The feeling of love…(Episode 1)


Aaaa…thank u so much fr u love n support…as one of commenter said tht they have read is somewhere I’m nt sure as I don’t know…but sorry if it was boring…

OK let’s start….

All our characters are studying in VJ Medical College…..

All their parents r wishing them all d best fr their First day of their entry in Undergraduation…..Each one aspires to
become a doctor….

They reach the college…they felt so happy
as they r going 1step ahead of their dreams…

College gate opens…. Swara & Ragini gets down from d car n head towards d collg…at d same time Sanskar and Laksh all get dwn n head towards d collg…

They recognized each other as I tld their dad’s were best frnds…

Laksh- excuse me …
Lucky-u r…??? Swara n Ragini rite…!!??
Sanskar- lucky come fast…
Swaragini- Luckyyy…..uu….(and hugs him)..
Sanskar- girls?again…argh…so irritating…
Lucky-u chudail sisters here again to irritate me…
Swarag- idiot..ha lucky he is sanky rite?? Still nt changed..?
Frustrated sanky…- lucky meet u in class…
Seeing him sad n angry every 1 left to d class…same class

Ritik n Bihaan enters d collg..
At d same time Thapki,Shivanya n Thanu enters from d other gate..
Thapki collides Bihaan and he catches her at rite time….Bihaan gets mesmerised wid her beauty…she gets back to normal and
Thapki stammers..— than..kk..uuu…
Bihaan still lost cudnt hear her stammer n just nods his head…

Shivanya n Ritik r just lost in each other as
it was love at first sight…n it was disturbed by Thanu n thapki

When Thanu was abt to turn dashes wid Rishi and were so close to each other where they could feel their breath on each other…she moves back and all rush to the class… rishi just stood there n was thinking abt Thanu n smiles n saw her pendant fallen…picks it up n keeps it in his pocket….

Just 2 minutes fr d bell…Aryan and Aradhya well still at d parking lot… aradhya parking her scooty..argues wid keeping his Jeep..
Aradhya – hey u can’t u see
Aryan- oh miss 2foot ka dinosaur I can see u…??
Aradhya??- wat r u then monkey??monkey u r monkey…
Aara kept fighting later heard d bell n rushed to d classes….
Unfortunately they are n same class
Both said together — you…!!! You r following me…!!!!!

Yes guys all our heroes n heroines r in d same class….
Tht is it fr d day….
I’ll continue their cute fights n scenes if others in d next episode….
Oly I u ppl like it…
Let’s c d reaction when Bihaan gets to know her stammering…
Sanskar behavior towards ppl
Other pairs love story….

So let’s c their reaction when they get to know tht they r in same class wid their lovers n their besties…

So I’m sorry if it was bad….
N thank u….fr tht previous inspirational comments in d previous…


Credit to: Ishi

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  1. Nice dear…and it was me who write that I have read it somewhere….might be I am mistaken..but I literally felt that I have read it somewhere….I hope u are not hurt….
    By the way very nice start dear…hope to see best response from ur side.

    1. It’s OK dear…n ty

  2. nice….plz make it a long epi

    1. OK dear…. I’ll try my best

  3. Clg ka naam VJ medicals nahi COLORS MEDICAL hone chaahiye….

    1. Ya that’s a good 1 I wish I cud change

  4. Nice episode but u made swalak & ragsan pair or opposite of it.continue it…..

    1. It’s Swasan n Raglak but there r many twists n turns let c.. wat happens…

  5. awesome but plz make it long

    1. Ty….n ya I’ll fr Sure

  6. Nyc one

  7. very niceeeee. loved it???

    1. Ty dear..

  8. I thinks u should make fighting sequence then should make love tract any way nice episode…

    1. Their fighting turns into love…ya ur rite

  9. Hah lol rude by te way I loved the fact u gave equal importance to all the characters

    1. Ty as I said I love these pairs I wanted to give equal importance

  10. Really awesome let them b friends and add some funny incidents .

  11. I think u should go as hatred friendship and then luv

    1. Kk as u wish..

  12. Nice dr mixture of all serial characters hmmm

  13. good start my dear friend

    try to make long & plz Add funny scenes also
    loved it so much

    so good
    Swasan raglak & thahaan ,Rivanya r my favr8
    thanks to include them
    love it

    1. Thank u… I’m having my medical exams going on so a short one
      I’ll try to upload d next epi as soon as possible..

    2. Thank u…

  14. awesome…update soon..

    1. Ya I’ll try to as soon as possible…

  15. Hey ishi..!! I saw your episode was just awesome..but plz make it long….

  16. u have said that u r having ur medical xams
    can u plz guide me
    actually di i m in class 12 from bio stream
    i also want to go in medical.line so plz can u guide me …
    how to study or How much time
    which books will be best plz di plz

    1. R u from Narayanganj collg by any chance…??

    2. Mean to say narayana collg??

  17. Superb episode my frd☺☺☺…try to make it long.Waiting eagerly for nxt episode.

    1. Ty dear but tmrw or day after I’ll upload a long one…..

  18. nice episode…. please make it a long episode

  19. Awsome …keep doing this nd try to make little bit longer episode i know its difficult bcz there r soo many pairs but plz plz try….?

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