Feeling of Love – Introduction


Hi guys it’s tanvee it’s my new ff with different story line but I will start when my first ff this feeling is known as love will finish in this month only I will finish it and start this I hope u like it and this is just promo……

A girl is shown she is getting ready into beautiful pink lehenga
She comes down everyone were appreciating her when she was at last step two hands from both sides are forward she saw both the boys
Boy1- looking like pink berry
Boy2- no re looking like a pink panther
Girl- very funny
She moves from there and both the boys saw her lovingly

And in both the boys mind only one thing is there the girl
The girl waves her hand in front of both of them
Girl- kahan ho
Boys- yahin hoon main( they sing the song)
Girl- oh stop it now come u we will meet the bride.
Boys ( on mind) kaash I would become my bride

So this story is first a love triangle I will not reveal the character
U all must know the main leads think about who is playing the role of other boy bye bye take care

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