this feeling its known as love – 6


Sorry for late update and khusi di your guess was correct vyshu didi I can’t be angry on anyone of you and how is your hand I mean you tried to commit suicide now you are fine right and arham didi actually I like your name and naas such a cute nickname do I called you now I will call you arham only and I will try to comment on ranaji’s ff and reena didi your ff is rocking and waiting for Juliana didi and dhruva didi ff and dhruva didi is this your original name I mean it sounds like boy that is why and shalini didi amritha didi and many more thanks for your lovely comment rookey rookers your name is amritha right such a sweet name love you. So let’s start……
Rv was shocked to hear ishani name
Rv pov..

How can this be possible how can her name be ishani she attracts me I don’t know why whenever she is near me I feel my son’s is near me I need to find about her.
Rv pov ends
Rv goes to ishu class and calls his friend varun who study in ishu class
Rv: in this class there is one white beauty what’s her name?
Varun: white beauty ahhh who haan got it her name is ishani
Rv was standing like a lifeless body
Rv went to library and sees Vaidh he goes near her
Rv: hi Vaidh why are you alone I mean what about sona darling but her name is so sweet na sona
Vaidh: oh…let me tell you something that her name is not sona
Rv: what???

Vaidh:ya her name is ishani…..ishani parekh…ok bye it’s my class time
Rv was in mixed emotions he was happy he was shocked
Rv pov…
How could I do that how I can’t identify my love I am too mean Hugh
Rv pov ends…
Rv was searching for Ishu finally he got her
Rv was pleased to see her lady love
Ishu:hello do what’s going on
Rv:just like that u wanted to meet you
Ishu: ohhhhhh
Rv: what is ohhhhhhh
Ishu: leave all that u am having free period so was sitting here
Rv : even I can we be friends
Ishu saw him suspiciously and said ok friends
Rv: come let’s go to ice cream stall

Ishu: I love ice cream
Rv(in mind): I know
In ice cream stall
Rv: (to shop keeper) I want black current and one mixed flavour ice cream
Ishu: you want to eat two
Rv: no no other one is for you
Ishu: how you know my favourite
Rv: (imitating her how she did in morning) my sixth sense told
Ishu hits him on his shoulder
After sometime they reach college
Ishu phone rings it was harshad
H: shona beta what the hell disha told
I: what papa
H: Disha said someone proposed you and you also accepted
I: papa don’t listen her voh toh ghau par namak chidak rahi hai( sprinkling salt on hurt) and explains whole story
H:oh aane do use I will see her

I: no papa ok papa bye my handsome
H: bye my beauty
Rv was thinking she is talking to harshad uncle o want to meet him
Screen freezes on Rv smiling face

Precap: Rv hugged Ishu and she was left shock
And about vaidhika anyone want me to change her name to swara(nickname) and so I can’t give romance between them but I can make swalak as I like them I didn’t watch swaragini but my granny does so before it was swalak so I love them sorry arham didi..

Guys I need one character an arrogant character and also stylish should I make Ritz negative or introduce other if second option then suggest a character

Credit to: Tanvee

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  1. Kayathri (ranveer)

    nice superb tanvee eagerly wait for next epi

  2. Superb job! I am soo happy that Ranveer know that she is Ishani!! I can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode tanvee drmit is very interesting and don’t make Ritz is better to introduce one character.this is my opinion.

    1. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

      Sorry its tanvee dr.mistakenly typed drmit.sorry…

  4. Superb episode. Very impressive

  5. LOL tanu dear……..seriously….I’m a girl yaar…..doesn’t’re not the one dear….if you don’t like my name don’t be shy yaar tell I’ve many names you can call be from any I don’t mind yaar……

    And ya coming to episode just……marvelous dear….I’m fallen in it dear… words to say especially Ranveer feeling for Ishu and when he was finding about her na…. that part I loved it and then ice cream scene……in short all ishveer scene dear……just speechless……

    And you can call me by name TIYA……its my nickname…..which my friend used to call me……

  6. Nice epi tanvee Dr….n by listening di frm u.. I was really filled wid emotions coz I m smallest in my class I m in 11th….now finally rv came to know about ishani… Love to see today’s epi nw waiting fr ur nxt update.. N ishani’s response on recognizing ishani…. Love u alot my little sis…

    1. What dear…??? You’re in class 11th…….!!!!! I thought you’re of mine age…..but you’re elder to me……

  7. Nice episode tanvee…..

  8. O I also felt the same ….but Dr in which class do u study dhruva dr

    1. Dear I’m in 9th… after vacation in 10th…..

      1. Ok dhruva jst see in ranaji’s ff I had told u abt myself

    2. N dhruv Dr..I had also recently entered in 11th…I had recently given my boards n is nw waiting fr my result…u know Dr i was so depressed becoz of matsh end n my boards started very soon after it….so I am little bit depressed about my boards result

      1. Really……but at least don’t be depressed now ha….!!!!! And how was your exams…???

      2. I give my best n nw my result is in the hands of God…during my exams I was continously praying for matsh2 I wish God fulfil this wish fast…by the way he were ur exams dhruva dr

  9. It’s just awsome dude! But Pls continue this as pure ishveer love story , don’t want to add extra main characters ☺

  10. IshuRv(9th ka result....kya hoga.....??????)

    Yarr ishveer hi bas hain swaralaksh nahi chahiye… villain can either be shikhar or Ritz

  11. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    thax u tanvee sweet heart .. my name is amirtha only dear .. u r doing a good job dear .. love u too…..

  12. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    if u want a stylish vilian then it can be chiragg

  13. nice dr waitin 4 next epi & for the new character plzz dont take ritika. For the new character you can take alia frm kumkum bhagya, i think she will be gud

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