This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 16


Hi guys….. So without wasting ur nd mine tym let’s move on to the epi

The episode starts

End of kunj’s POV

Twinkle’s POV

I was sleeping in my room or say trying to sleep so tht I can forget what all things happened with me a few moments ago but as I close my eyes tht moments peep into my eyes making me cry so I placed a pillow on my face to prevent the sound to echo around me. Just then “U bl**dy lier” I heard a voice nd ya how cannot I recognize it… was kunj just then thap! My door got opened with a bang ……I quickly wiped my tears nd stood up…..I m thankful tht they didn’t still noticed me “why did u lied UV” said mahi supporting kunj “arre my jaan I wanted to spend tym with u na!” Said UV opposingly “w…what happened” I asked trying to ignore kunj “arre twinkle see na…..sir told me to be with u so I can take care of u nd look at this mahashay (to UV) he acted as he was ill so tht he can spend tym with me…………” She stopped in between…..I think she realised something…..she ran towards me nd checked my forehead “my doll are u all right she said” as she very well knows tht I love it when someone calls me tht …..I just faked a smile nd nodded in yes “was feeling a bit weak” I replied nd my gaze went to kunj …..ya I could see guilt in his eyes ……but why GUILT! He always gives me proof tht …….tht incident was just an accident “are u sure twink……” UV said but was cut by mahi “no need UV……u go nd hv sm rest….aftrall u r not well na!” “Exactly” “kunj pls forgive me…just bcus of me u missed ur tracking ” nd oh god he was giving out his fake sobbing “no problem” replied kunj……oh god how cm he is so innocent….. Wait did I just said innocent…. Urggh! “Kunj u might forgive him but not me” replied mahi…..”nd get lost” she continued “enough mahi……its just tht I wanted to spend tym with u” replied a boiling uv……oh babaji pls stop this soon coming world war 3. “But u very well know tht I don’t like liers” opposed mahi “but I did it for u” said uv in a loud voice “don’t shout at me!” Said mahi in a double loude voice “mahi..ur shouting more than him” said kunj “oh wait…..she is shouting bcus he lied” I said standing up from my bed “but he lied for her ” said kunj “but mahi hate liers” I just realised tht me and kunj were repeating tht same sentence spoke by mahi nd uv respectively “u no what…. U girls are impossible….. Its just tht uv wanted to spend tym with mahi…..nd tht ends it” said kunj “no! It doesn’t ends it…..uv can talk to her any other tym…..right now she stayed back bcus of me……nd what u said we r impossible…. No u boys r impossible….. Don’t I know what will uv do with mahi….when they will be alone” I said……oh shoot! Did I just said tht…..but why? I could see shocked faces of uv nd mahi “ya so what…..mahi is his girlfriend nd he has right on her” he said “oh Mr. She is his girlfriend nd not wife tht he will do whatever he wants to…..nd mahi will not even oppose him bcus she thinks tht he loves her” I said ……nd ya me nd kunj was fighting in code words we both knew tht we were talking about ourselves…..regarding what happened today “uv just tell me…..u love mahi na!” I asked “ya I do” he replied “then after kissing her… u say sorry to her” I asked “no why should I say sorry to her” he said “exactly” mahi nodded in agreement “so what u actually want to prove uh!” Asked kunj “u very well know tht kunj” i said “stop it both of u” said yuhi together “hey y r u dubbing me” again both at the same tym….with same tashan “let’s leave kunj” said uv grabbing his wrist nd taking him to their room.
End of twinkle’s POV
……..End of POV style………

Twihi’s room

M:what do these boys think if themselves?

T: exactly

Said twinkle in a full angry bird wala mode

M: wait twinkle……but when u nd kunj was fighting I could see tht it was not related to me nd uv…..pls tell me what was it?

Said mahi grabbing her f her shoulder

T: voh….umm mahi….kya hua ki….

Nd twinkle told her everything

Yunj’s room

Here kunj also told him everything

U: so what u did wrong in tht…..if u are not sure tht whether she loves u or not but still u kissed her nd then u apologized her…..nothing wrong in it

Uv thinks: kunj u did right….bcus twinkle loves u….but I will not tell u tht as I want u to hear it from her only

Twihi’s room

M: haww! First he kissed u nd then apologized u…..tht means he thinks it was a mistake
(Guys do u remember tht when I described their rooms I told tht their rooms were beside one another nd they also had a wall in common so let’s name tht wall as C…c for common)
Yunj’s room

Uv: these girls na…..

Nd he kicked the wall C…….the kick was so hard tht its sound was heard in twihi’s room

Twihi’s room
Mahi went near the C wall nd placed her both the hands on it

M:he u idiot …..stop disturbing us

She said loudly nd she also kicked tht wall

Yunj’s room

Uv: no I will disturb u

He said and again kicked the wall

Twinkle’s POV

Listening to it mahi again kicked tht wall “mahi pls stop it…u will get hurt” I heard a voice from tht room nd ya it was kunj’s….. I also went towards tht wall “so u think tht girls are weak” I said nd kicked the wall too “yes we do think so” nd bang….the voice came….they too kicked the wall back “uuuuu” said mahi nd went outside the balcony……oh my god…..she brought a whole pot “mahi no” I whispered….but she is sooo stubborn…..she banged tht so hard on tht wall the the pot broke “aaaah” we could hear the voice from their room “what happened? Got scared” I said still giggling ……nd thaap “aaaaaaaaaah” this tym we were the 1 to shout “hahaha got what happened…. Got scared” I heard kunj…… Was he just mimicimg me? “Twinkle taneja is never scared of anything I said” nd I banged my whole travelling bag on the wall ……if we see its approx weight then it must hv been of 5 kg….aftrall it had all my cloths…..”aah” we heard it again with a sound of bed perhaps……. Oh wow they both felt down with the voice ” zyada lagi toh nhi” I shouted while mahi was still giggling …..”how did she knows tht” I could hear the whispers nd perhaps tht was uv ” bcus girls are very smart u see” said mahi shouting …….this tym BANG! It was soo loud tht we ended up on the floor “aah ouch” we said “haha….zyada lagi to nhi” said kunj again mimicking me “what was tht” asked mahi “what u thought tht only u can bang yr bag not we” said uv …..”his does they know tht” I whispered to mahi “bcus boys know everything” said kunj arrghhh again mimicking me I stood up nd banged my shoulders to the wall…..”hey u…..stop mimicking me okay” I said nd that! I heard tht voice ” what if u do” he said “uuuu….” Nd me nd mahi again banged our shoulders on the wall…..they also did so… was an hour but no1 was willing to give up…I noticed a small crack on the wall but ignored it…..again half and hour passed still no backing off…..just then a voice of smthimg cracking could be heard nd the very next second “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” me nd mahi shouted nd then “aaaaaaaaaaaaah” uv nd kunj shouted when we felt upon them……ya the wall got broke which made me to fall upon kunj nd mahi to fall upon uv…..we were in their room right now……I was still upon kunj…..

To be continued….

Hey guys were u able to understand what was happening …..if not then do tell me….I knw last wala part was silly….sorry for tht

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  1. SidMin

    Ritzi loved it Kunj fight in code words and the common wall was so cutee ?waiting for the next episode pls post it asap

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    It was tooo gud.

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    Ritzi it was too gud yaar. ..wonderful. ..ctd soon

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    awesome amazing epi…fantastic…funny….loved it…..eagerly waiting for next part…..

  5. Sriya

    Ritz it is fantabulous amazing fantastic I was laughing like a maniac while reading it you rocked it girl next part of obsessive love story has been published dear and frnds I send you a private message do check it out love u loads keep smiling always

  6. Baby

    omgggggggg ritzi fab yr luvd it bhot hassi aaiyi sch meinf fiting wid d wall n den d wall broke n now sidmin n yuhi r u no upon eo oh god luvd d episode hahahhaaa

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    Wow….lovely episode…???

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  10. Wow…amazing epi

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    sorry I m late
    I missed this story a lot
    but don’t know how I missed reading this part even when I was finding the update

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