This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 22


Helllllo guys……m srsly srsly srsllly overwhelmed with yr cmnts yaar
So much love…..I m thankful to god tht atlest I hv tu frnds who are true hearted

Accha baba aur nhi pakaungi varna aap log bhi mujhse irritate ho jaoge….I cannot afford to loose u guys

1 more thing the past is nearly to its end…now after few epi I will only concentrate on present as sm of u wanted me to show present also.

Recap: yuhi nd twinj decide to tell abt their relationships to rt nd leela ……all came back to Amritsar ….intro of rt nd leela

Now let’s start the epiiii………

# the next day

Twinkle’s room

Twinkle’s POV…….

“Tring tring ….tring tring” I heard the most irritating sound…… Oh shit! Suddenly I reaslid tht the most awaited day has finally arrived….the day which will decided our future. Eventhough I kept on telling kunj tobcapm down nd assuring him the everything is gonna be alright but still I m getting goosebumps of nervousness. “Knock knock” I heard “come in I said with a dull voice ” twinkle tu abhi tak taiyar nhi hui yaar….cmon get up” said mahi entering in my room like a bullet train. I got up from my bed nd went to mahi …..held her hands “mahi…..I m damn freaking nervous yaar…..God knows how will dad react ” I said “twinkle…..don’t worry….everything will go good okay my doll… go nd get ready fast. They both will be cmng at anytym!” Said mahi assuring me or say trying to assure may as I could see the fear in her eyes too. I simply nodded my head in yes nd went to take a bath.

End of twinkle’s POV…..

Kunj’s POV…..
Me nd uv arrived in uv’s black BMW car. The car stooped at the gate of taneja’s. My heart is pumping like anything……I just can’t calm my self down how I hope twinkle would be with me right now to calm me down….I hv not even talked to maa nd bebe abt this as I wanted to surprise them. Just hoping everything to get fine . “hey bro… se utarne ka irada hai?” I heard uv saying as well as shaking me by my shoulders “uh…hhh….haan haan” I said adjusting with my tongue “aren’t u nervous” I asked “a bit” he replied getting put of the car….wait is he ignoring the eye contact with me! Thank god I m not alone scared here.

We went at the door nd rang the doorbell. A servant came nd opened it. “Good moring sir” he greeted us “umm….mahi ?” He asked the servant “I m here!!” Said mahi still at the top of the stairs. She came down running. “Hi guys!” She said. “Where is twinkle?” I asked “your twinkle is still taking her baby bath…..u knw when she is nervous she takes more tym in bathing. Nd its been 2 hours today since she is bathing” “what!” I nd uv exclaimed. Now I m damm sure I m not alone. “Nd umm un….cle” asked asked choking the words in my trachea. “Oh dad is in his room. An important conference is going on. But he has promised to talk to us in just after 15 mins” said mahi. Thank you god! Atleast I can talk to my relaxing machine ……I need her very much. “Mahi pls can I meet her alone…. For few minutes…. Pls!” Inasied putting pressure on word pls. “Ofcource u can” she said nd without wasting any tym I ran to her room. Without even knocking I entered the room. Thank god she had finished her bath. I quickly went ….turned her towards me nd hugged her as tightly as I could…………………………………………………………………………….there u go…….finally I got relaxed in her embrace. “Ku..nj” she whispered making me cm back in my senses. I broke the hug nd then realised her situation. She was onkg wrapping a simple pink baby towel around her. “S…sorry” I replied “u need not be” she sadi in a comforting accent. I smiled “twinkle…..” I said “ya kunj even I m nervous” she said. This is reason why she is my girl…..the mind reader. “Don’t worry yaar everything will be fine” she said with 99.99% sure voice…..ya she was not completely sure. I need to do smthing to calm her too….she is not showing me how much scared she is ….but again I love u ……I mean her eyes. “Umm….twinkle…..look I m nervous so u hv to calm me down now” I said in a lively voice “so wht do u exactly want me to do” she asked narrowing her eyes “umm…..u know I will get calm only if u take out yr towel…..u knw its not suiting u” I said ……..she widened her eyes “badmash!” She said hitting my chest “no…I m serious baby” I said going towards her. She kept moving back until she was pinned by a wall. A gr8 opportunity! I started moving my hands towards her towel “kunj! Don’t tell m ur serious” she said “when it cms to u….how can I not be serious my doll” I said grabbing the towel. Just then I noticed her closing her eyes tightly. I smiled nd loosened my grip. She opened her eyes “I will not do anything without yr permission” I said “except kissing u” I continued making her smiling face again turn in a shocking 1. I started kissing her neck……a wet one…..taking out all my nervousness on her. But this tym I m trying my best to not to go wild nd make it a passionate 1. I can make out with her moans nd movement tht she is also letting go her nervousness. “TWINKLE!” We heard a sound nd quickly pulled away. “Twinkle! How much long uh!” Said mahi from downstairs. Oh fish! I almost thought tht sm1 was here (I m sure u all also thought tht rt saw them like tht ? ) “coming mahi” shouted twinkle “uff! Ur sister or say my would be sali was abt to give me a heart attack ” I said. Making twinkle atleast smile a bit. “Kunj u go down fast……it will not be good if any1 see u like this” said twinkle which was quited true “kk I m going down u quickly change nd cm down fast” i said. Twinkle nodded in yes.
After 5 mins….

Me nd yuhi were in the hall. Mahi had finger crossed since so long. Uv was continuously taping her leg. I was praying to god. In short our condition was not at all good. Just then we saw rt uncle cmng from his room. I was numb. My heart was tired of beating fast continuously…. Now I couldn’t hear my hear beat to my ears….wait….was my heart even beating ? “Hello boys!” Said rt uncle sitting in the sofa “arre sit na!” He continued “accha what u wanted to tell?” Asked uncle “papa wait….let twinkle cm first” said mahi. Uff this siyappa Queen!

To be continued…

Accha guys now the next 1 will be posted soon…..I promise as I hv a new twist nd a surprise in next epi.

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  1. SidMin

    Ritzi loved it and the Twinkle’s room wala scene Just loved it and waiting for the next episode please don’t end your ff Loved it and Love you 🙂

  2. Meeta

    I too was very nervous.
    I started biting my nails x’D
    Please post soooon

  3. Priya_

    arey.. plz post soon
    yeh padte padte ab mein tension main hoon…
    the episode was so so much full of tension but was super good

  4. Kruti

    Ritziiiiiii…….y do u write so well that i go crazzzzzy everytym i read ur ff……
    Tdy’s epi was awesome….amazing….superb
    Loved it
    Post d nxt one asap…..eagerly waiting to see the new twist

  5. Joonakanksha

    Awesome yr
    Do post soon

  6. dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi i m hooked to this one.. Osum.. Ctd soon

  7. Srija

    along with them my heartbeat was also increasing ?????
    cintinue soon

  8. Superb epi ritzzz… Loved it…

  9. Baby

    omg ritzi yr deary darl;o u r amazing how do u ryt so guddy guddy i luvd it to d core amazing osm specchless n suspense sch mein in vry mch tension i srsly dont no y m i in tension bt tension toh hai or guys aaj ka jhalak dikhlaja dekhna mat bhulna luv u all guys luv u ritzi post nxt asap dear

  10. Amazing episode…post next soon waiting for new twist…please don’t make us wait for long time…

  11. Awesome epii.. loved it.. eagerly waiting waiting for the next..?

  12. Shreya098

    Eagerly waiting for the next one

  13. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome episode… Loved it to the core

  14. Superb epi…sorry for commenting late as i had gone out

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous epi

  16. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey ritzy di
    I’m new here but u really right so well in fact this whole telly updates is full of great writers n u r one of the most best one among all
    I’m a silent reader oops I was as I’m right now commenting but i always read ur all ffs and others also and the episode was just superbb ?
    I got encouraged by others as there were many silent readers who were becoming active and commenting and I also thought to be from one of those
    Really love your writing skills n love the way u write
    Hope I also got a chance to be ur friend
    I know it was to long……………… as it will be our first meeting so just thought to make it informational

  17. Angita

    Awesome awesome awesome ritzi

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