Feeling of Love (promo)


Hi guys I am your sweet little sister writer of ff this feeling is known as love and this is my new ff as I am going to end first ff as I am not draging it so guys this is just promo I will start after ending first one I hope you like it now my summer vacation is going on so maybe I will start after ending first one…..

Here it goes…..
A mansion is shown is very big
A lady comes to room and sees his son working on computer
Lady- arey dikra chal Na nasta karle
Boy1- ya mom coming just a minute
Lady- no minute see this photo how is this girl
Boy1- maaa please no girl
Lady- OK but at least see the photo
Boy sees the photo and is totally astonished
Scene 2
A court is shown a girl is coming another boy comes and flirts with
Girl- hmmm u
Boy2- OK OK just kidding
( in mind I really want u in my life but I will never force u)
Guys it’s just a promo this story is sweet love story and with no villain as I never add villain in my story so guys it’s like a love triangle also or love quadrilateral?
So guys today maybe I can’t post my first ff as I am a bit busy and guys everyone take care bye love u?

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  1. it’s interesting…Please continue fast…awesome..

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