This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 13

Hi guys… finally on tym today ……but m commond with my this ff…..perhaps u people aren’t liking it…..I would like to reqst all silent readers just to comment in this epi I knw u feel lazy but I just want to know his many of them are actually ready my ff u can even cmnt in 1 word but pls do cmnt today…..then I will never reqst u to do so

The epi starts…..

…….Kunj’s POV ………..(on high demand)
I too followed twinkle nd went out of the train where I saw her hugging mahi I smiled seeing the innocence on her face ” I missed u mahi” I heard her saying “alle le le twinkle baccha ko mahi ki yaad ayi” said UV in an irritating manner “what do u mean uh!) She said arrogently ” arre if kunj was with u then how can u even feel mahi’s absence ” he said pulling her cheeks…..I found the frown which was on twinkle’s for head disappeared firstly she let out a blush nd then again came back in her avtar “don’t think Much okay….vaise it was advantage for u… many kisses u gave to mahi in just 1 day” to which mahi hit her on her shoulder nd then looked down blushing continuously “twinkle hamari baat chod first let us go to hotel or else sir will pakka kill us today…..vaise toh we hv managed but u hv to be carefully enough” said UV on which we both just nodded

Hotel paradise

We reached the hotel nd it was really a luxurious 1 (hi5 college hoga toh hotel bhi luxurious hi hoga na) “wow yaar nice hotel” said twinkle….our college had booked about 20 rooms in this hotel ……”so finally u both came” i heard a voice frm behind….we all turned back nd ya it was our professor “s…sir actually” i said stammering “sir….” Said twinkle but was cut by professor “u could hv told me na kunj tht u had dis problem ” said professor which made me and twinkle go shock “w..what problem sir” i asked still scared “arre u had diaherria so u missed the train nd when twinkle came in search of u….she also missed the train right!” The professor said “WHAT!” Said me and twinkle looking at eo….nd ouch! Uv pinched me “ouch!” Whispered twinkle too….she must be sufferinf frm the same case i guess “yes sir….u r right! I m sorry” i said “no problem kunj…u both go nd freshen up then we have to go for tracking ” said professor before going nd as soon as ge went in stamped on uv’s leg “aah…what on earth are u upto” he said standing on one leg “saale batane ke liye yehi ek reason mila tha” i said “ye lo…ek toh help karo aur upar se tumahre tane suno” ge said “but train mei already bathroom tha” i heard twinkle saying in an innocent manner we three got shocked aftr hearing it….we were continuously lookijg at eo nd then at twinkle “what!” She said “marva deti na mahi tum….couldnt u find another reason…ye toh accha hua tht pfofessor bhi tumhari tarah buddhu nikla ” said uv trying to put all blame on her “haww….the entire idea was yrs okay….nd vaise bhi professor ko pata nhi chala na….leave it” i must say my girl is really intelligent…..we decided our arrangements twinkle nd mahi in 1 room nd me nd UV in another we left for our room….our room was just beside their we even had 1 common wall….mine nd uv’s room was really a vast 1….a big bed….ac nd a TV too UV told tht he will freshen up first nd I just nodded
End of kunj’s POV

…….Twinkle’s POV……..
I nd mahi reached our room nd I must say it was beautiful….vast….awesome I went to the window nd opened it…..the cool air trashed with my cheeks making me feel like sm1 is tickling on my cheeks….I just took a deep breath closing my eyes to feel the pleasure “so hw was yr day with kunj” I heard mahi saying nd this was enough for my mind to just remince yesterday’s moments with kunj…..I was smiling from my heart nd just replied “good” to mahi…..”twinkle u will hv to tell me what exactly happened yesterday afterwards ri8 now I m going to fresehen up ” she said making me go nervous….I cannot even tell mahi a single thing…..tht bathroom wala toh bilkul nhi….remembering tht bathroom scene nd then other scenes my blush was getting more nd more deeper “caught u” I heard a voice nd shit….it was mahi….did she noticed my facial expressions?

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  1. Jas and sid lover

    It was awesome dear u r a fabulous writer
    Ur silent reader

  2. Jiya_Ani

    Babydoll..You know what..I loved the last lines…muaaaaah…
    You wrote it so well
    And plz don’t end it so soon…As try to understand many of us are having their exams and hectic schedules…just don’t get demoralized..
    And try to read my post and comment too.

  3. SidMin

    Ritzi Loved it The way Twinkle was blushing and the diarrhea wala part was so good Twinkle I must say is really smart in this sense Loved it waiting for the next episode and the reason for their separation and who said that people don’t like your ff I don’t know about others but I love your ff do you get that so post the next episode (pls asap) 🙂

  4. Joonakanksha

    Amazing yr

  5. Angita

    Awwww or hahaha loved the episode darling…..

  6. D a
    It was short but plz tonmorrow is my special day so plz remember to post 3 4
    Love it

  7. Kruti

    Superb epi ritzi …..the way kunj said my girl is intelligent …..muhaaaa loved it

  8. Twinj foreever always

    It was awesome

  9. nice . i alaways read ur ff but cant coment . so dont mind


    amazing ya awsome maked it happy

  11. Fan

    Super epi ritzi..

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow amazing and cool yaar ritzi

  13. Shatakshi

    Hey Ritzi
    Its just Awesome
    Loved it❤❤

  14. Krystal_Krysiee

    loved it baby….

  15. Baby

    hey ritzi dear amazing yr luvd it n yah u agn mde me laugh d way mahi said caught u real cute luvd it post nxt asap dear

  16. Hey Ritzi
    We are loving your ff a llloooottt…???
    This ff is currently my fav…

    Keep going girl..?

    And yes plz give some twinj scenes plzzzzzzzz

  17. Shreya098

    superb epi….loved it

  18. Lovely epi…ritzi ur dp is superb is that u? If yes I must say your very beautiful??? waiting for next episode and show some romantic scenes of twinj in next episode…

  19. ♥♥ post it asap… loving it

  20. Rashiverma2199

    Ritzi….it was lovely dear…..

  21. Awsm…..

  22. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome yr…Amazing…loved it…post asap….

  23. awesome chapter as you say to the silent reader to comment m commenting for the first but m not a silent reader I just visit TU sometimes only and I read your ff’s all parts yesterday
    its really a very good ff
    everything was superb
    and I loved that part the most when Kunj was waiting for Twinkle to come and when she came he told her to cover herself really very different entry
    and everything after that is amazing superb fantastic etc etc….
    I’ll comment whenever I read the part but don’t think I stopped reading it because I can’t stop but will be late

  24. Saby

    Hey ritzi……. Awesome episode as always….
    Twinj ki zyada baat hi nahi hu….
    But never mind I know that
    Next epi will obviously have many twinj scenes…. So looking forward….
    And ya I do read ur ff… Sumtimes bcoz of my busy schedule I just sav ur epi and read it on my work time in off and days y not able to comment…. But yaa I do read ur ff… And love it sooooooo muchhhhh

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