This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 15


Hello frnds…..hw u all uh! Ya ya this tym also sorry….uff n fed up with dis padhai….anyways so now I want to ask u all once again tht whether u want me to elongate the past or focus on present if u tell me to focus on present then past will end by maybe 20th to 25 episode…..the choice is all urs

The episode starts
Twinkle’s POV

It was really heaven…..lying beneath ur love…..tht to sooo close “kunj” I moaned when he bit my neck…..this is the most pleasury torture I hv ever come through…..I was srsly about to faint by seeing his 6 pack abs….”aah…kunj” again a moan went out from my mouth when he slides up my T-shirt a bit nd kissed my naval…..tht srsly brought sm kind of sensations through my body making me move up nd down ……..he now slided down my pant a bit nd traced his lips on my waist line….he again came up nd slides up my T-shirt now I was only wearing a b*a ……..he pushed my both the hands I’m upward direction with his two hands nd then held it in his one hand (guys its like twinkle’s hands just above her head) he then started kissing my arm pits…..this gave me a tickling affect nd naturally my hands started to move but kunj tightened his grip more…..I m in love with this kunj….he was biting nd sucking my arm pits “k…kunj” making me moan his name nd my head took a left nd right turn “sssh” he said …..he slightly moved side nd started kissing my tummy which gave me a rush of adrenaline nd my legs moved a bit in order to control tht sensation but they were locked by his legs ……he then moved towards my lips…..his 1 hand smooching my side waist nd other still holding my both the hands …….nd there u go….his lips entered into mine nd he started eating it …….he chewed it…..which “mm..m” which lead me moan nd uff….why did I just do tht…..his tongue entered my mouth nd started playing with my gums nd my tongue nd suddenly his closed eyes widened up nd he quickly took out his lips from mine…..not only this he quickly stood up making me go hellest nervous …..I too sat on the bed ……looking down nd shying continuously…. I just moved my gaze up a bit to look at my hero…..there he was…..I could see the guilt in his eyes….I looked very boggled “I…I..m…s..sorry” he said nd ran towards bathroom…..what did he just said! He thought it as a mistake….. He is regretting? No kunj sarna, no….if u don’t hv feelings for me nd wht just happened ri8 now was just an attraction for u…..then I swear I m not gonna leave u…..I m not a toy only my love has a right to touch me nd I gave u tht right today….I didn’t opposed bcus I thought tht it was yr signal tht u love Me…but meant it was a mistake…..with much difficulty I put a full stop on my thoughts nd anger nd wore my top…..composed myself nd went to my room…..where didn’t found yuhi…perhaps they went for a lunch…. Thank god…..bcus I didn’t had any strength to face them….I shut the door nd went to the mirror just to hv a glance on myself….even though I had composed my self but still my hairs were messed up……my kajal nd lipstick still a little smudged …….nd I found a bit mark on my neck I touched it …….aah ……kunj sarna if it was yr love bite then this pain is pleasure for me but if it was an attraction wala bit…..I swear to god I m not gonna leave u…..I changed into formals… i was wearing pink denim nd black curved neck t-shirt just to hide the marks.

Knock knock I heard a sound ……I went nd opened it “gud morning sir” ya it was our sir “twinkle…..what r u doing we all r waiting for u since so long…..look we don’t want to get late for the tracking” he said but in a polite manner “so….sorry sir a..actually I was not feeling upto the mark” I said nd sorry babaji for this lie “oh my baccha… u want to take rest?” He asked nd seemed like I was waiting for his this question only “thank u so much sir….I think I should take rest” “no problem” he said nd went down ……I felt on the bed feeling really confused whether to cry or not…..I was not still sure tht kunj loved me or not ”
End of twinkle’s POV

Kunj’s POV
We were in the waiting area…..waiting for the arrival of sir nd twi…twinkle I really feel guilty on taking her name also…..again kunj sarna again got lost in her…..again he lost his senses nd I just can’t even believe what I did to her……I remember when I was kissing her lips I closed my eyes nd again my bebe….maa….twinkle’s future all came into mind as an obstacle or say as an alert so I quickly freed myself from her embrace…….my thoughts came to an end when I saw sir coming towards us…..I was peeping her nd there to see where twinkle ws …but she didn’t came which made my heart beats more faster ……pls sm1 ask him where is twinkle….I just can’t “where is twinkle …..sir?” Asked yuhi together nd I m really very thankful of them for this “umm…..mahi u didn’t tell me she was not well” WHAT! What happened to her…..oh gosh! This made my guilt increase more nd more “what! What happened to her!” Asked mahi “I donno she just told she was not well nd ya she looked very dull” replied sir… twinkle pls don’t do this to yrself just bcus of me “um…..sir if u don’t mind can I just stay with her” asked mahi “ya ofcource u should stay” said said sir which brought a little sigh of relief tht my twinkle would not be alone. “UV” shouted every1 grabbing my attention towards him nd “UV!” Even I shouted when I saw him half unconscious….. Mind my word ‘half’ “oh god! Kunj aah….my head it….it is aah spinning badly” said UV in leaning on me but y is he sounding so dramatic? Whatever as I friend I had to hold him ” UV r u okay” asked mahi with concern “ya….now what happened to u?” Asked sir “sir…ah….I think I also need sm rest….sorry I will not be able to cm for the track” he said moving to nd fro like an earthquake has arrived “o….OK” said sir…..I think he too is confused like me “but mahi will not be able to take care of twinkle nd UV both I think kunj….. U too stay back only” he continued. Me! Why me yaar…..I dont want to stay here…..firstly I will miss this educational track nd most importantly HOW WILL I FACE HER ! “Sor but i will miss the education in this track!” I said ….i know my reason was cheap but i had to do tht “dont waorry kunj….this is just a fun track….i will make sure tht u dont miss any important things though” he said nd why did he just said tht “ohk….sir”I said with no option left

So kunj sarna get ready to face her…

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  1. again an amazing part
    I totally loved it
    you know what before reading this story I rarely visit TU but now m so addicted to your story and I daily come here to see any update to this
    as for past and present I only want what you have in your mind

  2. Fan

    Super epi ritzi!!

  3. Romaisha

    Wow romantic and emotional episode… But i hope kunj won’t misunderstand her … Anyway do post soon ✌ ?

  4. Romaisha

    Sorry sorry i meant twinkle won’t misunderstand him .. Sorry mistake tha?

  5. Anushka


  6. Awsm….Ctd sooooon

  7. SidMin

    Ritzi Loved it waiting for the next please post asap 🙂

  8. Amazing epi

  9. Kruti

    Awesome epi ritzi loved it

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…..loved it…..eagerly waiting for next part…..

  11. Joonakanksha

    Awesome yr

  12. Jas and sid lover

    Sorry to not comment in last episode coz of hectic schedule…coming to today u were flawless..amazing writing……the way u express the povs is just awesome..about ur question i would just say present will be more better but anyways whatever u write its fabulous so do of your own choice

  13. Shatakshi

    Hey Ritzi
    It was really Amazing
    N personally I m liking the past…
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

  14. Baby

    hey ritzi amazing episode dear srsly u rckd bt felt bad fr r sidmin n yah i ll lyk u 2 cntinue d past n den cm 2 present

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Ritzi….episode was lovely….

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