This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 27


Hellooooo….m back ..m back…so thank u so so so soooo much for ur precious love. I was so scared tht u guys might not like this track but thanks for yr immense love nd support.

So without wasting the tym lets break yr curiousity….

#present…Taneja Mansion

@twinkle’s room

Twinkle’s pov

“but there’s one thing tht u need to keep in yr chotu sa dimag….no matter wht yr feelings are towards me but all I knw is tht I will always keep loving u” sam said to which I just passed a smile with a lot of respect followed by guilt…guilt of not been able to love him back.

“hey! U remember na…its my concert aftr a day….nd I m not gonna listen anything..u hv to cm nd tht ends it” I said just to cheer him up

He smiled back..”ya..i will try my best doll…okay?” he asked to which I nodded like an impatient child

“but how I wish he also would hv been there” he continued “who?” I asked with a lot of curiousity running in my mind “arre the one whom all yr songs are made for” he said …his this line was enough for a quick adrenaline rush all over my body….my hear started pumping nd wht more I began to sweat…he knws me soo well “no sam its…” I said but was “shut up! No more lying with me “ he said to which I bowed down

Its not tht I dedicate my songs to him intentionally….its just tht whenever I think of him a new song takes birth….the song containing all my feelings for him…anger..hatred…desire…love…tht I wanted to tell him..but he ran away…smtymes I wonde whether my words…my feelings are reaching him or he is sooo far frm me tht my words nd feelings r too weak to reach him. I was sooo engrossed in my thoughts tht I forgot sam was sitting beside me…he snapped his fingers to bring me back to my senses “hey…kaha kho gye” he asked to which I nodded my head in negative nd tucked my hairs behind my ears nervously. Just then “tring tring” his phone rang “oh god!sorry twinkle will be back in a minute..its important” he said nd I nodded

Again I was alone….the loneliness which always drags me to my bitter past.


(in past if u guys remember we saw tht kunj got scholarship in newyork..twinkle came to meet him nd unknowingly for twinkle they had their last kiss nd happy tym together..then twinkle had to leave)

Twinkle’s POV

I was alone in my room….feeling so restless even though I had my ear plugs on..i was not paying any heed to the ongoing song….i was rotating..revolving…nd changing my position at every single second on my bed….smtyms I cuddled my teddy to stop this weired yet scary feeling…donno but I was feeling like a part of me was going away frm me. Finally I plugged off my ear plugs nd went to the balcony …the cool winds there made me feel better..but they just supressed my fear…I thought to call my stress reducing element…whom I need the most ri8 now. Without even thinking for a sec I picked my phone nd called him….to my surprise he didn’t picked it …..i was literally surprised as it was the 1st tym he didn’t picked up my call. This was enough to make me more restless.

# 2 a.m

Its been three hours since I m trying to call him…almost 45 mised call nd 250 msgs… reply. This was limit quickly wrapped a shawl around me nd took my car keys….i opened myroom door nd tip toed towards my hall entrance….i wanted to meet him…y do I feel like smthng is not correct…I was in my corridoor “twinkle!” I heard a voice…..a whisper actually ….damn! I I turned towards the dirction of the voice “oh mahi..u scared me out” I sighed in a whisper….she quickly came nd took me back to my room nd closed thye door “mahi wht r u doing at this tym” I asked

“tht should be my queston twinkle….where were u going at midnight” she asked “voh..voh kunj is not picking calls” I said ….nd look at her….there are sm strange expressions on her face…as if…as if she knew smthing very important. I quickly caught hold of her shoulders “mahi y do I feel as if u knw y kunj isnt picking up my calls…tell me where is he?” I asked with a shaky scared voice “he left” I heard a whisper frm mahi….this was enough …I thigtened my grip on her nd shrugged her “where did he left” I shouted with tears in my eyes

I could see changed expressions on mahi’s face “arre…twi..twinkle…i..i mean he must hv went to sleep na not an owl like u” she said..which was not a statisfactory reply frm her…I could sense smthing was not right “I don’t believe u…I will go nd meet him ri8 now” I said pushing mahi away frm my way …she immediatley caught hold of my hands nd pulled me back

“twinkle u cannot mee t him” she said “WHY?” I shouted my lungs “ too late” she said “too late for wht mahi?” I asked almost crying “i..i mean its late u cannot meet him him in the morning okay” she said cupping my face but I could sense the double meaning of her last two lines …I pushed her “no..i need to go!” I said making my way towards the door “twinkle!” she shouted nd pushed me on the bed….be4 I could even stand she ran outside nd bolted the door….she locked me in my room! How can she do this to me. I quickly ran nd started banging the door “mahi..mahi pls open the door…I need to meet him…pls understand” I said crying vigoursly…the only words which I could hear frm her was “sorry twinkle…I cannot” she said “mahi the door…mahi no..mahi u cannot go …mahi!” but she went away….no response frm her.

My legs were too weak to handle me nd I ended up on the floor….crying like hell…by this tym I was sure tht smthng is not at all correct…this was related to kunj…even the thought of loosing him made me cry so much….wht if he really leaves me…orelse has already left me…noooo! He cant do this to me..i m his nd only his siyappa queen….he will definitely not leave me.
Since past few hours I hv been crying sooo vigoursly tht I donno when my vision became dark.

# 6 am

When I opened my eyes…..i saw myself lying on the floor….i took me few moments to remince wht had happened yesterday….i quickly stood up…all my hairs were messy…my kajal must hv been smudged but I really don’t care abt it ri8 now…I quickly tried to open my door…it was still locked.
I started moving my gaze here nd there all over my room…hope to get sm way out…oh god…y dis balcony didn’t came in front of me yesterday. Without even thinking for a second….i got down frm my balcony with the help of all my dupattas (she made a rope using them).

I reached kunj’s home….the door was open…I saw usha aunty in her kitchen but I didn’t had any tym to meet her….i quickly made my way towards kunj’s room “KUNJ!” I shouted as son as I opened his room door. I was blank….for a while I was in a fix tht whether it was kunj’s room only….or just an empty box…ya an empty box….it didn’t had anything. I ran inside thr room nd opened the cupboard…empty!
“kunj…kunj where are u…look u know I m not tht much fond of hide nd seek tht ur playing it with me since yesterday….oh now I caught u…ur in the bathroom ri8…hey what a coincidence I too didn’t had a bath…let me also join u” saying this I made my way towards the bathroom nd opened the door….he wasn’t there “KUUNNJ!” I shouted just then I saw mahi nd uv coming in..accompanied by usha aunty.

I quickly ran towards aunty nd caught hold of her shoulders “aunty…aunty where is kunj..did he went for a jog?” I asked “twinkle….wht are u saying….didnt kunj told u ?” she said with baffeled expressions “wht? Wht he didn’t told me” I asked “tht he was going to abroad for his furthur studies…he left yesterday evening itself” aunty said “hehe…aunty u joking ri8….kunj also involved u in the game….he is insane…now tell me truly when will he be back frm his jog?” I asked to which aunty gave a blank expressions nd just looked towards yuhi helplessly “twinkle…doll lets go home” said mahi “NO…MAI KUNJ SE MILE BINA KAHI NHI JAUNGI!” I said taking few steps back

“but twinkle….he left to new….” Usha aunty was trying to complete her sentence but mahi sighned her in no….wht was happeneing….i quickly went towards aunty “haan….haan..cmon tell me where he went” I asked impatiently….aunty again looked at mahi “mahi….y arent u letting her tell me!” I shouted. I felt so much helpless at tht moment tht I ended on floor…again….nd started crying…yuhi were busy consoling me whereas aunty was still shocked by my behaviour. Just then my gaze went on a chit kept on table…I pushed yuhi nd ran to take it. It read “he siyappa queen…don’t become a tsunami queen okay….dont trouble mahi more cause I hv took her promis…she will not be able to tell u where I m…twinkle I m leaving…pls concentrate on yr singing career nd make me feel proud….yours forever…kunj” my hands were shaking….they had became so weak…the paper fell on the floor…so did i…with a thud….”no kunj…u cant do this to me…u cant leave me….we were going to get married na…” I was stopped by usha aunty “marriage….whose marriage?” she asked…my eyes widend….i quickly got up…”aunty I think u forgot tht I nd kunj were going to get married….kunj told u na” I said with much confidence

“wht? Twinkle wht r u saying …kunj didn’t told me anything…hehe twinkle…he mudt be joking with u..he always thought u as ur bestie” she said….my sadness…my tears knew no bounds…my eyes started becoming heavy so did my body…my vision became compleltely dark.

I opened my eyes nd found myself on my bed …my head was spinning…my eyes burning. My vision took abt 2 minutes to get bck to normal….when it became clear I found maa,mahi,dad nd uv around me “twinkle…twinkle puttar u fine na” said maa caressing my hairs “maa…kunj..le..ft me” I said with a shakyvoice nd again started crying in her embrace…I could feel her sobs too, just then I heard a thud…..i quickly parted myself frm maa nd found dad who just throwed a vase on the floor “dad” I whispered “how dare he….how dare he ditch my daughter…he is a bl**dy jerk he…” “DAD! MIND YR TOUNGE!” I shouted ……a few moments later I came back to my senses..i realised wht I had done…I’hv never ever talked with my dad on a high pitch…nd today…I shouted at him….the guilt within me started rising …I quickly got up nd ran towards him(hey guys…just imagine rt’s expressions..poor he…his daughter still goes against him for her so called ‘downmarket lover’) “twinkle!” he said parting me away frm him

“ sorry..i..i didn’t..intended to do tht..” I said weeping badly “u shouted on me just bcus of tht boy who just left u!” dad said making me feel more guilty (yuhi nd leela were boiling with anger with the fact tht how can rt stoop so low…but they didn’t had any other options except to go with the flow) “m sorry dad…I will do whatever u ask for…but pls…pls forgive me” I said “u will do whtever I say..isint it?” he asked to which I just nodded in yes as I didn’t wanted to loose the other important man of my life too

“get married then” he said “wht!” I,maa nd yuhi exclaimed together “look twinkle …if u really want me to forgive u…then marry the boy of my choice” he said “dad!” mahi exclaimed “mahi…its better tht u don’t get into this” said dad stopping her (by now leela’s nd yuhi’s anger knew no bounds as rt was breaking his promise…he had promised kunj to not to get her daughter get married to sm other person nd to wait for him….this was the only promise due to which kunj got ready to leave twinkle until he had achieved his goal) “okay dad…I will do as u say” said twinkle with a choked voice (until now yuhi nd leela had understood tht rt had played a tough game…he had not only ditched kunj but also his own daughter…they had understood tht the sand has slipped frm their hands nd it has been too late to call kunj as the hatred which rt wanted to develop in twinkle against kunj was clearly visible….it was too late to call kunj…to explain twinkle the whole matter moreover they didn’t wanted kunj to leave his aim nd cm back as they knew tht even if this happened rt will not agree for twinj’s marriage….so they decidd to go with the flow…but uwillingly)
“oh my god! Really? I love u my princess” saying this he hugged twinkle

……………………………………………END OF THE PAST………………………………………………….


#twinkle’s room

Then dad made me meet his friend’s son…sameer…..firstly I used to meet him…or say was forced to meet him only bcus of dad’s insistance. But later when he insisted me to continue with me career nd also sent me to USA for my career aftr our engangement I found out tht he was a very good person nd a friend too….he delayed our marriage until I had made my career even on dad’s reluctance.

Aftr a few months he proposed me nd I was left with no option but to tell him all about my past…I told him each nd every thing except his name…neither did I showed him his picture…I really hate to even speak his name frm my mouth.

He was so humble tht he didn’t broke the marriage even aftr knwing tht I will not be able to love him back…it was aftr this tht he sent me to USA where I stayed alone….he didn’t came along me due his work…moreover he had faith in me.

My chain of thoughts were broken when I felt a soft hand around my cheeks “how much u cry twinkle” he said…when did he came back? I was crying?

To be continued….
Uff! M tired…hey was it long…it took me 2 hours to write this ….look I did so much mehnat for my dearies nd pls do drop yr lovely lovely comments na….pls

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