This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 14

As usual late ……right? Kya karu on Saturday we hv maths test nd mera aur maths ka 36 ka akda hai ….nd in addition I m really very depressed not bcus if studies but bcus of smthng or it can be sm1 too….I never knew all hv two shades hehe leave it I knw u all r interested in my ff

So let’s start

Twinkle’s POV…..

My blush was getting deeper and deeper remembering each and every moment spent with kunj just then “caught u” I heard mahi saying nd peeping into my face …..I backed off taking care not to maintain eye contact with my detective sista but detective r dective u see they catch the criminal by hook or by crook “ohooo sm1 is in love ” said mahi…..she is a specialist in detectivism I guess….HOW DID SHE CAME TO KNOW! I wanted to ask her “wh….what do u mean” I said stammering oh God why am I behaving like a criminal “oh shut up twinkle we are not singing Justin bieber’s song so just stop making puzzles nd say say….who is the lucky guy” she said with excitement in her tone “k…kunj” I said looking down nd blushing endlessly I closed my eyes as I knew what was cmng next….2 mins passed but she didn’t reacted I opened my eyes slowly nd looked up just to find mahi pressing her lips with both the hands nd I could see how much the surprising shock gas affected her through her only visible eyes “mahi!” I said innocently……I think I shouldn’t hv said tht bcus “aaaaaaaaaaaaaah ” she shouted making me almost deaf nd started jumping like a maniac..”mahi I love him….not u ” I said making her stop from jumping…..she clutched my shoulders with her hands nd started spinning me around “o my god oh my God twinkle…..kunj……m soooooo happy for u….when did he proposed u….m sure yesterday… did he proposed u” she started asking me endless que whose answer were not present with me “he has not yet proposed me” this made her to stop me from spinning “I don’t even know he loves me or not” I said which gave her a surprising shock this tym. “Are u out of ur mind?” She said “no my mind is out of me” i said just to calm down her shock “oh shut up twinkle…..if he didn’t proposed u…..u don’t know whether he loves u or not ……then u should hv proposed him yesterday na!” She said …….all in 1 go “but I don’t wanna lose my friendship” I said “oh pls twinkle……stop yr filmy talks okay” I heard a voice from the door…..we both looked at tht direction “UV!” We both shouted at the same tym…..he was standing there by attaching his one shoulder with the wall nd his leg crossed….he started coming inside the room “UV wh….when….did u came” just before the ‘caught u’ line “WHAT!” I shouted “shh” they both said nd mahi quickly went nd lashed the door “kunj is just next door” UV said nd ya he was right actually ” u…UV u na forget everything….. Think it as a dream okay”
I said
……not knowing what I was saying….hehe “twinkle…..what on earth is wrong with ur phadu dialogues….r u in ur senses ur just talking utter non sense…..whatever I thought I will help u but….” He started his drama “no no wait…..pls help me both of u” I said to yuhi….. Oh fish I would hv to bear their tantrums now! “Good” said both of them in one go….I must say they r made for each other “but let me tell u 1 thing….twinkle taneja is not going to propose kunj sarna…..he will hv to propose me” “ab toh ho chuka” said UV “arre but I hv no strength to lose him…..if he also hv even sm feelings for me….then he will hv to confess me his love at least at the end of the trip…..for tht we hv to think smthng” I said nd for the first tym yuhi seems to agree with me “OK twinkle…… I understand ur problem…..we will help u out” said mahi making me feel on the top of the world “so what’s the plan!” Asked making jumping in excitement “so the plan is…….” I told them the whole plan “well done twinkle well done” said UV patting on my shoulders “but are u sure kunj will confess after this plan” asked mahi “damn sure, girl! ” my confidence brought smile on mahi’s face too “but tell me 1 thing….hv u done sm sort of PhD in detectivesm or what….how did u came to know tht I love sm1” I asked mahi …..I saw mahi looking at UV nd smiling “bcus I hv experience u see” she said oh crap… can I forget she was also at the samw stage smtym before “where is kunj” I asked “ahaan ahaan” said mahi hitting her shoulders with mine “he is in room” UV said….he too was smiling “perfect…..I will call him” I said nd ran from there without waiting for their reaction as I already knew their reaction….I knocked the door ……but It was already unlashed so I opened it nd went inside….. But kunj was not there….. I checked for him in the balcony nd below the bed…..ya ya below the bed….I donno where my brain has gone….Hehe I went towards the bathroom……my last hope u see….I pushed it slightly in order to see whether it is lashed or not nd……”aaaaaaaaah” I shouted

End of twinkle’s POV


“Aaaaaaaaaaa” shouted twinkle… no I shouted no actually she shouted no…..argh! We both shouted together when she entered the bathroom….without even knocking wait…..y will she even knock also….she should not even think to cm in my bathroom na….uff where is my brain? (Same pinch u see) thank god I had finished my bath nd had just wrapped my waist with towel “c…can’t u kn …knock….knock? What knock why did u even came in?” I asked hiding behind the shower curtain oh damn where is the new kunj …….is twinkle ko dekh ke sari akad (attitude) thikane ke aa jati hai….naya kunj kya khak ayega…..well ri8 now my duty was to just save my respect nd nothing else bcus I could again see the boldness in her eyes…..oh god why we always end up in a bathroom “hey kunj….how r u” she asked “b..bas zinda hu” I said. Not knowing what we both r telling to eo “aur bata kya chal rha hai” twinkle said coming towards me “f….fog chal rha hai” I said nd seriously I said tht… yaar…..bathroom mei aisi baatein I think she is also nervous like me thts why we r just talking utter nonsense…..but why is she coming towards me…..she is just about two inches away from me……I just don’t want to go with the flow this tym….I know just 2 more minutes will be enough for me to make myself fall for her even deeper… I quickly ran outside the bathroom….. I was not knowing what to do nd just then adrenaline rush tingled thorough my spine to all over my body…..I could feel a finger tracing my spinal cord…..I knew it was my girl’s touch ……she was moving her finger sensually on my bare back….I quickly turned towards her “aah!” We both shouted when we both fell on bed bcus of jerk cause by my sharp

turn…..I was above twinkle….. I was simply lost into her eyes Even though I tried my best to be away from twinkle but I always end up by going with the flow…..the flow which always brings me more close to my love….we were still lost…..the water droplets were getting dropped from my wet hairs on her face…..making her look more like my girl….water droplets were tracing her neck bone…..making me feel like kissing it…..just then another drop felt on her neck bone which was srsly a limit for Me…..I bent down nd started kissing her neck bones……actually I was not kissing it but chewing it…..I donno what happens to me when she is this much close to me….nd uff her moans they just encourage me to go more wild……I felt two soft hands each caressing my hairs nd bare back…..what’s left now….. I got the green signal….now i moved towards her neck….which was not less than honey for me…..I started biting….chewing….licking….sucking everything possible. As I was above her I could feel her breathing heavily …….srsly which made me go more nd more wild…..I went towards her face nd within no tym inserted my lips into hers…..I was biting it too….. Making her moan again…..I found it as a perfect opportunity to explore her mouth….my tounge found the way into her mouth nd started playing with her tongue…..heaven couldnt be better than this for sure

To be continued…..
Guys I read all ur comments nd m really very much satisfied with it….ya shreya I agree tht many of them are having exams so they r not able to comment no worries…..thank u very much md ya sm1 asked me tht whether it is me in the dp… ya its me nd thanks for the complement nd saby… need to explain baccha….I knw tht u r busy so it doesn’t matter whether u comment or not the only thing tht matters is tht ur liking my ff…..but ya if u get tym then pls do comment it really not force but ur come t gives me satisfaction nd ya….u too are going srsly awesome yaar…..I hv neve missed ur any epi….but my condition is same as yrs bit still I try to comment whenever I get tym…..

Nd lastly I just hope tht last part was not tht much vulgar if so….then sorry

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    it was awesome….fantastic epi….loved it…eagerly waiting for next part….

  2. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely it was… romantic…..awesome….

  3. Yaar very nice ff

  4. ??????????? Ritzi dear it was awesomeeeeee????
    Loveddd it..??

    All the best for ur maths xam.???

  5. amazing update
    loved it so much and Kunj going with the flaw was superb … last he forget everything and kissed her
    want to know about Twinkle’s plan so please update fast

  6. Amazing epiiiii

  7. wowwwww…….superb episode….waiting for the next one

  8. Kruti

    Fantastic epi ritzi…….loved it

  9. Superbbbb epi….
    Ctd soooon

  10. Angita

    No ritxi it was not vulgar but romantic and amazing yupdate

  11. it was owsome
    plz try to post 3 4 everyday
    love it

  12. Jisha

    Hey Ritzi,
    It was awesome… romantic..
    All the best 4 ur maths exam…

  13. dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi of course it wasn’t vulgar bcoz many have wrote such …lovely epi
    Ctd soon
    And dear sorry but I m not able to comment regularly. I read all but really sorry
    So if u don’t find my comment plz add 1 in total bcoz I will read it 4 sure

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  15. Hi ritzi i m silent reader..but after reading ur ff i feel commenting to u..u r such a brilliant writer…yes i love to read ur ff v mch..pls write regularly..i m eagrly waiting for ur nxt epi…pls update it fast..twinj romance?? u and keep writing..bye

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  17. Fan

    Super epi ritzi..

  18. Baby

    omg ritzi sprb i mean amazing episode yr n d sidmins scenes wr d bst of all srsly luvd it yr n u very beautiful n cute dear ritzi may i no in which class u r or wts ur age dear osm n w8ing fr ur reply n pls post asap

  19. Joonakanksha

    Awesome yr.loved it

  20. Saby

    Ritzi…. Sooo romanticcc?
    Loved it soooo much….
    Keep writing as such…
    I can still feel the goosebombs?

  21. Great epi

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