this feeling its known as love – 9


Hi guys I am Back and I am not gonna introduce any villains and let me tell you all one thing I am not tanvee sherawat I am tanvee malwiya. Payal didi I guess now your misunderstanding is cleared and Prince bro when you bashed my one shot I thought you are rude guy after I gave introduction I was waiting for your comment but you never commented I thought you hate me but last update seeing your comment I was happy and I am typing this with left hand so there can be many mistakes as my right hand is burnt.
So let’s start….

Vaghela and parekh family met each other after a long time they enjoyed and were having fun dewaral were seeing each other and ISHVEER were laughing at them
Ishu: ladies and gentlemen let me crack a joke
Vaidh shikhar and Rv shouts noooooooo
Ishu makes pout
Rv: we can’t bear your stupid joke
Vaidh:actually jokes were like her only stupid
Ishu:hmmmm I will not talk to you all
Shikhar:hash better idea
Ishu(fake cry):ahan ahan bhagwan I got do bad friend and she kicks shikhar
Ishika also joined Rv group Rv group stopped flirting ( guess why I need answer)
There was one function in their college ISHVEER were selected for couple dance
Rv was too much happy
Ishu: you know dance na donkey
Rv gave death look :what you think

Ishu: me haan nooo
Rv goes crazy and start tickling her Ishu was laughing and said:ok stop it I was kidding
Rv and ishu practices were going on
After two weeks function day
ISHVEER dance comes they dance very intimately and cutely on ding dheere dheere New version
Amba(to kailash):I love ishani and she looks good with Rv let’s talk about their marriage after they get settled in life
Kailash:haan nice idea
falguni(to harshad) : Rv is so sweet na I want damad like him
Harshad: not like him I want him let them get settled we will talk about their marriage
Over their

Disha: I love Rv but he never concentrate on me baa I want to marry him baa please
Baa: no ishani is perfect with him you will look like ahhh waste
Disha :hmmm baa also I need to find someone else
At restroom
Lucky:hmmm Rv so romantic dance
Ritz :lucky samne ishu thi toh romantic dance to banta hai
Rv:ohoo stop pulling my legs
Shikhar: so when to propose her
Rv: not now I don’t wanna spoil her future and our friendship let us get settled
Vaidh: so you like ishani

All four were shocked to see her
Rv:ahhh voh nahi haan no yes ok trees
Please don’t tell
Vaidh: am I stupid I won’t don’t worry
Days passed now it exams time

Precap: leap of 3years

From next episode you will only find lengthy episode

Credit to: tanvee

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  3. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    and dear ranvi stop flirting just to impress ishu . i.e as ishu was not there with him, he did it . but now is came so he may stopped it . and ranvi like girls after he met ishu …sry . if my ans was wrong …

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    So superb episode tanvee dr.keep rocking like this and pls take care of ur hand dr.did u see doctor?

  8. ya sissy i was very annoyed with ur first ff….because i can hardly bear that kind of ff & i know that i behaved with u rudely but later i realized my mistake……i wanted to appolgize to u…..but i was a little afraid too….i mean how u will react after seeing my comment……..

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