This is when the feeling sinks in…..twinj episode 12


hey guys this tym I m not at fault uh…. U know tu was not working properly but still yaar sorry once again nd I found my previous epi got a bit less cmnts nd I know that u guys r not at fault as tu was not working properly hehe so without wasting ur tym let’s start

Precap: kunj’s badla badla avta….. Amazed twinkle a quick glance to present

So now let’s start epi 12…..

End of present….#past


Twinkle’s POV
I came out of the bathroom wearing a mini pink velvet touch skirt nd a white balloon top…. Kunj was not in room….. So I quickly went on wore my lenses I just don’t want to show the real colour of my eye to any1…. I donno why but I just don’t like the real colour of my eye so I quickly wore a brown coloured lenses nd applied mascara and did a bit touch up…. That’s It…. Just then I heard the sound of the door…… My heart started to pump like it’s gonna bounce out of the ribcage for the first tym I was scares of kunj not actually scared of him but I was scared about the fact that if her will fall for me then he might get distracted from his goal (buddhu he is already In love with u ) I hv decided to stay normal in front of him I shouldn’t let him know that his touch has a lot of affect on me …….he is staring me like I hv created sm crime I raised my eyebrows in order to ask him what “u will wear this” he said seems like he was waiting for my signal to speak”kunj I always wear it na so whats a big deal in it?) I asked him even though I was knowing the reason behind it yaa…… He has started following me nd again I would like to thank his eyes for telling me that so now I can become careful.. I will not let u fall for me completely kunj….he started coming towards me nd in no tym he hold me by my shoulders nd shook me aah it hurts ” I hv problem twinkle don’t wear it pls” he said requesting me to his fullest ” but kunj….. ” I said “OK fine” he said cutting me in between nd releasing my shoulders ” come on we are getting late for the train” he said in a rude way…. I know ur hurt kunj….. He went out I too followed him
#railway station

We reached the railway station I could feel everybody staring me with bad eyes …..the feeling is disgusting but can’t I do even this much fr my kunj so I started to ignore them all nd aah… I felt smthng strong on my palms within no tym I got to know that even though I ignore them but 1 person cannot bear sm1 even staring me….. Ya it’s kunj I could feel that how much he is controlling his anger …… Our train hadn’t still arrived so we sat on the bench nd a man came nd sat beside me…… I nd kunj didn’t even utter a single word yaar…… But wait why is he touching my thighs but this touch isn’t familiar…. I looked down nd chi…. I was that chepo man sitting beside me touching me by my thighs I quickly jerked his hand off just making sure that kunj doesn’t notice it ” how dare u! ” I heard a voice nd this tym a familier 1 oh shi!! Kunj noticed everything he stood up from his place threw his specks on floor oh a typical hero types….. Shut up twinkl…… Oh shit he is pulled that man by his collar nd dhishoom! The voice was so loud that I closed my ears with fear “how dare u touch her ” said kunj still bearing him black nd blue bd went near him nd tried to stop him “kunj no pls no ” I said while trying to pull his grip from the man’s neck “kunj stop it …….. He will die ” I said ” yes he has to” saying dis kunj pushed me…… Kunj don’t do this pls I don’t want to see yr more shades now who will tell that be4 knowing yr past I was dying for these shades but now the situation is different just then I heard the voice of our train hash! Every1 was trying level best to release kunj “how dare u touch my twinkle…… I will not leave u” I heard kunj saying this nd making my eyes teary pls kunj don’t do this don’t make it hard for me I pushed the crowd nd went to kunj “STOP IT KUNJ! JUST STOP IT NOW ” I said shouting my lungs out nd thank God he stopped I just pulled him into the train……

Our rest of the journey was quite none if us spoke but I could see kunj giving me death glares for wearing it but I had to ignore it ” I told u not to wear it” said kunj trying his best to control his anger ” I just don’t care of what anybody think about me or see me in that way I just find comfort in these cloths nd if it doesn’t matter to me then how does it matter to u” I asked oh God! I shouldn’t hv asked about it “it matters twinkle ……….it matters a lot I just can’t tolerate sm stranger touching my twinkle ” be said nd I could feel from his face that he said it unknowing but I found it as a great opportunity ” my twinkl?? What do u mean by my twinkle….. I m not ur property kunj” I said grunting my teeths bd shit the volcano was about to blast on me but thank God! Our station came nd I found yuhi waiting for us from the window “wow station came” I said before running outside the train of shall I say running from kunj’s confession ”

To be continue……

Hey guys sorry if the epi was short but I just wanna ask that who’s POV u want in next epi….. Kunj or twinkle’s

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  1. Lovely epi …ctd soon

  2. Hayy…kunj..!!! ??
    I just hope that every good girl gets lifepartner just like kunj…he is sooooooo cute??…day by day m loving him moreeee…..??

    Okay now comind to the epi…it was good..the way kunj got angry and punched him and thatvtrain wala scene..i loved it….

    Next epi please kunj ka pov…want tobsee some naughty naughty side of him..please….

  3. Fan

    Awesome epi ritzi..loved it..

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi….we want pov of both of them…

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi….we want pov of both of them……

  6. Kruti

    superb epi ritzi……..kunj ki jealousy was at its peak
    eagerly waiting for d nxt one…….i would lk to read kunj’s pov

  7. Ritzi I was eagerly waiting for your ff finally you posted it…awesome epi…I would love to read both twinkle and kunj’s POV…try to post next epi soooooooooooooooon…

  8. Rashiverma2199

    Ritzii…..awesome yaar

  9. SidMin

    Ritzi Loved it it was too good the way Kunj protected Twinkle was just too good waiting for the next part Loved it 🙂

  10. dreamer....arundhati

    Ritzi ..muah..darlo it was 2 gud.
    Kunj’s POV.
    I guess.
    Update soon and no need 4 sorry as now a days tu site is at a problem always.hope its soon resolved

  11. Saby

    ritziiiiiiiii darling uh always do this….
    see uh again did this….
    made me speechless….
    seriously such a nice episode… thanks alot
    and mindblowing shade oh kunj apart from that nerdy with glasses to this dhishum dhishum fighter boy tooooooo gooood…..
    loved it so much

  12. Hey ritziii ….
    It ws jussssssssssssssss muahhhhhh superbbbbbbb yaar……
    Kya likti ho ……
    Jussssssssssssssss amazing…….
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz…..????????????
    Luv u….❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Baby

    omg ritzi yr it ws amazing i m luving dese new shades of my sidhant haha actually sidmin

  14. Emil Szenasi

    I told myself don’t get attached, But in my mind I play it back, Spinning faster than the plane that took you,

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