This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 21


Hellooooo frnds…..hw u all!! Just got rid of my tests for few days ….haash! Accha sorry sorry today no more bak bak

Precap: Episode 20

So let’s start the epi ….

Twinkle’s POV…..

I was lying beneath kunj…..or say just beneath heaven …..”kunj!” I moaned when he bit my neck tht harshly……. But I MOANED AGAIN! He was kissing my neck bones just then “knock knock ” we heard …………………….Bas! This was enough for us….we quickly stood up nd I started composing myself….. So did kunj “yaar !” Said kunj being frustrated…. I led out a small smile “wasn’t this enough” I asked still setting my hairs “nothing can be tagged as enough when it cms to u” he said making me turn red “look….now don’t do this” he said being all frustrated “hormones , twinkle hormones” he said nd I started laughing “knock knock” “nhi kholunga ja” said kunj in full irritation wala mood “kunj!” I said……he nodded being upset “your lipstick is still smudged” he said running towards the door…… I quickly started wiping it. Kunj opened the door “saale tu!” Said kunj as if khoda pahad …nikla chuha “haan toh aur kaun” said uv cmng inside. Uv walked into the room nd kunj was behind him he acted as if he is going to press his neck….which made me laugh ….uv noticed me nd turned….kunj quickly took his hands back “what!” Said kunj acting to be innocent “where is mahi” I asked “here” she said still at the door. “Accha twinkle u packed yr bags na” asked mahi “why?” Asked kunj before I could reply “kunj its not the tym to joke okay” said mahi “no no mahi….I m serious ….where r we going?” He asked …..srsly! Is he insane “are u insane!” Blurted uv …..he stole my words …kunj was still boggled “kunj……don’t u want to go back to yr ma nd bebe!” I asked “don’t tell me….we r going Amritsar right now” he said on the verge of crying “of course we r going” I said “so soon” he said acting like a child ” when did the whole week got over” he said “when u were busy romancing with ur girlfriend” said uv making me give a death glare to him.
Kunj’s POV

What! How! Were! When! Why! These were the interrogations arriving in my mind nd only answer I had was I don’t want to go back…
Ya ofcorse I m eagerly waiting to meet maa nd bebe but now I will not be able to be this much close to twinkle……I will miss her touch yaar…… U will say tht I was not ready for this trip 7 days back…..I m realising I much big fool I was. “We will talk about our relationship to ur father haan” said uv to mahi….. Making me realise tht the biggest task was still left….will twinkle’s father accept me as his son in law. “We will also talk to papa…..haina kunj” said twinkle “huh…hh…haan haan” I said stammering “kunj…..don’t be nervous …..he is my father not Hitler ” twinkle said trying to make me reach my comfort zone…..but still yaar I was nervous! “But when will we talk” asked mahi “whenever we will talk….we will tell it together only” said twinkle “ya thts right” said uv ……my lips were kinda sealed I was not able to utter a single word “kuunnj!” Whispered twinkle keeping her warm soft palm on my hand ….how does she understand my every fear … does she know the way to comfort me! “So its final we will talk tomorrow only ” said uv being excited….wait when did we just final it ….uff ! He doesn’t have any sort of nervousness. “Ya ! Done” said mahi nd twinkle ….they too EXCITEDLY! Are they serious …….of course not ……it seems I m the only one who is nervous here!!! “Knock knock” now who yaar! Twinkle went and opened the door….it was our sir “u guys ready to go na!” Said sir all nodded in yes I whispered “no”.


(Guys i don’t want to streatch it…so directly amritsar)

#taneja mansion

Twinkle and mahi ringed the doorbell. A servant opened it. Within no tym they rushed in. Their bags were being carried by sm servants

T and M: maa! Papa! Hum aa Gaye!

They both shouted

They heard a voice from the stairs

Voice: oh my princesses! U both came

Twinkle and mahi turned towards the staircase

T and M: PAPA!

They both screamed thei lungs out and ran to him. Both hugged him. Twinkle on left nd mahi on right.

T: we missed u papa

Rt: aww! I too missed my life

Twihi broke the hug

M: where is maa??

Just then a lady enters from the door

Lady: I m here

She was having a pooja ki thali in her hand which she gave to one of the servants

Twihi: MAA!

They both ran to her nd hugged her

Leela: finally my bacchas came back safely

°°°°°°°°°°°°aftr sm family moments°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

M: maa…..papa….tomorrow uv and kunj are cmng to meet u both

Rt: haan they both r cmng tht is fine…but they are cmng to meet us….sounds strange

(Guys rt knows uv and kunj very well as they usually used to visit their house….but rt always found kunj to be silent so he didnt know much abt him…..aftrall he doesnt know kunj’s badla badla avtaar na)

T: ya ya they both are cmng to meet u both.

L: but why?

Twinkle started to blush ……mahi started pulling her towards her room

M: twinkle let’s go! Before yr cheeks turn into tomato!!!

Said mahi still pulling her… no tym they both disappeared upstares into their respective rooms

Leela nd rt were looking at eo confusingly

L: kamaal hai

Said leela nd continued with her work

Precap: “papa we love eo a lot” “but when did this happen?”

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