this feeling its known as love – 1


Hi guys tanvee is back thank you to all of them for appreciating my writing skills I am sorry for making rv character bad actually I just wanted to tell every story don’t have happy ending sorry to all of them whoever I have hurted and please never bash any ff I have read all your ff how could you use such a bad word I don’t want to use the name. This story is full of LOVE do don’t worry and arham dear u said that I hurted your matsh family members sorry I have never hurted them let me introduce myself: my name is tanvee malwaviya and I am from Rajasthan and I am born at Assam and I live in Coimbatore as my father had transfer from Kolkata as he is in navy..and I am in 6th class…… let me stop my bak bak let’s start the story

Ishani harshad parekh: a naughty, bubbly, sweet, beautiful girl who is a student of law she is a genius and good in karate.
Ranveer kailash vaghela:- a naughty, flirty chocolate boy who is also genius and a topper he wants to become a business man.he is ishani’s senior.
Disha harshad parekh: a arrogant girl pampered by her baa jealous of ishu due to her beauty.
Shikhar mehra: senior of ishu. Want to become lawyer best friend of Rv he I’d also flirty and naughty and smart.
Ritika zaveri: she is in Rv class both are best friend
Laksh: played by namish taneja best friend of Rv and shikhar even he is flirty he is in shikhar class.
Now Rv shikhar ritika and laksh are best buddies and three boys love to flirt.
Vaidhika sharma: played by helly shah best friend of ishani.(Guys don’t worry there is no love story other than ISHVEER I just like there acting so have chosen them )
A girl is doing pooja and her mom comes(falguni) and tells ishu vaidhika has come. Teas the girl is ishani she rushes to her and hugged her and said why you left me for I week alone.
Vaidhika: sorry sorry and makes a puppy face.
Ishu: ok badi dilwali hoon toh maaf kiya.
Falguni: chalo breakfast karlo.

She serves them aaloo ke parathe and both girls favourite.
Disha was going some where ishu says come have breakfast.
Disha: sorry I don’t eat this food and I am going to watch Rv shikhar and laksh football match.
Ishani: who r they???
Vaidhu: they are heart robs of are new college tomorrow you can see them.
Ishani:ohhhhh heart robs nice.
Vaidhu: BTW why do you were this ring every time I mean you hate platinum right so this ring…..
Ishu: oh this she says my best friend gave me…
Flash back….. a boy was finding a girl
suddenly the girl shouted boooo and the boy got scared and shouted ishaniiii.
Yes the girl is ishu(7yrs old)
Ishu: sorry ranveer and says innocently I
will never repeat it
Rv: how can I be angry on you BTW I wanna gift you this ring.
Ishu: you know I hate platinum?Rv was sad.
Ishu: but your choice I love it so I promise I will never remove this ring.
Rv smiles and made her wear the ring.
Ishu:how is it?

Rv: beautiful like you and blushes and ishu didn’t understand why his cheek turned like Kashmir Apple.
Ishu: ok why your cheek are red.
Rv: nothing thinks when we grow up them I will tell the reason and smiles
Ishu: ok I also have a gift and shows a chain
with a locket written Rv on it
Rv wore it and said: ishu it’s lovely and even I promise I will never remove this chain.
Both smiles
Fb ends.

Vaidhika and ishu went for a walk.

In Rv house
Laksh, shikhar, and ritz asked him about that locket that who gave him
Rv says my best friend from childhood
And even he went back to flashback…..
So let’s see will the destiny unite them out not
Hope you liked it pleaseDo comment if you like and if not then say it that you don’t like it please don’t use vulgar language please.

Credit to: tanvee

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