This Is When The Feeling Sinks In…..Twinj Episode 3


Haan haan I know I m late….but aap logo ko pata nhi hai that I broke my love…my life….my tab…ya my tablet which makes me connect wid u guys but luckily I got a new phone so soon so I m writing this now…and for a change this week we don’t hv anyyyy tests so I m free…so I will try to upload it alternate days…..PLS CAN SM1 HERE TELL ME HW TO SEND LINKS

A quick precap: so we saw that twinkle is a gr8 Hollywood singer in US and has came to Amritsar for alher contest and for releasing her first ever Bollywood album she meets her mom after 5 yrs or so and when she goes to her room she finds a diary where she gets lost into fb we also saw that the song she sings are dedicated to sm1 whom she has lost now the fb twinkle and mahi r sisters and belong to a rich family so does UV and kunj is a studious guy…belongs to a middle class family and wants to do smthng fr his bebe and maa

Even of u want to know more u hv to read epi 1 and 2 as I don’t know how to send link

The episodes starts
Twihi and UV r in music the room and kunj in library (they 4 r close frnds but kunj is shy kinda boy) as it was their free period but just to break their fun the bell rang
Tang tang tang tang
T: oh godddd! Mr D’Souza’s class…..uff I just hate him….

M: hate ki bacchi tujhe is duniya mei kya pasand hai voh bata pehle

T: music

M: ya whatever if we will get late then Mr dsouza will take out all ur music

In the class
Yuhi r sitting together… aisa toh bf gf his karenge na…samaj Jane ka
Kunj is sitting behind them and reading a book….twinkle enters the class and sees him

T: uff ye ladka….doesn’t he gets tired of reading mai toh half and hour se zayad padh hi nhi sakti (same with me twinkle…hehe)

Twinkle went and sat beside kunj….seeing her kunj shifted a bit…twinkle didn’t noticed that

T: accha kunj I hv a doubt in this….

Saying this she went near kunj in order to show her doubt….and as soon as their hands touched kunj again shifted….now this tym it was noticed by twinkle…she gave a frown and again shifted towards him…seeing her kunj again moved back…twinkle found it as a fun….they kept on doing this until kunj was stopped by the wall….as he was sitting near the wall….now twinkle found it as a gr8 opportunity she kept on moving her head towards him

K: t..twin..twinkle…mov….e….twinkle

T: no…firstly I want a kiss

Kunj’s eyes widened up

K: what! Nooo…u can’t do this to my respect….l…look I want to study….twinkle…

But twinkle was still moving towards him….kunj closed his eyes tightly 10 secs went and as kunj didn’t felt anything….he opened his eyes….just to see a red twinkle….ya twinkle was all red as she was controlling her laughter with one hand just attached to her mouth and as soon as I opened the eyes she started laughing hardly

T: hahaaa….Ku….nj….smthngits so much fun in pulling yr legs yaar….heheee….u know ur the first 1 who doesn’t want to kiss twinkle the hottie…..abhi ye toh aisi baat hui ko Ferrari tumhare paas aa rhi hai air tum chalane ka na bol rho

Kunj didn’t understood her meaning

K: (seriously) twinkle I don’t like expensive cars

Now this made twinkle first loose her smile nd then her confidence….she was numb….just looking him…as she didn’t had any words…..

T: ya ya I admit he left me speechless

Yuhi who listened everything now started laughing heaving

UV: heheeeeeeehheeeeheeee kunj…heehee

K: y r u laughing so much…mahi…..did he ate smthng…..

He was stopped as soon as he saw mahi too laughing

K: what’s wrong wid u guys……I just said tht I don’t like Ferrari

Now this made UV laugh even harder

UV: heheeeeheeeeheeeehhheeeeheheeeeehee twinkle…heaa…he doesn’t likes Ferrari…..he he (here UV means farrari as twinkle as she compared herself with ferrari])

Now this was done for twinkle

And she banged her hand on her table….which made yunj and mahi scared and yuhi to stop her laughter
Yuhi saw so and….
Yuhi: heheeehhhaaahahhaaaheheheee

Twinkle gives an I give up wala look
T: kunj….u don’t like me

K: when did I even say that

M: that means u lyk her

K: when did I said that too

T: now its final u don’t like Ferrari (bechari twinkle she still thinks kunj understood her Ferrari wala joke)

K: ya I don’t lyk Ferrari

UV: ya twinkle he doesn’t lyk u

K: but…….ugh….u guys a beyond to impossible

And he again started reading….just then professors enters….all wished him

Professor: hey students…… There’s a good news for u

Students: (excitedly) what!

P: a trip to manaaali!

This was it… everyone started hugging each other……wait wait wht is a kangaroo doing in this class…..y does it looks lyk twinkle…..o silly me….its twinkle only…..she is jumping continuously…… Hugging yuhi with full excitement

T: oh my god oh my god…..manali …wohoooooo…..its gonna be a fun baby

Every1 was hell excited leaving 1….ya its our nerdy handsome….kunj
He was just looking at every1’s face and was making a disgusting wala look

K: oh god….why r they excited as if they topped first in school (arrr mera cutie baby….ye log top karne par utna khush nhi hinge jitna trip ki baat sunkar hate hai)

Prof: settle down every1

Still the same


Still the same

Prof: trip cancel…..

Be4 he could even complete he found every1 on their seats

K: sir….

Prof: wait kunj…..I know wht ur gonna say but be4 that listen to me….this is an educational trip….and it is necessary as ur next project is based on manali’s history….. Geography and everything related to it… kunj u will hv to cm

K: sir but fees….

Prof: its free for u my buy….I’ll may it

The professor knows his problems

K: no sir…nd ……

Prof: look if u hv to study then u will hv to leave ur mom nd….

K: bebe

Prof: ya….ma nd bebe alone…

Kunj looked down nd nooded sadly

T: ( EXCITEDLY) YE kunj is cmng

Saying this she hugged him tightly….leaving all shocked .. Kunj shock

Prof: twinkle behave

No response

Prof thinks: be yeh log meri baat kyu nhi sunte ek baar mei


this made twinkle cm back to her senses nd he left kunj….

To be continued….

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