loved every bit of it …
    Can’t wait for next one ..
    And I have flowed u on insta ..

  19. Awesome……. Mindblowing……. Fabulous…….. I dont have words to explain how i am feeling now really i am so glad to see ur ff after long time and plzzzzzzzzzzz post nxt asap and best of luck for ur math test and i am very to know that ur vications are starting from 23 then u will b free and will post ur ff regularly for us happy

  20. Ramya

    Hey ritzi awesome loved it n ha by listening first lines I was shocked bt I’m happy nw plssss asap can’t wait

  21. Paavu

    omg ritzi wat an epi loved it kya magic hai loved it soooooo much

  22. Ritzi tumhari first line se Mujhe zoor ka jhatka laga
    back to episode it was amazing awesome loved it tooo goood keep it up and try to post next asap
    take care

  23. Aamu

    Hey ritzi…sorry read just now…
    Ik late….
    But all amazing….
    Der POV…was so much.,…………..
    Uhhhhhhhh no words…just speechless…
    N yaa do post soon…
    Or stop karine ki himmaat naa karo to hi achcha hoga tumhare liye….

  24. SidMin

    Loved it awesome and the last part was Se*y 🙂
    Sorry for the late comment I had read it Long back but could not comment sorry 🙂

  25. Baby

    Oohhh my goodness srsly heart attack aaya tha jb pda dat u r ending it yr n shock bhi aaya.. I mean wow I m speechless d episode. . kunjs anger had no boundries ..ohh god we en ll it all resolve yr srsly u nailed it I luvd it soo soooo sooo mch I hv no wrds to explain becahre dono ko pta nhi maza aa rha hai ek dusre ko hrt krne mein yeh nhi sb kuch resolve krle sch ka syd lekr ab aapke haaton mein hai sb dear …well leave it..i cant w8..amazing fabulous yr u nailed it all d best aaj se u r hving holidays ryt n I cant w8 fr ur nxt update luvd it n i want ur nxt 1 soon soooo ready to post soon dear..n dis rt I feel lyk killing him..I hope kunj soon meet leela maa n yuhi..

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