this feeling its known as love – 7

Sorry for last updates and guys I am thinking not to add any villains tell me your views also do let’s get start

Ishu bid bye to Rv and went to her class after sometime Rv group was sitting
Lucky: can hear sound from function hall
Ritz:hmmm ya I guess some one is practicing
Shikhar: so let’s see and they entered the function hall they ask saw Ishu doing Arial dance using a silk cloth and Vaidh was watching her song was saiyara mein saiyara from ek tha tiger suddenly her chain fell near Rv feet Rv picked it up and went to flashback
It’s Ishu 12 b’day party Ishu was angry as all went but Rv didn’t have her gift then a boy comes and closed her eyes ishu shouted ranverrrr
Rv:angry with me
Rv:dhike I will give the gift to someone else
Ishu:jumps and said gift show anyhow badi dilwali hoon maaf kiya note show na
Rv: close your eyes and ishu followed his instruction
Rv went near her and made her wear a chain in which IP was written Ishu open her eyes and said beautiful and hugged him and thank you
Fb ends…

Ishu finishes her dance and she was appreciated by all Ritz: so from white beauty you became a dancing beauty
Vaidh:hey Ishu whereby is your chain
Ishu touched her neck and panicky said oh God kahan gaya Rv went near her on stage and showed the chain and said is it this
She said yess
suddenly Rv hugged her Ishu was shocked and pushed him and said how dare you hugged me
Rv:how dare you can’t recognise me how could be do mean and showed her the chain (remember in first episode it was mentioned)
Ishu was in mixed emotions she was happy, sad, embarrassed and shouted ranverrrr and hugged him tightly slowly she loosened the grip and said you changed a lot you hated girls na then how come you became flirty you wanted me to say I love you to you and even you were not in touch of me so bad
Rv:ahh voh I changed my self and interduced her to his group members
Ishu:ok abhi tum mere ghar chalo
ISHVEER went to ishu house she gathered every one and introduce Rv to them all blessed him and ishu invited him with his group to her house and all were having fun
At Ritz home
Ritz:hmmmm Rv didn’t let us know about why he hated girls
Shikhar: do let’s find it out from ishani
Lucky:haan so join your hand for mission Rv secret
Ritkar:shut up
Lucky makes puppy face

Precap: ishu sarcastic jokes

I guess update is short I am sorry next one will be big font worry and guys actually I have burn my hand so was unable to update actually boiling water fell on my hand

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    1. Payal di they are now in college soon after 4episode I am thinking to unite them. It’s only 15episode story because I don’t know how to drag but don’t I will try to expand

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