This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 17

Hey guys…….finally m back…..sorry guys is baar kuch zyada hi late ho gya ri8! But what to do these tests,…….uff! Kisi din jaan le lenge … (Saturday) was our ss test nd I was fab! Moreover I was really disappointed with my last epi…..11 cmnts only! I told u before tht ur cmnts gives me excitement to write the epi nd if u guys r only not liking it then what should I do? 1 more bad news guys now this full week is really very hectic for me we hv maaaaannnny tests… will not get tym to post it soon so sorry nd from September….. Exams!!! Hell worried don’t know what will I do in exams so guys understand my dilemma nd do support me pls!

Precap: yuhi nd twinj didn’t go for trekking nd due to their wall fight ….the wall completely broke causing twinkle nd mahi to fall upon kunj nd uv

Let’s continue…..

Kunj’s POV
Twinkle was still upon nd nd these naughty hands……they went nd got attached to her perfect waist……my eyes were not allowing me to leave her gaze…..they were just continuously staring her…..big eyes….in fact her eyes too…..we were sharing a so called eye lock just then “ouch!” I shouted …….twinkle stood up from me nd so does me nd yuhi did “twinkle why did u pinched me ” I asked “I was in a mood to pinch u thts why” she said sarcastically. There was a complete silence for a while just then giggles filled the vacuum of the room “hehehheheeee” I heard it ……it was yuhi…..they were laughing like a maniac! Nd aww so cute they shared a bone crushing hug! “Sorry baby” said uv so finnally as always boy apologized first “m sorry too” said mahi still they were laughing like hell “hehe hehe” I heard a cute giggle nd I knke whom it was…..twinkle looks so cute while laughing yaar nd her laughter eventually brought smile on my face too…..the very next moment our laughter could be heard to the seventh sky perhaps……”wow mahi….u know I always wanted to break a door…..but look at my luck indeed I broke a wall” said twinkle still laughing.

After smtym we four composed ourselves nd sat on the floor in a circle……the smile on our face had disappeared…. Wanna know why….a quick fb….
All were laughing like hell just then twinkle stopped laughing “shut up guys! Have u ever thought wht sir will tell on seeing this! Voh toh Hame pahado par hi chodke chale jayenge ” said twinkle nd no sooner we also realised tht wht hv we done “ya yaar twinkle! Sir ne dad ko kuch ulta sidha bol diya toh” said mahi “mar gaye” twinkle said completing her sentence
Fb ends

“Now what will we do” we four said together…..offo tht means none of us has a solution “we will hv toh think smthng quickly” said uv “idea!” Said twinkle excitedly “what!” We three said seeing the ray of hope “my idea is let us all think if smthng ……kisina kisiko toh idea mil hi jayegana” said twinkle nd “ouch!” She said when mahi bet her with a pillow “is it a tym to joke twinkle” I said nd shit! I shouldn’t hv said it “tum toh kuch bolo hi mat okay!” Said twinkle making my head go down which was noticed by yuhi “hey twinkle look whatever kunj did with u…..” Said uv but was cut by twinkle “I don’t want to recall tht MISTAKE” she said pressuring on the word mistake nd within a fraction of second she went nd sat on the bed lonely …….our room was looking not less than a dormitory….. So big aftrall it has two rooms together ……mahi also went there nd caressed her hairs ……it was visible tht twinkle was upset……her face always increases the guilt in me

End of kunj POV

After about an hour
Kunj nd twinkle had slept…..kunj on floor only nd twinkle kn her bed…..yuhi were awake nd were sitting on the second bed….i.e of Yunj’s room bed (hey guys I hope u r understanding) mahi’s head on uv’s shoulder nd uv’s hands caressing her hairs

M: uv I think we should so smthing for them

Uv: ya mahi……they both truely love each other

M: hmm…..its just tht they need to clear all their misunderstandings

Uv: I hv an idea

M: tell na!

Uv tells her an idea which was muted

M: will it work?

Uv:hope so mahi

Uv went towards kunj nd with the help of mahi he lift him up nd made him sleep beside twinkle …..he took care tht kunj didn’t wake up bcus of the movement nd I think god was with them today

Then uv nd mahi also went nd slept on other bed

Uv: sleep mahi….tomorrow we hv to wake up early to execute our plan

M: hmm…..but uv wht will we answer to sir?

Uv: tht we will see….firstly solving kunj nd twinkle’s misunderstanding is important…. Sleep now…

M: gn

Nd they both also slept in eo’s embrace


Twinkle nd kunj are sleeping such tht they r 2 bodies 1 soul…..the comfort could be seen by looking at their postures…..twinkle was sleeping straight nd kunj was sleeping by facing her back towards the ceiling nd her face digged in Twinkle’s neck…..his 1 hand holding twinkle’s belly tightly.

Precap : love confession is on the way darlos

Sorry for short epi yaar but srsly feeling sleepy its 12:40 am here …..will try to post next epi soon but I know tht my ff is not worth tht u will wait for it so it is not a problem

Hey guys the most important thing……just watched jhalak dikhkaja…..sidhant was muaaaaaaah! I was blushing badly seeing his abs nd his water dance wala part…..uff he was looking sookk hot…..srsly jhalak is hot this tym …..not bcus of Jacqueline or karishma or surveen or salman or arjun just bcus of SIDHANT! He really burned the stage …..moreover burned my heart…..I was able to feel the warmth of his hotness even though it is 27 degrees outside …. Love u loads sidhant ! Hope u won this season

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  1. Ohh…ritzi i alwayz wait fr ur updts…take ur tym n updt problm at ol…
    I knw dese tests almost pop up evrydy…uff!!!!!
    Epi wz Amazyn….8 luv d way u write povs..
    They r spectacular…waiting fr der confession…..updt soooooon…luvd 2dyz epi???…

  2. Angita

    Amazyn just awesome❤❤

  3. Kruti

    Ritzi y do u think ur ff is not worth waiting its as good as waiting for Sidhant to b seen on our TV screens and seriously his performance was toh muhaaaaaa my dad was like y r u getting so happy …..the way I was reacting u just can’t believe
    Anyways lovely epi…….eagerly waiting for d nxt one

  4. Saby

    omg ritzi…. atlast uh updated…. waiting for the next epi eagerrrrrrllly
    it was nice… but short uh know it…. its ok uh take tym and do cont next as soooon as possibble…

  5. Jisha

    It was awesome dear…I know these tests…we can understand..take ur time to update…
    Aur Sid ka kya kehu…was waiting 4 jdj from long… muahhh…he burnt the floor…

  6. Ritzi its really a very good part
    I loved it soooooo much
    Kunj mesmerized in Twinkle’s laughter was soooo good
    and then they find what they really did 🙂
    and the yuhi plan is looking good from even now only
    want to know more about it
    plzzzzzz this time update super fast
    I just can’t wait to read the next one
    please update fast
    and don’t think you are not a good writer….you are an amazing writer I love your story a lot
    and sry actually I got to know about 16 chapter only when you updated this one so I couldn’t comment but now I did it

  7. Shreya098

    The epi was amazing…
    Haaaye their sleeping posture???
    And wow love confession is on the way….yayayay I am soo excited

    All the best for ur tests

  8. ritzi yaar its just amazing…pls post next as soon as u can

  9. dreamer..arundhati

    Ritzi di muah u did it again..,, my gosh wunnerful epi
    Precap id too gud and sid was the shining star of jdj he was looking damn gud
    All the best

  10. Jas and sid lover

    Ritzi the episode was fabulous dear….I really love the way u express the povs of both kunj and twinkle and especially kunj….I really want to see how kunj will woo twinkle and will always be waiting for ur episode…
    Love ur writing??

  11. Ritzi..u know what,,, u r a superrrbb writer… Loved it… eagerly waiting for da next part, plz post it soonnn….

  12. Loveleen

    omg tht ws so damn awesm….i loved it ….cnt wait fr d confession…..plz update quick….n yeah all d vry best fr ur tests. …

  13. Hey Ritz first of all…
    M really really sry for nt commenting on ur previous epis dea….
    I ws so buzy k I ws nt reading anyone ff…
    Except sayuuuuuuuu didu…n saby dii’s….
    Plzzz can u give me d link of ur previous epis…!!!?????
    Ik m irritating uh bt kya karu..???
    Even m too buzy soo…
    Hope uh understand???????????????
    Anyways epi ws fab. …..
    Bt I didn’t read ur previous parts so ….
    M a bit confused….
    Moreover cn uh plzz give me all ur links……
    May b I read upto 12 or 13 …???????????
    Luv uhh…❤❤❤❤❤

  14. U r awesome ritzi..

  15. presha singhal


  16. Rashiverma2199

    Ritzi…..lovely episode….awesome…..

  17. Romaisha

    Superb wala episode ??…

  18. Baby

    yes ritzi i totally agree wid u jhalak is really hot dis tym n jst bcz of sidhant oh god i maddly luv him yr he ws looking sooooooooooo cute n his abs really n d way he ws flirting wid jas ouff jaq sooooo cute luv him yr n d episode was jst amazing i hp yuhis plan wrk post nxt asap dear osm luvd it 2 d core

  19. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome epi

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