This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 31


Hi guys…so I heard tht many of u are not liking my drag….nd are comparing it with TV serials but I didn’t do tht intentionally….. I don’t hv the much time to give u very long updates nd this is the reason y u feeling like I m dragging….moreover I thought tht the more tym they will take to meet the more exciting will be their meet …..but if u guys want me to make them meet soon without wht I hv thought then its yr wish I only hv to follow it….I give u tym of one more epi….if u still feel tht they should unite soon then I will make them meet in my next epi nd if u support me then trust me their meet will take place very very soon with my planned occasion…. The choice is all yrs.

Let’s start the epi…

#kunj POV

I was still sitting on my road….crying ….but then I realised my love for her was not tht weak tht I give up so soon…we r destined to be together nd no 1 in this world has the power to change the destiny

I took a long breath…..gained sm strength nd made myself remember tht I was The kunj sarna…not tht weak kunj anymore….I stood up….took my phone from my pocket nd called Jennie (she too came with kunj) “hello….Jennie at wht tym do I hv to meet sameer?……ohkay I will be meeting him within next hour….u too reach their soon” I said nd cut the phone …….then I called my driver nd informed him to pick me up.

He came…..I sat in car nd drove away to my house…..I was so excited….I was going to meet maa nd bebe aftr so long….I just can’t wait anymore

I reached their……..
(U guys told no dragging so……)

#aftr 45 minutes

I was in my room….I can’t explain my joy….how much happy I became aftr meeting them….aftr hvng food if maa’s hands aftr sooo long….nd now I m here….again in my formals…..getting ready for the meeting. I swear I m not in the mood to meet any sameer nor I want to do a y deal….I just meet twinkle….maa….yuhi….but see my luck….I m not getting a moment to meet them….but aftr meeting I will surely meet them

I headed down stairs…..sat in my car and drove off

I entered the company…. I must say its really well maintained….. Everything seems perfect…. So the first impression of sameer came out to be a good one. “Good morning sir” a familiar voice greeted me “good morning jennie” I replied “sir….are u okay?” She asked noticing wound near my lips…. “Ya absolutely Jennie” I replied

End of kunj’s POV….

#Sameer’s cabin
Sameer was sitting on his chair ……looking continuously in his mobile phone……he was continuously blushing looking at twinkle’s pic in his phone
“I heard my doll rocked the stage with her voice
… song……most importantly by her looks….well this was only expected from my girl…I also heard tht yr new Hindi song was a blast” he was continuously staring at her pic nd still had a contendful smile

Just then he heard a knock…..he quickly put off his mobile “come in” he said with a firm voice


Kunj’s POV

We entered the cabin of sameer… I mean Mr.Sameer I had to be formal na

As soon as I entered ….I saw a young man nearly of my age….with white complexion nd good looks sitting on chair (u can imagine karan tacker if u want). Just then my gaze met with Jennie’s …..she was there….standing with a glued expressions….. As if she had fallen for him……hey! She never looked at me this way….am I not handsome! Itna bhi kuch khas nhi dikh rha ki aanake phad phadkar dekh rhi hai “Jennie control yr hormones” I whispered by which she came into senses “s…sorry” she replied being shy

“Oh Mr.kunj sarna…..pls come in na” he said I smiled and went in….we shook our hands nd shared a professional hug

He then saw Jennie “hello beautiful lady” he said forwarding his hand to her …….ye banda toh flirt nikla ….Jennie readily forwarded her hand nd they had a handshake……I could notice the drastic change in her behaviour “Jennie….will u pls go nd see hw is the presentation proper….it is kept in the meeting room” I said as I thought this was the only option to keep of managing my reputation….. Moreover meeting had a bit tym to take place

For the first tym I saw Jennie giving me a bechari kinda look but I had to ignore her

Precap: kunj nd Sam’s first personal talk

Sorry abt this epi…. Sorry if u slept while reading it……sorry for the short one too

I m not in the mood….but I will try to post another one today when my mood seems stable

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  1. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey ritzI! ……. first of all whatever is in ur mind apply that only …… I fully trust u without any doubts ….. n i know whatever u have planned must be rocking n I want to see that only otherwise it depends on others also …… my opinion is not only the exception …. other too matters ….. n about this segment so it was superb….. great job…… n really like when kunj was feeling a lil jealous coz of Jennie…….. over all other was Awsome……. waiting for ur next one …..
    Loads of love ???

  2. SidMin

    Hey Ritzi I loved the way you write its perfect an you aren’t dragging it you are just making a baseline for the story to shape up and the more the time it takes for Twinj to meet the more interesting it would become and The episode was awesome Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  3. Thanmy

    Diiii what an episode
    It was just mind blowing and I love the pov’s the most diii as usual u rocked n coming to the story plssssss write it according to ur plan diii I’m damn sure its gonna be awesome rather than our suggestion of making them meet soon sooooo this was my opinion n this was like woahhhhh twinkle was like setting fire on stage in my imagination ??n kunj ???
    Totally it was fantastic dii next one soon when ur mood gets??
    Sorry for not commenting on ur previous one just now I read it sorry so this was for both the episodes
    Love u dii??❤?

  4. Hey Ritzi, u can write the story as you have planned.. I’m sure you must have planned it better than the suggestion to meet them soon.. I don’t mind waiting for them to meet as I know you must have thought something good about it.. and yeah u said it right that the more time they take to meet, the more exciting it would be.. and coming to this epi it was awesome as always.. loved kunj’s povs and jeannie??.. do cont soon ?

  5. Ritzi pls pls pls apply ur idea if you r thinking that you are draging it like other tv serial then you are totally wrong…
    back to epi it was great….awesome…I’m waiting for next part…….
    luv u

  6. Maggi

    Beautiful epi ….and regarding the story line up I’m ol OK with the way u hve planned it….
    Yep I agree that twinj meet vl be more intrsting if u still take some epis for it ….
    I totally go with ur plan….still now u have delivered the best so I m very sure that u vl CNT to do so….and I luv ur way of explaining things…..❤❤❤
    Esp the povs yaaar they r mind blowing????
    Though today’s epi was short it was very sweet and cute???
    CNT soon dear….

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  8. Kruti

    Ritzi I seriously dont feel ur track is draggy… b frank I felt ur ran down today’s episode……But still d episode was good
    Just cant wait for twinj ka face off
    And pls write d ff as per ur thought pls dont run down thru it

    Sorry if u felt bad….but this was what I felt

    Loads of Luv??

  9. Chiku

    Hey ritzi. Its good. Its not boring. U can show watever u want after all its a twinj ff and they will be together at the end. I love ur ff.
    it’s amazing
    Keep going amd rocking
    Loved it
    Mood acha karo nd next jaldi upload karo?❤️

  10. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..awesome episode…..loved it to the core….

  11. Tara

    loved it ritzi..
    nd m all set with ur ff.. its not dragged..
    so chill..
    love soon

  12. dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi it isn’t dragged….superb episode….CTdsoon

  13. Hey ritzi firstly I’m so happy that you dint feel bad about my demand and you aren’t miffed with me…ritzi I don’t have any problem with the way your going…u feel like twinj meet will be more interesting if u make them meet after few more episodes then I’m okay with it…sabar ka fal meetha hota hai(the fruit of patience is sweet) so il completely trust you and your storyline and patiently wait for twinj meet…frankly speaking dear the way you ran down with today’s episode I felt very bad it clearly showed that you are very disappointed with we readers demands…so from now no more demands from my side coz I completely trust my cutie pie ritzi n love to read my lovely ritzi’s happy mood wale episodes not mood off ritzi’s episodes…I’m sorry if my words have hurt you…eagerly waiting for your next episode…jaldi se apna mood achcha karlo and give me the episodes with happy happy mood…love you my cute little sissy ??? I hope you don’t mind me calling you sissy…

  14. Hey Ritzi awesome dear… Anf ya go with ur ideas …ur storyline…its amazing… :*:*:*

  15. Shreya098

    Ritzi…. Go the way u wanted it to be..
    U are an amazing writer…
    Yes I am eagerly waiting for the day they will meet….. But only in ur style… The way u have planned it…
    Plzz don’t be in a rush…I love ur style of writing……

    Coming to todays epi…
    ❤Loved it❤..

  16. nice episode ritzi
    but becoz of our silly mistake yaaa our demand
    you are depressed naaa
    soooo sorry Yr
    I didn’t mean to say I just said m excited for their meet I don’t want it before you planned
    m just enjoying the story as the way you are progressing it
    plzzzzzz don’t do it again
    plzzzzzz don’t be depressed your this part shows all your emotions
    now plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue it as the way you want
    and that too happily we all love your story

  17. Ramya

    Hey ritzi amazing dear
    N u r nt at all boring us
    Srsly n plss post as u have thinked before
    Dnt change it
    N episode is amazing
    N eager fr next one
    Loved it
    Love u

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  19. Baby

    Ritzi yr h r nt at all dragging it n ssly uggghhhh dis sameer who is he 2 blush ceeing twinkles pic bt stsly luvd it haha sameer nono mr.sameer frmal hona hoga naa n jennie nvr lukd at me lyk dat fabulous. ….

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