This Is When The Feeling Sinks In…..Twinj Episode 1

hey guys…… aftr a song tym uh! u know i m gonna do a big wali bak bak today as i hv got a lot to tell u MY FRNDS nd if u hv ever considered me as yr frnd then pls do respect my feelings nd read my whole convo… i assure u all i will not take much tym
u knw writing this ff is really not at all easy for me…. i m writing this ff at midnight… sacrificing my sleep… no guys its not abt my sleep its abt my feelings for u all who hv supported me…. u know what to make fans is not a big thing but to assure that ur fan is really ur fan i mean the 1 who will always love u nd ur writings is not a cup of tea for all…. aftrall ek ff likhne se koi mahan writer nhi bann jata… agar shahrukh khan ne ek hi movie ki hoti then ofcourse we would hv not became his die hard fans…. ri8 crazy?(m telling dis to crazy as she is a die hard fan of him) so my only reason of writing this ff is to make sure that the impression i made will last forever…… zyada hogya…. sorry for that so THIS FF BELONGS TO 1 WHO HAS ALWAYS SUPPORTED ME…. TO THE 1 WHO HAS ALWAYS LOVED ME…. TO THE 1 WHO HAS ALWAYS MADE ME BLUSH….. honestly speaking in my real life i hv not at all got any kind of appreciation frm any1 in my lyf….. but thts their way of loving me maybe…. whether its my besties… or my parents but i always wanted to get appreciation yaar… tht thing i got frm U ALL… FRM TU….. DUE TO TEI…. DUE TO SIDMIN…. nd only bcus if u guys i found my talent…. i dont know if its actually a talent or jst my imagination…. my i found my passion…. writing… bcus of u guys….. nd i love u all for that… u know whenever smebdy used to asked me wht i lyk…. the first thing which i think…. I THINK NOT SPEAK…. was dance…. but due to sm reasons i had to leave that passion behind…. but my this passion…. i promise u all… i promise to myself that i will never ever leave this bcus of anybody else which i did in dance….. okay okay so enough for toady now the much awaited…. no no pls ek baat aur

A huge hall is shown with thousands nd thousands of people inside it…… the other part of hundred people r standing outside the hall nd cursing their luck…. sm even crying…. lets leave them their nd peep inside the hall as i hv booked tickets for all of us…… the hall is so huge tht the stage is hardly seen…. ouch! oh god this people…. cm lets go forwards Jai Matadi!

A girl is shown on the stage…. facing her back…. but i must say she is looking beautiful even frm back…. her hair… uff… her silky hairs…. the edge if her hair she is having highlights of fade golden colur….. she is wearing a simple red one piece above her knees with frills… she is holding a mike in her right hand which nd the thumb if her ri8 hand is having a beautiful ring which nd abt 6-7 hearts r forming the ring…. this is enhancing her hands… her style…. she is singing….. for god sake turn around na!…. okay let me just concentrate on her voice now NOTE:GUYS THE WORDS WHICH R WRITTEN IN CAPITAL LETTERS HAVE A DEEP MEANING SO I WANT U TO READ THT CAREFULLY….. ND YA PLS JST IMAGINE THT THE SONG IS MADE BY THT GIRL WHICH IS SINGING IT RI8 NOW

Girl: you said it in a simple way
4 AM, the second day
how strange that i dont know… u at all
stumbled through the longer bye
1 last kiss then catch yr flight
Right when i was jst abt to fall

i told myself “DONT GET ATTACHED”
spinning faster than the PLANE THAT TOOK U


The girl finally turns….. oh gosh…. so se*y….oh god…. its twinkle taneja…. the gr8 singer… sorry sorry the gr8 hollywood singer….. who came frm london fr her much demanded concerts………omg she is extremely stunning… her attitude… her style…. her way of standing…. her eyes… seens lyk they share a deep secret…. oh i again got lost in her… let me concentrate on her words na


oh my gosh…. is she crying…. ya ya she is crying… but why?

i do t wanna need u this way
come back…. be here…. come back…. be here

like this the song gets over….. nd twinkle jst rushed frm the stage…. to her green room…. she is crying badly

T: where r u….. i need u…. i want u…..come back… look my all songs… which i made…. for u….. r waiting to see u…… i miss u

aftr about 10 mins of crying hardly…. she wipes off her tears

T: twinkle…. u hv to be stronge…. i know cmng back to india aftr 5 yrs is bot easy for u…. fr hr heart…. but now i should forget him nd move on…. y should i care for him…. if he doesnt!

saying this she starting to compose herslf… she cleaned her smudged kajal nd lipstick nd again did her makeup nd aftr smtym she got outside the hall

now as she is a big singer…. ofcourse there would be a gr8 crowd… nd ya thts the truth as doon as she went out she was covered by number of fans…. media…. she is giving autographs to her fans nd simultaneously answering the question by the media people

reporter 1: mam when is yr next album gonna release

T: very soon

R2 (reporter 2): mam how does it feels to be in india… to yr hometown

Twinkle stoped fr a while….. nd then continued to give autograph nd she answered

T: nxt question

R3: mam even aftr being an indian u hv made a lot of space in hollywood songs…. wht do u wanna say abt tht…. frm were did this talent came frm

T: talents never come Mr…. (she looked at his batch) Rajat…… they r always there wid us…. we jst need to find them…. aftrall singing is my passion

R4: mam…. would u like to make any bollywood song

T: ofcourse… thts y i m here

R1: mam…. generally behind every succesfull singer there is a dark past which influences the person to spill out the feelings in forms of words nd voice…. whts yr story….. i m sure u hv 1

twinkle’s eyes got teary…. she quickly wipped her tears off… nd came back to her attitude

T: well….. every singer doesnt hv tht so called dark past (highliting the words)……. so its better for u not be overconfident

nd she started walking….. she has jst moved 3 to 4 steps but then she reversed herself nd again came back to tht reporter

T: haan voh alag baat hai…. tht i hv tht dark past

bas….. this was enough for the media….. they wanted to know abt her past but be4 they could even question her…. twinkle got all disappeared in her BMW follouwed by her bodyguards

Her car stopped near a huge gate of a manor house…. it was really looking lyk a palace…. with a name plate TANEJAS RESIDENCE…… one of the guards opened her door nd she came out of the car…. first putting her left leg with pretty royal black pencil hill nd then purtting her ri8 hand on the door then keeping her ri8 leg down (u know jst lyk an actress) the guard closed the door….. she went near the gate…. security quickly opened it fir her…. nd greeted her (Note:its 7 PM ro8 now) she stood near her entrance door nd rang the door bell…. in no tym a lady opens the door… it seemed lyk she was eagerly waiting for her

twinkle got a smile on her face

T: maa!

ya the lady was leela taneja…. her mom

twinkle came inside…. leela stopped her….. twinkle gave her questioning look

L: aarti

twinkle gave a non interested look but follwed her mom… aftr the aarti ceremony…. twinkle quickly came inside the house nd hugged leela tightly…. leela to responded

aftr abt 5 mins they broke hug

T: maa…. i missed u so so sooooo much

leela holds her ears

T: aa… aaah!

L: miss u soo much ki bacchi….. if u would hv missed me so so sooooo much then u would hv came early… not aftr 5 yrs…. nd look ur in india since morining… but i m seeing u at evening…. cant u understand i wanted to see u….. 5 yrs is a long tym

T: maa…. i was busy with my concert na… ouch…. pls leave my ear

leela left her ear

L: ya ya now how will u hv tym to jst talk wid yr mom… now toh u h becm a gr8 singer na…. u love ur work more than me

nd she pretends to be angry

twinkle keeps her hands on leela’s both shoulders

T: maa! i will always ve yr daughter first nd then singer… i love u maa

L: i love u too…… accha u go nd take rest in yr room… i hv cleaned it…. i will bring snthing to eat for u

Twinkle nodes nd ran upstairs nd reached a room….. she opened the door

the room was a huge 1…. it was really very spacious…. wid the combination of baby pink nd white….. the same king size cosy bed…. now finalky twinkle couldnet stop her tear…. she quickly closed the door of the room so tht her voice could not be heard by leela

twinkle’s POV
why m i back… y! this room….. nothing is changed here…. nd i hate tht fact…. maa must be thinking tht i will ve happy to see my room same as be4….. the same smell… this smell reminds me of my past… this bed reminds me of my….. leave it….. i want change in this room…. bcus my lyf is also changed! forget this twinkle….. nd freshn up
End of twinkle’s POV

she went near her cupboard to take the cloths as leela told tht she had arranged cloths in the left part of the cupboard…. but mistakently she opens thw right part of the cupboard nd……..

all the things frm the cupboard came trembling down to twinkle making her fall too….. she opened her eyes…. nd was jst emotionless to see all the things….. she picked up black coloured spectacles…. then a scarf….. this all was reminding twinkle of her past frm which she wanted to stay away… but was not destined to do so…. smthings were bring curves on twinkle’s lips….. but wen she lifted a locket.. . her curve faded away…… she threw tht locket again insode the messed up things…. but as i said she was not destined to ve away frm her past…. her eyes went on a diary….. she picked nd again had a curve on her face

Precap: the DARK PAST of twinkle nd a small jhalak of the person jiske baare mei sochke hi my hearts sings tune maari entriyaan aur dil mei baji ghantiyaan re… tang tang tang

sorry guys if u found the epi short…. but i need a sleep as i hv to study for my SCIENCE TEST this week… arrgh! jst widlsh me luck guys… nd ya i will try to post the next part asapppp…. till then do whatever u want to do man… do double but dont trouble yr mother man! hehe

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    Kitna miss kiya Maine tujhe…
    N all the very best for ur Science Test…??
    Love u?????

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    1. Mitali

      U r back with a bang awesome amazing fabulous outstanding mind blowing tremendous

      1. Mitali

        Ritzi in std r u

  3. guys ..i m not able to post agn coz i m out of india frm last 12 days..i m off to london… so the momnt i will rturn ..i will b bck on the pg..

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      but plz upload d epi wen u return
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  4. Fan

    Hey ritzi ur back with a blast…the plot is very unique…i loved it…i think that person whom twinkle is thinking about is none other than our fav kunj…plz ppst the next one sooonn…n all the best for ur science exam…

  5. how so nyc i luv it thanks for writing ritzi

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  7. Woww
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  9. omg what an amazing update
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  10. Saby

    ritzi u r such a darling…. uh r seriously born to be a writer….
    i just love ur writing skills….
    diehard fan of ur writing…
    just like the ur ff
    It was love that brought them together…..twinj
    uh can bash me for this…. (i have read ur whole ff more than 4 times and all the 56 episodes)
    and didnt commented as i was always in the flow of reading and never heed any attention to who the writer is? or wat my comment matters…..
    sho sho sho sorry for that
    i m expecting much from this ff too…. love uh lots dear…. and goodluck for ur test

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  17. Dreamer...arundhati

    Ritzi atlast ur back …yipeee I m so happy
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    Ritzi tum wapas agayi …..Yuuuhhuuu!!!!!!
    U need to thanks us but we should thank u for giving us a ff nd gift like u …..nd for that I love u …
    I’m so excited for ur new ff …..starting is fab …amazing …
    I’m very happy that u took such a good decision of ur life that u will continue with ur passion of writing ..
    U know I’m very good at singing ; my family was against it but my parents supported me to continue with my passion nd now along with my career I’m making myself to live my passion ….
    Nd u said right …I’m very thankful to TU family ….Twinj ..Sidmin …nd Tei as they also made me aware that I can also write most importantly it made me come across with u ppl…
    Love u …

    1. Sayeeda

      Correction # Need not to thanks

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    okkk m late to cmnt bt still cudnt resist…..girl u r bck wid a perfect bang….loved it….n i wanna ask r u going to write ur seasn 2 of it ws love…..or nly dis one….???

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