This Is When The Feeling Sinks In…..Twinj Episode 2

Hi darlos….. so i think u all liked my track…. srsly happy to hear that…. so today no more bak bak lets move directly to the epi

The episode starts
Twinkle opened the first page of her diary nd got lost in flashback

Fb starts….
I huge college is shown… having a big lawn…. some students are busy playing vollyball…. some r busy in reading books whereas others busy in flirting with their girlfriends…. there is a group of frnd with 2 boys nd 1 girl… 1st boy is busy in calling sm1 but it seems that the person is not picking up the phone… boy 2 is busy in calming the boy nd the girl is staring her watch continuously. boy1 (the 1 which is busy in trying calls) is wearing a black colour specks (do u remeber guys in epi 1 I made a little reference about the specks… so now u all came to know about the owner of the specks)

Boy2: arre yaar kunj….. y r u getting worried…. aa jayegina

yup guys he is our dream boy…. kunj (dont u dare imagine anyother than sidhant… hehe)…. he is looking like a scholar in specks…. he doesnt have much muscular body but still is looking good… (arre tht is for the college… mere liye toh he always looks handsome in all attires)

K: arre yaar uv….. why dont u understand she is very late for the college yaar… i m getting worried if she is fine…. mahi why u didnt brought ur sister with u yaar

so guys boy2 is uv nd the girl who was busy staring her watch is mahi… twinkle’s sis

M: arre but kunj… u know na our miss amritsar takes 2 hrs in getting ready…. nd i had sm work here so i came…. dont worry she is not a kid she can cm on her own…. moreover she has driver with her

K: arre but………

he stop speaking as his eyes got stuck at the entrance…. the frowns of worries disappeared with appearance if a big curve on his lips…. mahi nd uv were facing their back to college gate but they understood tht she has came due to kunj’s expressions….. yuhi turned to face the college gate

Uv: lo…. aa gayi miss amritsar

a black mercedes stopped at gate….. a girl came out of the back seat… looking goreously breath taking…. camera views her from bottom to top…. firstly her 4 inches pink coloured pencil heels are shown…. then the camera moves towerds her dress passing through her bare hot legs….. the camera now shows her baby pink dress which is 2 inches above her knees….. now the camera went up she is holding white coliured iphone 6s in left hand nd pink coloured purse in ri8…. now the camera shows her soft lips having a curve nd r coated with a baby pink coloured glossy lip gloss… nd the camera shows her eyes… which were totally blue…. now the the camera zooms out…. making her face look completely….. she was looking 100 times more beautiful than a barbie…. she started walking…. are style of walking would run thousands of heart…. as soon as she entered the gate…. the boys who were playing vollyball paused their eyes jst on her…. making the ball hit hard to one of the player….

the girl jst looked at them and smiled… she went forward the boys who were busy flirting with their gfs…. were jst eyeing twinkle…. the girl passed a flying kiss to all of them… making them blush nd then wince in pain…. arre aap logo ko kya laga unki gfs shanti se baithi rahegi kya…. now the girl finally went to near yuhi nd kunj…. yuhi were looking at her in a phir se chalu ho gayi wala look… where as kunj was emotionless…. motionless… it seemed that his spirit had left is body…. he was numb…. with his mouth open…. the girl went to him nd closed his mouth…

Girl: keep your mouth shut orelse any girl will readily insert her lips into yours

yuhi made a soft giggle…. kunj came back to senses

Kunj quickly took out the coat he was wearing nd made the girl wear it

K: twinkle ye tu kya pehen ke ayi hai…. jst cover urslf up

twinkle took off the coat

T: oh come on kunj

K: but twi….

be4 he could complete…. twinkle gave a peck on his cheeks leaving him again numb

M: my sister really knows how to keep kunj calm

when twihi were busy talking…. kunj was still numb… jst blinking his eyes nd mouth wide open… this tym uv closed his mouth

Uv: bhai (no guys they r no brothers… jst a friendly wala bhai okay) muh band kar… orelse any girl will insert her lips in yrs

kunj came back to senses nd gives a death glare to uv

jst to change the topic….

Uv: arre twinkle…. why r u so late… i mean u r always late only but….

K: but today ur 15 mins nd 5 seconds more late

Yuhi: what?

M: i mean srsly kunj!

T: arre yaar kunj vo i was confused tht which coloured lenses should i wear…. brown or pink

(guys twinkle is a lover of lenes… she always wears lenses that no1 knows about the real colur of her eyeball… hehe)

T: ya as i was confused betwn brown nd pink i decided to go for option C

K: accha guys…. now as twinkle came i can read with peace… so i m going to library

Yuhi nd twinkle: oh no again!

Twinkle holds kunj’s hand

T: (with a extra sweet voice) kunj…. pls cm not today… look today our first class is free… accompany us to the music room na

Kunj was continuously looking at twinkle’s hand which was on his hand… he placed her hand down calmly

K: twinkle…. u know i have to study…. unlike u guys i hv the responsibility if my whole family…. i m not rich like u all…. i m in this college only due to scholarship….. i hv to study twinkle

Twinkle kept her hands on his lips

T: shh…. dont u ever compare our wealth…. bcus when it cms to wealth… u r the richest person of this college

kunj lifted his eyebrows as a confusing look

T: ya… wht did i say wrong…. u hv such a rich nd pure heart… nd thts why i m blessed to hv a frnd like u….. ri8 kunj…. kunj…. why arent u saying anything?

Uv: twinkle madam…. apna kripiya karke apna hath hataiye (take ur hand frm his lips)

T: oh! sorry

nd she removed her hand

Kunj went frm there without saying anything

Precap: a trip to manali…. a weired feeling in someone’s heart

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  1. Awesome ♥ ♥ I luv ur ff alot but I have one confusion is it the continuation of ur previous ff or a newone.

    1. Ritzi

      No chehak this is not continuation of my older ff… It was love that brought them together… twinj

  2. What supsrv episode ritzii….keep if up…

  3. Ruchi

    Hey Ritzi
    How r u dear??
    Missed u so much…
    Finally u r back with a bang…
    The epi superb… 🙂

  4. loved dis kunj in ur ff episode was amazing waiting for next episode

  5. Ritziii tu vapas agaya!! Yay i love ur current track yaar ???? nice.epi n nerdy kunj sounds hot :v

  6. It’s cute

  7. The episode was just awesome, mind-blowing, superb, fantastic.. Loved it to the core..

  8. Fan

    Awesome epi…

  9. Krystal_Krysiee

    lovedit bt wht about ur season2 bolo yaar uh gave us the eli 1 n now writing this anyways loved it to the core

    1. Ritzi

      No krystal i m not continuing season 2 nd i hv started this ff as majority wanted me to start a new 1 nd i cant handle to ffs together…. m sorry if ur disappointed

  10. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome ritzi. ..

  11. Loved it so much…..
    Omggg srsly wht a epi dea….?????
    Twinki…..k lens…..????srsly she’s such a drama queen…
    Ok do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz……

  12. Ria

    Amazing Ritzi! Sorry couldn’t comment on your previous episode.. but, that was nice too.

  13. Kruti

    Awesome epi ritzi

  14. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi muah.,.lovely epi
    Ctd soon

  15. Amazing yaar…the idea of lenses…hehehe

  16. osm bhena yr u rock so basically dis is d new ff u hv strtd n it was luv dat brogt dm 2gthr i hp u ll strt d season 2 aftr dis cmplte u r osm yr pls clear my confusion bhn is it wt m thnkinkng rite r rong pls tell

    1. Ritzi

      ya baby ur absolutely correct

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