this feeling its known as love – 8 (ISHVEER weekend masti)


Hi friends tell me guys should I add any villains or not and keep it a sweet romantic ff please do comments guys got my previous ff I didn’t get much comments just bear 4 more episodes as I am going to end this as I think you all are not liking my ff I know I am just 12years old I don’t have much creation like other writers I am sorry for making you read such a stupid story sorry sister and brothers so I thought to end it as soon as possible I thought to write a ff of 20 episode seeing less response I am thinking to end it so let’s start

Rv: ok uncle I will come to your home with mum and papa too
Ishu:ok papa u am going to Vaidh house
Rv:come I will drop you
Ishu: no no thanks
Rv:dost ke sath no formalities ok
Ishu:acha baba ok
Dewarsh:rv next time come with parul also na
Everyone giggles
Rv:chiiii you are thinking about parul but not for your friend shiv shiv shiv shiv ghor kalyug hai hmmmm
Dewarsh: do you will come na with her
Rv shows his tongue
Rv nods
Rv: come sit na
Ishu; it is a bike
Rv:haan ahhh ummm why? Hey don’t think I will take your advantage trust your bestie
Ishu: shut up I trust you more than myself actually na once I went with sharman Bhai in bike and he drove so harshly that I fell down and got hurt and makes a pout
Rv:ohoooo I am wonderful driver
Ishu: so you don’t wanna become business man you wanna become a driver

Rv gave angry look and said chale
Ishu Sat on bike and kept her hand on her lap
Rv:ooo budhu like this you will fall again
Ishu: no nothing will happen
Rv started driving he got a naughty idea he applied brake and in fear Ishu hugged him tightly in whole journey Rv was applying brakes and she was hugging him
Ishu: what a dirty driver
Rv:gaddhe aa rahe the raste mein
Ishu:ok ok btw come to my house tomorrow ok bye

Next morning
Rv calls shikhar
Rv:hey sheikh bhai Ishu invited you to her house chale ga
Shikhar:off course bhai beautiful girl calls me and hum na aaye impossible
Rv:hmmm chal get ready I am coming to your house
Rv picks shikhar they call lucky and Ritz but they were having quality time with their family

At Ishu home
Ishu:hi Rv hello shikhar and what about Ritz and lucky
Shikhar:oh they were a bit busy don’t worry main hoon na
Shikhar:sorry sorry hum hain na
Rv: so what’s the plan
Vaidh:ahh well as no one is there at home we planned to first cook and then have some masti
Ishu: so chale kitchen mein
Shikveer:ok madams

In kitchen
Rv:toh what to cook
Ishu:boys you both make fried rice
Vaidh: and we will make sahi panner and baby corn
Rv: sweet dish
Shikhar : in sweet dish we can make some choco muffins
Ishu:hmmm nice so let’s start
Shikhar:ishu can you tell me why Rv hated girls
Rv lift his eyes and said:ahhh shikhar don’t talk
Ishu:Rv don’t change the topic shikhar actually when Rv was in kindergarten one girl who was sitting back of him using scissors nicely destroyed his hair style so he was hating girls
Vaidhkar giggled
Rv: now hogaya na so help me
Shikhar was cutting vegetables
Rv was boiling rice Ishu was making sahi paneer and Vaidh was making baby corn

After1 hours
Shikhar: guys it’s too boring
Vaidh:hmmmm I agree
Rv : what can we do yar
Ishu: let me crack some jokes
Rv: you jokes do you know what is a joke
Ishu:very funny
Shikhar:ok say
Ishu: so to make honey singh sing what will you say
All three nods no

Ishu:offo stupid you will say honey sing
Shikhar hits his head with a hammer Rv was cursing her Vaidh was keeps her hand on head
Ishu:acha one more
Vaidh: no way
Ishu:I know you all are jealous of my sense of humour hmmm
Shikhar:ok this one should be nice
Ishu:ha thike so why was Gandhi ji never wearing a ring in his index finger and she shows her index finger
Shikhar: his ring never fitted him in that finger
Ishu:chiiiii waste answer
Rv: he didn’t like it
Vaidh: you answer
Ishu:because stupid this is my finger hahahaha
All glared her with anger

Ishu:ok come we will start our work again
After sometime food was ready they had it and played games and enjoyed their weekend

Precap:ISHVEER selected for a couple dance.
Guys I hope you liked it and please say that I should add villains or not
And all my didi’s thanks for your concern payal didi thanks for your comments too

Credit to: Tanvee

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  1. Sorry dear for not commenting. Your story is very interesting & u very talented writer

  2. Plz add villians, but don’t end . Take care of ur health

  3. hey sis don’t be so tensed ……..we r all reading ur ff….& swear to GOD that ur ff is very much heart touching…….don’t worry about comments…..because there are msny silent readers…….we all love ur ff very much sis……..pls carry on & don’t end ur ff

  4. Pls keep it sweet and romantic! I love this ff! Amazing job sis!

  5. It’s a nice episode and ya you can make this ff without any villain so it would be different from other ffs because tragedies can be shown with worse conditions also not only from villains

  6. Tanvee dr why you stop commenting in ranaji ffs tell me dr i want an answer from you

    1. I am sorry di I think you misunderstood me I have never commented on his ff

      1. Mtlb yu r not tanvee sherawat

    2. Yes didi I am not tanvee sherawat I am tanvee malwiya

  7. I am sorry di but I have never commented on ranaji’s ff I am a silent reader of his ff I think you misunderstood me

  8. Very nice sis

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode tanvee dr.sorry I am not commented on yesterday episode.l am not well yesterday but I read it and don’t end this dr.l love this ff.

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Oh now only I saw ur comment in Ranaji’s ff tanvee dr.did u thought I am angry with u? I am really sorry dr.I replied to ur comment on Ranaji’s ff.pls see that dr.

      1. Ok ok didi now you are fine na you know yesterday my hand which burnt was a bit ok but today suddenly it again started hurting so today I will go to doctor

  10. Very nice dear take it further more

  11. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Oh tanvee dr y u dont took care of it.if u not well na don’t do any work with hand and take care dr.l hope u will get well soon.l will pray for it.
    And now I am ok dr.

  12. Ohhhh…. what a story dear…. seriously it’s a nice episode… pls continue…

  13. Pls take care dear….

  14. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    oh tanvee dear stop that nonsense who said ur ff is worst or bad . i love it dear . u r a good writer have confidence . u can do it . pls dont sop it dear . pls … tanvee dear especially that bike scence i love love love it . no words to xpress dear . u r having so much talent dear . u r a god gifted child dear … and joke part too nice . but what a mokka comedy ? pls dont end it dear
    and payal dear i too thought that she is tanvee who wrote that com. on ranaji ff…

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