This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 30


Hey gurls! So….I m again gllllaaaad to knw tht u all r liking my ff so much ….keep loving me like this only
TwinhSidMin …..look u demanded for twinj scenes right! But try nd understand tht I m in a situation where I cannot give u tht much twinj scenes right now…..just wait for few more episodes na….u only think hw can sm1 put up twinj scenes in a situation like this where they haven’t even met….nd I knw u all would be demanding this thts why I gave my best romantic scenes during tht past so tht I can be stable
Nd u also talked abt my previous ff …..look tht ff didn’t had any much suspence nd has an easy going story bit this is my new piece of writing on diff theme so it has to differ na….but still I will try to give u twinj scenes in upcoming epi

JasAndSidLover……thank u soo so soooooo much dear….yr cmnt really touched my heart…keep cmnting

Daamini this ones for u…..
Episode 29

Episode 28

Episode 27

Chalo now let’s start…..

Twinkle’s POV…..
“This is when the feeling sinks in….I don’t wanna miss u like this….come back …be here….come back…be here….I guess ur in londan today…I don’t wanna need u this way….cm back …be here….cm back….be here”
I was singing….but I don’t knw today y I felt as if my heart isn’t beating for me again….it is beating for the one …..whom it used to beat few years back… eyes are busy taking a glance of evey1 like it does in every concert…

But y…..y do I feel tht my eyes r again searching for him….his eyes who left me few years back….this feeling is scary….y do I feel tht he is

Ne…ar me….looking at me….babaji I asked u tht my songs should reach him….for the 1 these songs r meant for….I didn’t intended to meet him….y did u take my wish in a wrong way

Wait twinkle….wait! U aren’t even sure tht he is here ….stop complaining nd concentrate on yr singing

As soon as I broke the polynomials of my thoughts I heard a huge round of applause… The hooting ….the whistling….. I smiled…. As it gives me immense happiness.

I took a long breath nd spoke up “hey guys…..are u all ready for my new as well as my first Bollywood song!!!!” I asked with much enthusiasm. The crowd increased its whistling nd hooting
I could see few boys holding my poster which has ‘we love you twinkle’ written in it….its not new for me…but whenever I see any boy holding or using this types of word….my heart always ponders wht he would hv done ….if he was present here. I m sure he would hv bet them up black nd blue…..

Oh just SHUT UP TWINKLE! Y r u thinking abt him so much today? I again took a long breath to brush off the thoughts nd took babaji’s name before releasing my first ever Hindi song this too like my every other songs belonged to him nd here I start
Bas itni si tamanna hai….tere rang mei hi rang jau
Rahu na mai Zara mujh mei…. Teri hoke hi rehjaun
Kisise na kaha hai Jo…tumhi se baat voh keh di
Sabhi dete hai dil aksar …mai tujh ko jaan bhi de du
(Nd I was able to hear the hooting on this line…it always gives me more enthusiasm)
Ye hai sukoon yeh hai junnon … tashan e ishq hai

End of twinkle’s POV….

……….kunj’s POV……

And there u go….another piece of mesmerizing writing …..tht belongs to me….perhaps
“Mujhse naa durr ja …..intajahein meri
Mujhepe haq hai tera … nigahein Teri
Ab mera …sab tera… Khwaishein ho Bas Teri”

I had tears in my eyes….thinking tht these beautiful lines….these beautiful song sung by my gorgeous lady love ……it belonged to me

“Kisise na kaha hai Jo tumhi se baat voh kehdu sahi dete hai dil aksar….mai tujhko jaan bhi dedu
Hai aarzoo Bas tu hi tu….ye tashan e ishq hai”

Nd she ended the song….noooo pls….I wanna hear it again nd again….y did u stopped…but don’t worry kunj sarna….very soon…I mean very verrry soon she will be singing this song for me…only for me …as she is my personal singer nd I m her only V.I.P (guys do u remember… These r the exact words told by Sam to twinkle…I don’t want to drag the concert part more….so I will not show u all the songs tht she sings nd all….I only showed u the important ones)

Aftr the concert….she disappeared from the stage….without even wasting a single second I ran outside….to meet her….pushing every1 sm how I managed to reach the exit aftr me the crowd too came rushing to hv the autograph of twinkle…..can’t they just give me few minutes to meet her alone…buzdil kahike

Just then twinkle came….followed by the black coat guards which were really much in need….I swear this girl is stabbing me again nd again…look at the way she walks….her flaw….just like a big star…but before tht she is my star?
“I m cmng twinkle” saying this is started moving towards her…..”hey….get aside” I said cruelty when one of the security stopped me from entering into the red carpet…where she was busy attending media….I made struggles to reach her “sir pls stay here …u cannot enter the carpet……it’s only for twinkle mam nd her family members” just then my gaze went on leela maa…nd yuhi they too were standing with her attending the media…tears again took over my eyes aftr seeing leela maa….uv….mahi… I could see mahi wearing vermilion nd holy thread which made me even more happy.

Now I was more eager to meet them all….I wanted to touch leela maa’s feet….I wanted to hug uv nd give him a punch too for not even informing me abt their marriage….most importantly… I wanted to feel twinkle’s breath into mine….again….without giving any heed to the guard’s words….I pushed him nd started moving towards them but he is so stubborn…. He stopped me again….it was heigh “hey listen…. I m her family…lemme go now” I said controlling my arising anger “hehe….u r not any new person who pretends tht ur her family….pls.sir its my last warning….stay in yr limits” he said making me more furious
“This is also my last warning….let me go orelse….” I said “orelse wht uh!” He said pushing me a bit back. This was enough….I pushed him with much force nd entered the red carpet

But my luck…. Yuhi nd leela maa had already left nd twinkle was heading towards her car
I started walking towards her ….as fast as I could but I was stopped by 4-5 guards…..they started dragging me away from her. I resisted “let me go….leave me!” I shouted at them…but I think my voice was too short to be heard by twinkle in this noisy place. I smhw freed myself from their clutches nd again ran towards her

“Twink….” I was about to shout when on of the guards beat me on my face for not obeying them….. The situation at tht moment was of the kind tht I really don’t care abt these bas*ards nor did I had tym to show them who kunj sarna was

I again ran towards twinkle…..her guard had already opened the door of her car for her. “TWINKLE!!!!!” I shouted my lungs out. My heart started beating more faster…..I started to sweat more….

Twinkle’s POV

I heard his voice….wait….did I really heard his voice? My heart started beating faster… I started to sweat (they r really made for eo) thinking tht my instinct was true ….I didn’t had any power to turn back nd actually see him….I was glued…with much difficulties I managed to turn back.

As soon as I turned back….I removed my shades…’s this possible…. Was the only word which captured my mind

I heard his voice…..but there’s no 1…..was it just my imagination…. Ya I think thts the thing….thinking this I again sat in my car nd the driver drove away…

End of twinkle’s POV….

Kunj’s POV….
Damn it! DAMN IT! I was going to meet her…..I was…..I thought sitting on the road aftr being beaten up by the guards…..I was continuously crying…..again I missed her….again!

End of kunj’s POV…..

Kunj shouted twinkle’s name….but as soon as he shouted the guards dragged him from there nd beat him black nd blue on the road.

To be continued…

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  1. Your killing me with so much courtesy
    God I can’t wait
    Please post the next one soon
    I’m just dying to see them together again?Look I’m the one desperately waiting for their meeting then both of them (TwiNj)
    Cont soon please

  2. SidMin

    Oh god Ritzi I loved it Loved it to the core Kunj was desperately trying to meet Twinkle Hope he could but since Twinj did not meet this part of Twinj seeing each other is making me more desperate and Post soon can’t wait 🙂 Post soon Lots of Love 🙂

  3. Hey ritzi I’m really very sorry if my words have hurt you…yeah I can understand you can’t give twinj scenes so much in this ff as per the story…so I’m really very sorry for demanding twinj scenes…now coming to the episode it’s as usual amazing…loved it to the core of my heart…

    1. Ritzi

      No yaar ….don’t make me feel guilty….I m glad tht u opened up in front of me….ya yr demands are always welcomed aftrall this ff is for u all….but the only thing I wanted to aim is I will not be able to show twinj scene right now …but will surely put it up aftr few epi…nd remember it girl the first romance aftr their meet will only be for u

  4. Hey ritzi
    It was damm good luv it
    from where did you get ideas
    my curiosity is increasing day by day what will be coming next in ur ff
    luv u…bye

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Super amazing episode…..

  6. Loved it to core…. Post soon nxt part…. Eagerly waiting for twinj union…..

  7. Anam_sidhant

    Yaar u r making me so curious?? I can’t wait to see them together❤❤ and the episode was amazing? looking forward to the next one?

  8. Superb epi.. now my curiosity is rising what will happen next.. I’m hooked up to ur ff.. poor kunj got beaten ??.. eagerly waiting for the next part.. do cont soon ?

  9. Kruti

    Kunj ki despiracy…..arggghhhhh
    How do u manage to write so well everytime
    U drive me crazzzzzzzy
    Superb epi loved it post d nxt one soon

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi….bechara kunj….

  11. Maggi

    It was awsm yaaar….luvd the way u showed how badly they were missing each other…..❤❤❤
    Amazyn work….

  12. ohhhh Yr this is getting more interesting and you are just killing us by curiosity Yr
    plzzzzzz at least make them meet once
    don’t drag it like TV serials plzzzzzz
    and this epi is really fab

  13. Fan

    Awesome epi ritzi!!!!!!..i cant wait to read the next part..plz post soon yaar..

  14. Ramya

    Hey ritzi
    Amazing super lovely episode dear
    Srsly eager to know wt happens next
    Loving it

  15. Ramya

    Hey ritzi
    Amazing super lovely episode dear
    Srsly eager to know wt happens next
    Loving it n awesome sach mai

  16. SIDMIN-Daamini

    First of all ritzI thank u so much for providing the links …… first I read those part n this one n seriously would love to say that they all were Awsome n about this one so it was so amazingly written …….. just wish that twinj meet soon n their love dastaan start again ……. loved it to the core n especially when kunj was trying hard to meet twinkle….really it made me so disheartened that after so much struggle still kunj wasn’t able to meet her but the story demand this ……….. post next one soon dear ……. eagerly waiting for it
    Love u ?????

  17. Ayeshakhanum11

    hey Ritzi it was really amazing awsome u did it lots of love from me

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    Awesome ritzi eagerly waiting for twinj meet ☺☺☺☺

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    Superb epi…loved it like anything
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    They beat him…?..

    Its getting more and more interesting…. I just can’t wait for the day when they will face each other…

    God…. I don’t know how he is gonna digest the fact that she is engaged to someone..

    Awesome update…
    Loved it❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Romaisha

    Heyy di!! Just a superb epi today!! Loved it to the core! ❤❤❤

  22. Baby

    Ritzi amazing episode I mean wow really emotional was crying bechara kunj srsly becahara huh dese hitlers yr I hv a request if u dont mind…

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