This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 25



Hey guyssssss! How r u all! Sach bolna kiske face pe smile aaya mere ff ka naam Padhke?

Wait wait… you remebr me? Hawww bhul gaye mujhe itni jaldi….vaise mistake is my….almost 1 month! I only knkw how i stayed away frm writing….tu toh i visited whenver i get tym (sorry to all asI didnt cmnted ) vaise toh I was going to post on 23rd as my exams hv not still ended but now couldn’t take it anymore.

Accha bore mat ho na yaar…..ik I m talking so much but kya karu…ab skul mei bhi frnds se baat nhi hoti… Tu pe bhi nhi hoti….karu kya! Accha pls don’t scroll down…and important msg to all the readers of my ff nd the ff writers

I m very sad wid the fact tht tei is going off air but we r together bcus of our bond not bcus of tei anymore bcus I m sure many of u had stopped watching it after Bunny’s exit…but still u continued to be on tu….then what’s the matter if tei is on air or off air… in short pls don’t leave tu ….atleast not so soon….I m missing happiness…. Arre ff writer of poor or rich love knows nothing re….wonder where is she….nd saby too…..

Accha now cmng to my ff….I m not going to end my ff soooooo soon….provided u all cmnt

Ya ik exams nd all….but after exams u hv to cmnt for sure…pls uh!

Chalo ab let’s start wid the summary…. Apko kuch yaad toh hoga nhi na…hehe

Let’s go…..

Wait wait wait…..last question

Did u guys missed me?

Accha sorry no chappals haan!

The story begins with a live concert of the famous female singer…..twinkle taneja…..she is a Hollywood singer through she is an Indian and back to India after 5 urs or so for the much demanded concerts of her…..she is here also bcus she is going to introduce her first ever Bollywood song……but as soon as she cms to India….her dark past cms in front of her… The memories…. She gets her diary nd starts reading it….we now enter in flashback. It is shown tht mahi nd twinkle r siblings nd uv is mahi’s bf….kunj is a poor boy nd lives with his mom nd bebe….he is in the most so called high class college bcus of scholarship nd is a nerd….he is also a memebrr of twihi nd uv’s group but is silent most of the tym. Whereas twinkle is a big flirt nd likes to flirt with kunj the most . later they both develop feelings for eo nd confess it in a manali trip. Twinj nd yuhi tells abt their relationship to rt. To which rt agrees. Here we exit from the the flashback. As twinkle didn’t write anything further. Mahi nd uv’s entry is shown. They both r married now nd live in Paris but r here bcus of uv’s project. Newyork is shown….a big…luxurious bunglow is shown….with all types of cars….it turns out to be kunj’s house…..he still loves twinkle’s nd reminces wht happened in past tht he had to stay away from his love….we again enter in flashback with kunj’s POV. We get to know tht kunj was blackmailed by rt to not marry twinkle. He insulted him regarding his position. Kunj asked for a chance….to which rt agreed. But rt warned him not to tell nothing abt twinkle nd to leave Amritsar until he bcms so called a rich person. Kunj agrees to it…..

Important points to be remembered (hehe ik I m sounding like a teacher….sorry)

#Sameer Singhania: he is the person with him kunj is going to make a deal nd is going to India…while deal is just an excuse for him…he wants to visit India only for his twinkle. So he is not much aware a t sameer.

Sameer’s company’s name is S&T company

(I guess u hv got the hint….perhaps)

In epi 24 we saw tht kunj is reminiscing his past nd the portion when rt rejects him nd tells him to leave Amritsar. A girl’s voice is heard saying”how can u do this to him dad?”

So finally epi 25…….

Kunj’s POV

Taneja mansion

(If u guys don’t remember …..twinkle is not in the hall as she has to discuss smthing to chinki regarding their project on call)

“How can u do this to him dad?” I heard the voice from the entrance. My eyes widened as I turned around. “M..mahi” I guped. Leela m.. Aunty….nd uv were also there. Mahi ignored me nd went towards sir (rt) “dad twinkle loves him….she lives for him” said mahi…making me bow down. “Haan ji….mahi is correct” said leela aunty supporting me….I shockingly looked at her… I never expected her support. “Dad pls try nd understand money isn’t everything” said uv “this means u guys heard everything” sir said.

They three nodded. “Now mahi listen…. If u wanna take ur sister’s side….then I m sorry I cannot let u nd uv marry too.” He said…..from tht line I got to know how cruel…rude…selfish man…moreover a dad he was. “OK…we don’t mind” said mahi nd uv together. This was it…..I couldn’t control my tears nd hugged uv in order to hide my weak face.

He hugged me back. I composed after smtym feeling a bit better. “Mahi…Uv tum log aisa kuch nhi karoge” I said “but bro…” Said uv but he was but by me “tum logo ne keh diya na …utna kafi hai” i said. I held uv nd mahi’s hands in my one hand. “Promise me u will not say anything to twinkle….. I know no one can keep her away for me for long….I will be back….soon…will make her mine……very soon” I replied confidently. After much argument they both agreed.

I went towards leela maa nd touched her feet. She placed her hands on my head caressing my hairs “come back soon” she said with teary eyes. I hugged her tightly “pls twinkle ka dhyan rakhna….pls take care of her ma….mam” I whispered in her ears…..she broke the hug “she did I become mam from leela maa….dare u hv again used tht word ” she said ….to which I left out a faint smile “nd rahi baat…….u don’t need to worry” she said. I nodded nd left for my house.

I went to my room…nd cried my heart out

# after 2 days
It has been two days since I hv been avoiding my life….my twinkle….tomorrow I m leaving for NY for my further studies….I don’t know whether to thank god kr my luck or my love tht I got 90% scholarship in NY’s one of the best college. Nd tht too so soon……. I said to myself….doing pushups…. Just then I heard the opening of door….. I couldn’t see the face of the person as I was busy doing my pushups….tht too bare chested. I thought It too be maa with my morining coffee “maa coffee table pe rakhdijye mei pee lunga” (keep the coffee on table I will drink it) I said without hvng a glimpse of tht person. Suddenly I felt smthing below me (hope u remember his is doing pushups) “tw…twinkle” I said when the slept under me….while I was still doing pushups. “Wht r u doing here” I asked “arre can’t I visit my would be sasural” she said…I stopped doing pushups for a while….nd got lost in her beautiful big brown eyes. For a moment I forgot everything… My deal… It seemed tht my worries were absorbed by her deep ocean (indicating eyes). I started moving down….towards her…while she wraps her arms around my neck…..I as soon as I locked my lips with her…..everything flashed in my mind….nd I opened my eyes with a thud …..but it was too late….she had already started tasting my lips….her eyes were closed….but my lips were glued….they didn’t had the right to taste her lips nor did they wanted to be away from feathery toch of her lips……soon my heart won over my brain nd I too started tasting hers….ik I was wrong but I just wanted to carry the memory of our last kiss…..this thought raised my temper….my heart beat nd I started kissing her wildly…..I now moved my hands from the floor to her waist nd rolled her above me….my wildness knew no bounds……at last it was twinkle who seperated her lips….I was so lost in her lips tht I forgot tht we need oxygen to live. I quickly stood up nd made her stand up too. I didn’t want to hv a gaze of hers….her eyes….I was not willing to dive in the ocean this tym. “Kya baat hai kunj sarna..” She was abt to speak when her phone rang “oh fish! Ya chinki I m cmng ….ya half an hour yaar….wait” she said on call “sorry hv to go” she said nd started running but my hands caught hold of her….I turned her around for the last hug….. I hugged her as tightly as k could “aah kunj…dheere….I m not going anywhere yaar” she said ….which brought tears in my eyes “but I m going” I said….mistakenly…. “What…..did u said smthing” she asked “cm back soon” I said to which she smiled. Nd went outside my room….she again came at my entrance “kunj” she said ….I looked at her….she gave a flying kiss to me…..I pretended of catching it nd placing it in my heart…..she blushed nd ran away

To be continued…

How was it….now I will be back only aftr 22 nd …sorry fir the inconvenience

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  1. Awsm ritzi…..and missed u loads and loads……I’m so glad ur back aftr LNG tym…
    Epi was fantabulous…mind blowing …lovely….eagerly waiting for twinj meet….
    And how can u even think DAT we vl 4get u or won’t miss….I was jzz thinking from past sum days abt ur ff and here ur!!!????
    Im so happy to read ur ff yaaaar… soon after xms cum back to tu hurryly and post ur amazyn ff….vl b waiting….luv u loads????????

  2. SidMin

    Loved it Missed you so much and Pls don’t end your ff I love it so much and the last scene where Twinkle gives a flying kiss to Kunj and he acs to catch it refreshed the memories of Tashan e ishq when Sid was leaving the show 🙂 Loved it post soon 🙂

  3. Aamu

    i missed ur ff…..i thought of ur today only…n c u r here….
    d epi was awestruck..amazing…
    do cont…
    n yaa ill b not cmnt after 22…as on 22 my exams r starting….till 29
    so bahb

  4. Nice epi

  5. Ranabulbul

    Ritzi thank god u posted
    U should be titled as Romance and twist queen yr
    Loved the epi and Dp
    I just checked bunny insta and got his this pic
    And ur title name suits perfectly with it
    Yr Ab tu bas post kar de becoz Teri meri umar or crush I.e bunny hi hai
    Bas Ab tu lost kar de

    And and bye the way
    Friends ??? Hath mila thi hoon yr

  6. Kruti

    So as soon as I saw ur ff I was like?????????? this
    Kitna wait karwaya tumne ritzi…..but no problem I know padhai mein busy thi

    The epi was just beyond description…….Awesome…..amazing…..loved it

    Eagerly waiting for.d nxt one

  7. U r late… Bt now i’m happy that u r back… Superb epi yaar… Loved it…

  8. Loveleen

    ohh trust me i ws so happy seeing ur updt….my roomies were confused on seeing me dancing….i feel so bad fr kunj….best of luck fr ur xam….n moreover u look too pretty in ur dp…..????????

  9. Fan

    Super epi ritzi!!..iam glad ur back..waiting for the next part

  10. Sujina

    i knw 2day is last day 4 tei…
    bt 4 me tei remains in my heart 4evr…
    n sidjaszain…n i love ur ff ritzi…
    n i miss u…n post asap…love u

  11. dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi ki bachhi where where were u.. Missed u.. U bought a infinite big curve on my face…. Luved the epi
    All the best
    Ctd soon

  12. Shreya098

    Glad u r back…
    Sach bolu to tumhara ff dekhke colgate wali smile aye❤❤
    The epi was amazing…
    The way mahi and UV stood up for him…???….they are friendship goals????

    And the last part…. Twinj????

    And ya I got ur hint…

    Will be waiting for u..
    good luck for ur exams

  13. Awesome ritzi…:*:*:*:*

  14. Awesome ritzi

  15. Rula diya na yaar!

  16. Rashiverma2199

    Yayaya….ritzi good to see u back….awesome

  17. Amazing epi.. loved it.. yesterday only I was thinking about your ff and see today u posted.. was so happy seeing it.. loved how yuhi n leela stood for kunj.. best of luck for your exams 🙂 and you look pretty??

  18. Hey girl
    Missed you sooooooo much and trust just a day ago I was remembering your FF and was wondering when you’ll post
    Can’t wait…… Post the next soon after 22nd
    Anyway just reminding you your PINKY PROMISE don’t forget ?
    Will always wait for your FF
    Love u loads
    And sorry for not commenting before

  19. Romaisha

    Awesome episode !!!!! Emotional too but i still loved it ❤❤❤
    Love you 🙂

  20. Twinjfan.tamanna

    missed u so much ritzi…it was too much emotional plus romantic…ur ff dp Is so cute…I loved the epi…my exams starts from 23 sep to 1 oct…I loved ur dp….ur sho cutte..

  21. Baby

    hey ritzi puri stry yaad thi yr how cn we frget u srsly sry i know i m late
    very late bt was busy n yr amazing episode truth was hmm….nyc bt hpe dey soon unyt post nxt soon cnt w8 ab kya hoga ohhh god n d last scene was cute n romantic luvd it………..

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