This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 20 (Mature content)


Episode 19…… wow woowwww on friendship day finally I learned to give u links….yippeeeee nd ya a very very very veryHAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY MY DARLOS

I m on tymmmmmm……yaya yeye

But crazy ……m really really very sad to know about puh…..guys for ur information… Puh has slipped into coma a few days back
Nd on this friendship day let us all pray for our dear puh …..m sure our wishes will reach her nd she will be fit and fine sooooon
M sorry crazy if u got hurt as I shared this problem to every1

Saby! I was overwhelmed to see ur cmnt yaar honestly I didn’t paid attention to yr words in my cmnt I was just YIPPEEE saby has cmnted yayayaa …..thanks for continuing in tu ….love and allllll tu frnds a lot

May our friendship be eternal;-)

Accha accha chalo let’s move on to the epi

After having a fun night out twinj and yuhi went to hotel back again
Its abt 7:30 pm

(Guys if u don’t remember then the wall had broken making their two rooms merge into a 1 big room)

The quickly ran to their room making sure no1 notice them as they hadnt still complained abt the wall

In room

T: mahi yaar…..ab kya Karen hum…..we need to tell sir abt this wall orelse…..

M: we r GONE!

Yunj nodded their head in agreement

Just then…..KNOCK KNOCK

Twinkle’s POV
We heard knock at the door…..nd dhak dhak ….dhak dhak….I could feel my heart beat till my ears “chill guys its room service…. I ordered sm food for us” said kunj….making us all got relieved

“Okay then…..I will open the door” said uv …..he was walking by still facing his back to the door nd was continuously staring mahi (u knw na guys ulta chalna) he opened the door without looking at the door…..still engroosed in mahi “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” me mahi shouted “oh shit!” Said kunj ……uv who was still looking at mahi now had a frown nd he turned towards the door …..”aaaaaaah” saying this he moved back but slipped …..perhaps due to the carpet….he crawled to us like a small baby….baby kya cockroach lag rha tha. We three stared at kunj like he was taking his last breaths “s…sir voh” started mahi (I think u guys must hv guessed it…..ya it was their sir) “oh shut up” said sir cmng in the room….a vast 1 …..he was looking or I shall stay staring the room as if a person is looking at a house before buying it …..while he was looking at the room…..we were looking at kunj….who was looking at floor nd was not looking at us…..but we wanted him to look at us so tht atleast we can kill him by our looks (hehe)

“Who the hell did this!” Said sir yelling his lungs out “kunj” I replied “uv” mahi replied “we!” They both asked “look sir they r agreeing” I said …….oh fish twinkle….. Srsly u did this….. Matlab now toh I m gone….I m damn sure tht mahi was feeling the same as me….”U TWO” started sir pointing towards yunj “s….sorry” they both said together “don’t u know sleeping with girls is against the college rules……nd moreover u broke the wall!” Said sir “voh sir….they hv not done it intentionally” said mahi “ms.mahi taneja can u pls explain yr last line” said sir in faking polite manner “twin….twinkle will explain” she said “ME!” I asked “ya look she is agreeing” said mahi… sahi hai….use my trick upon me only….mahi…wait u wait “twinkle can u have the honour to explain ” started sir….marr jaa buddhe “voh sir….actually voh kunj na….forgot his punching back …..nd he daily need tht for workout so he used the wall as punching bag” I said….this is peak twinkle… wall nd punching bag… my tounge I m proud of u (she said taunting herself) “sir same case with uv” said mahi…..u copy cat “we used the wall as a punching bag!” They asked “see sir they are agreeing” I nd mahi said together …..uv nd kunj were still expressionless…..”so the wall broke” I said breathing heavily

The professior started walking towards Yunj….shit they r gone! But what! The professor patted their shoulders “arre this was the matter…pehle bolna tha na yaar….u knw what when I was younge I also needed punching bag everywhere…..I understand ur problem guys!” Me nd mahi were like ???…..”accha chalo I will handle the situation….. But right now I will hv to shift u all in different rooms” said the professor “twinkle and kunj….cm nd collect ur room keys from the reception ” he continued we just nodded

We were in the passage…..the professor was ahead of us nd me nd kunj were giving death glare to eo….his eyes said tht I put him into trouble my eyes replied tht u were the 1 who thought tht it was room service

We reached the reception …nd collected our new room keys. Sir went from their as soon as he went …..I pinched Kunj’s stomach “aaaahouch!” He winced…uh overacting ki dukan “twinkle!” He growled “kunj!” I said faking sweetness

We both went in opposite direction I msged mahi our new room mo “566” nd told her to bring my luggage also. I almost reached the room door just then “tum!” I shouted my I saw kunj opening the door of room no “565” kunj looked at me “tum!” He said “tht is what I said a fraction of second ago” I smashed back “I m sorry” he said in order to ask a query (guys he didn’t told her sorry…..we use the word sorry also when we want the person to repeat the line again as we missed the before…..I hope u r understading) “apology accepted” I said sarcastically kunj gave a death glare to me “vah babaji…..yahi room mila tha apko mujhe dene ke liye” said kunj irritatingly “u…” I started but ws stopped by mahi nd uv “oh cm on twinkle …..don’t u both start it again” said mahi … for the first tym mahi nd uv r not miffed with eachother. Mahi dragged me to our room nd so did uv to kunj

Mahi had arranged her luggage nd I was still doing so “I will be back in a minute” she said “uv!” I asked …..she just nodded nd ran out …I cute smile captured my lips

End of Twinkle’s POV

Kunj’s POV….
I was engrossed in my mobile nd uv was still struggling with his luggage just then knock knock…. We heard…..uv went to to open it “oh my jaaan” said uv hugging a girl….ofcource it was mahi…. Mahi came in ….”kunj can’t u go out for smtym….I want to spend smtym with her” said uv….tht was rude “but where… is raining ” I argued “why don’t u go to my room…waise bhi twinkle must be getting bored” said mahi… me nd twinkle alone!!! U know what….not matter how much I m miffed with her but I always end up cmng close to her …..”OK” I nodded sadly as I didn’t wanted them to show how excited I was “chal chal Natak mat kar” said uv nd I smiled back to him…..he is surely s mind reader

I ran to twinkle’s room nd opened the door without even knocking…..waise bhi door knock karna mei itna maza kaha kitna door khud khole mei hai…..I opened door just to find a hot….s*xy….cute….adorable barbie doll standing In front of me….she was wearing a short mini pink skirt nd a black….voh konsa top kehte hai usse oh.voh photo kaisa naam…oh ha….crop top …..looking freaking damn hot. “Tum!” She quarrelled ….but I quickly Locked the door nd pulled her on bed….making her fall on me…I didn’t wasted tym in the eye lock nd all. I just tucked her hair strands behind her ears. She was still shocked but ya her eyes…..yaar I love them….they told me tht she was liking it 🙂 “kunj tu…..” She stared “shhh!” I said putting my finger on her lips … She smiled …….eventually I smiled nd moved her below me. I kissed her eyes….uff! Just love it…..then I kissed her ice cream soft rosy cheeks….. While I was doing this my hands were busy discovering her perfect belly … fingers playing with her naval “kunj….” She moaned as it gave her a tickling effect…..but wat was the need to say my name yaar….look now u hv to go through the circumstances. I just pulled her for a lip lock….. Oh god! It was the damn awesome feeling yaar….just love to examin her jelly like soft lips… lips were busy attacking her… tongue playing with her gums … hands still moving sensually in her belly. …….they were slowly moving in upwards direction….uff her tummy always gives me warmth yaar…..till I reached her clevage nd I just moved my finger sensually on it… Making twinkle move up a bit….but this tym she could t moan as my lips were not allowing her to do so….we pulled aback for smtym…..or say she pulled back… soon as Ieft her lips I started kissing her neck… hands were now examining her back waist. “Kunj” she said nd lifted me up a bit so tht I could face her …..I think I for over romantic …..oh damn ! Y couldn’t I control myself yaar…..but my fear turned into a big smile when I saw her ……she stretched her both the hands above her hands making her soft white armpits visible to me ….oh ya! How can I forget her faviourate touch…..without wasting anytym I started kissing her armpits

Precap: back to Amritsar …..yuhi nd twinj to tell abt their relationship to rt nd leela (twihi’s parents re)

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